Japanese fluent Seunggi (aka Brilliant Legacy’s Hwan) on SMAPxSMAP creates major buzz [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENGLISH-subbed video ***

(video: Beedance07, English: Tryp96)

Youtube version (No English subs)~

(Video: Hanhanrize)

This is why Hook Entertainment doesn’t invest precious dollars into public relations when it comes to Seunggi~  They don’t need to.  Seunggi just does his thing quietly (and like really well!), you know small things like um… filming an appearance for THE top variety show in Japan hosted by nation’s idol group SMAP

You know, small stuff like um, acting and speaking in Japanese naturally as if it’s no big deal!  After doing such a bang-up job on the June 13, 2011 Fuji TV broadcast, LSGfan was thinking~ Ok, where the heck is Hook press release!  But no need.  Korean press picked up on the fan buzz and it’s basically been all the news on online portal sites, Korean press, and tv segments since.

Searches for Lee Seunggi and Smap Smap also included searches about his Japanese fluency and some re-rumoring about advancement and activities in Japan.

I didn’t know about Smap Smap.  (Sorry not a big Asia-pop fan).  It’s been reported that Seunggi’s appearance was even more the buzz, because in addition to his command of the Japanese language and his comfort level acting at the same time (playing a character named Hwan!), only a handful of Korean celebs have appeared on the show.  So far, I’ve seen the likes of names such as TVXQ, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Young Ae, Jang Dong Gun, Kwon Sang Woo, Boa, and Yoon Son Ha.

Anyway, Korean netizens are going gaga over his Japanese fluency and acting.  You know all the same stuff we hear all the time about him… Uhm-chin-ah. Perfect. What can’t he do? Multi-entertainer. Heartwarming. Handsome. etc…!

  • Read English translation of the SMAPxSMAP segment over at Tryp96

Too bad he didn’t get to act with his hero(!) Kimura Takyua.  But at least he got to act with the other SMAP members and be on the show.

This is exactly why Seunggi continues to steal LSGfan’s heart above all other K-star guys I’d typically go for!~~  He usually makes news and buzz because of his actual talents and accomplishments, rather than stuff like selca and celeb photo tweets!

(Images: TV Reporter)

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4 Responses

  1. wow… lee seung gi is really really talented :))

  2. I laughed at your first line! How true! Hook just had the plain dumb luck to sign SG (I wonder for how long). He is a one-man enterprise all by himself. No reason for Hook to sit back and relax though. I am sure (and hope) they have done all they could behind the scenes to give support and let SG shine.

  3. I still have a total love-hate thing with Hook. So thankful Hook discovered Seunggi and signed him, and love their close-knit sweet family style and I know they do a lot of BTS stuff. But Hook is just so out of their league now in relation to other companies, esp the acting management ones.

    In Korea, or any place in general, it’s all about the connections and the marketing. in addition to talent. Hook basically only reps LSG (and now Lee Seojin) and Capt Hook doesn’t seem to have much drama/acting connections (esp with Go Hyun Jung having left long time ago). She should really hire some help in this area.

    I’ve been amazed at the tsunami-like prep KeyEast and Bae Young Joon has done for Hyunjoong’s recently. I admit, I’m a bit envious. LSG works his ass off and I just wish Hook would make it just a little bit easier for him sometimes.

    Awaiting for news about a a new drama soon… :)

  4. Michael Jackson supposedly guested there, too! I love how he looked in this video. And as always, waist-grabbing-Seunggi is just too faint-worthy!

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