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Cha Seung Won on most memorable Best Love cameo

Recently, Cha Seung Won did some press interviews post drama completion (for Hong Sisters’ Best Love) and affectionately talked about a hilarious Seunggi imitating Dokko Jin being the most memorable cameo, because it was so unlike Seunggi’s real personality.  He was also asked about how Seunggi would have played Dokko Jin since he was first rumored to be the most likely candidate for the role early on…

Cha Seung Won Q and A. Only excerpt related to Seunggi.

Q: There were many cameo appearances on “Best Love.”  Kim GuRa, as well as Kim NamGil via photo, who “stole Dokko Jin’s CF.”
CSW: (Pressing to hurry up and ask about Lee Seunggi) Seunggi! Seunggi!

Q: So the cameo leaving the deepest impression on you was Lee Seunggi?
CSW: Seunggi was really funny.  I mean, for a youngster who would never act like that to be imitating me.  When he said (imitating Lee Seunggi imitating Dokko Jin) “I can never give up my refrigerator.”  When he’s acting like this, it was so hilarious.  It’s not like Seunggi.  He’s so incredibly sweet.

Q: Afterwards, some people even misunderstood that wondering whether Lee Seunggi was really more like Dokko Jin?
CSW: No, Seunggi is not like that. (laughter)

Q: Lee Seunggi was an unexpected cameo.  During the planning stages, he was rumored to be the most likely candidate to play the role of Dokko Jin.  What would it have been like if Lee Seunggi played the role of Dokko Jin?
CSW: When I was finalized for the role of Dokko Jin, everything was already aligned with my image.  If Seunggi were to have done it, then it would have been fit for Seunggi.  He would have done a good job.  “It has to be that person or else” or “Oh no, I passed on that” – it’s not like that.  That would be a lame way to express onself.  Would it have been better if that person did it?  Actually, there are a lot of articles that say “If that actor played the role, it would’ve been daebak” or “It’s a good thing so-and-so didn’t play the role.”  Would that really be the case?

LSGfan via Donga

Very cute how Cha Seung Won affectionately talks about Seunggi.  It was probably a little weird for both guys at first, with all the articles rumoring Seunggi for the role and then Seungwon taking on the role.  After Seunggi was no longer attached, the Hong Sisters re-worked the story to fit Seungwon, and I really can’t imagine anyone else in the Dokko role since Seungwon played it so perfectly!

But as popular as Best Love and particularly Seungwon’s portrayal of Dokko Jin were, the drama’s highest ratings peaked with its last episode at around 20%.  Although considered very good, it wasn’t like 25% or 30% plus tv ratings, which typically solidifies a drama as a runaway hit.  And the drama team and actors were definitely aware of that, even despite all the mad love the drama got.

But I’m super happy for Cha Seungwon. He’s such a great actor and glad that he got his big star break!  He was always respected and well-liked, but it just takes one good drama and role to make people fall in love with you, and so it was with his Dokko Jin.  Actually, it was to the point that I felt bad for Gong Hyo Jin who played Gu AeJung.  People liked her too but she’s definitely not reaping the same degree of public reaction and love as Seungwon.  (Much of this I blame Hong Sisters for typically making one character totally stick out more in a crazy sort of memorable way).

Which is why I love that Seunggi and Minah as Hoi Couple were both loved through My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  And same with Seunggi and Hyojoo as HwanSung for Brilliant Legacy.  It says something about your ability to have chemistry with your partner actor, when both persons can elicit so much interest and love from the public.

Actually, Gong Hyojin mentioned in one of her post interviews that Minah assured her that she would gain a lot more younger fans if she did a Hong Sisters drama, that this happened to her through My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  But Hyojin said this didn’t happen for her and suggested (with a giggle) that perhaps it was because Minah got to act with Seunggi who was younger.

I’m still annoyed Hook did not schedule the standard post interview following My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Like, hello, that’s how you’re supposed to remind people and the public about your drama and character!  But whatever.

I mean, Hook really loves to leave other people to do Seunggi’s public relations, even with actors…  Minah talked about Seunggi during her post My Girlfriend is a Gumiho interview.  Hyojoo talked about Seunggi during her post Dong Yi interview!

I’m just waiting for news about Seunggi’s new drama to break…!!

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4 Responses

  1. OMG!! It’s so cute statement come from CSW! You made another daebak posting Ann!

    Yeah, I’m still waiting for Seung Gi’s new drama, and totally hope he get another breaking role like he did in Hwan (rebellious Hwan played by the very Mannered Seung Gi, heh?) Hopefully its another daebak one

    You know, watching ‘little dokko Jin’ made me wonder, ‘does Seung Gi in real life, is really like that?’ You know, he portrayed ‘Little dokko Jin too Good!^^. Gladly, CSW said he isn’t like that

    Hmmm~ I wonder, who’ll be the lucky actress playing his love interest for next project? Hopefully someone who can support him and sharpening his acting skill

  2. Have to drag this back to MGIG becase, as good as an actor I am sure Cha SW is, Seung Gi really is a perfect acting partner. In one of the BTS clips, while cody’s wiping down a very sweaty SG (his chest! his abs!), Minah was seen chatting and laughing with him. The atmosphere was so lighthearted and fun one wonders if they were playing or working!
    I stand by my opinion that MGIG is the zenith of the Hoons’ work so far. Cannot wait to see his next drama.

  3. “I mean, Hook really loves to leave other people to do Seunggi’s public relations, even with actors.”

    -Totally agree on this.

    AnnMichelle, I agree. MGIG is by far the best Hong Sisters drama. I love all of their works, but MGIG stood out for me, not just because of Seung-gi, but because there were no forced chemistry between the pair. Chun-hyang is a close second, that was my favorite Hong drama before MGIG, but Han Chae-young and Jae Hee weren’t as charismatic a pair as the Hoi Couple were.

  4. Have any of you guys seen Miss Ripley? hasn’t drawn me in yet. but saw weekly ratings. surprised to see that it actually peaked in ratings early on and ended with around 15% with its last ep on Tuesday.

    Again, all the more why MGIG ratings were pretty impressive, esp given context.

    Chemistry is everything to me so me too, Seunggi aside, MGIG is my fave Hong Sis drama! Loved My Girl too, but again, Lee Da Hae stole the show; chemistry wise with lee dong wook was blah. but totally looking forward to his new drama with Kim Sun Ah (My Name is Kim Sam Soon).. love her!

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