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Daejun underground The Saem Seunggi fan signing May2011

This was kind of cool. Two weeks ago, the May 31 The Saem fansigning was held at the Daejun shop, one of the many stores located in the underground subway mall!  Plus, finally happy to see an acceptable look for a Seunggi fan signing event!…

The look…

Slim-fit striped long-sleeve oxford (with un-buttoned open collar!), dark-wash slim-fit jeans, black belt, black converse sneakers, and accessorized with gold chained brooch held together by gold safety pins(?!), multi-layered black strappy bracelet.

Pretty strict about taking photos? Most were released by The Saem…

Per usual, the event was limited to only 90 lucky fans, who braved the early morning rush by waiting in line, and of course also purchasing the required minimum $30 USD worth of The Saem products!

Was totally surprised by the group of 4 guys in line when this fan photo first surfaced!  Are they Seunggi fanboys or sweet boyfriends standing in line for their girlfriends?!~

Seunggi’s fans of all ages, female and male, is well-known all over Korea and very much envied by other celebs, but I’m still always surprised each time!  Aw….

And always one of my fave parts…Screaming shaky fancams!

(videos: leeseungi01)

Fans dash after LSG before and after the fan signing

More screaming at LSG’s arrival

LSG arrives, store gates come down, fans stick around

LSG leaves to more fan screaming!

I’m not really feeling the newest The Saem CF and print ads, especially when The Saem sloppily forgets to photoshop the overly applied BB cream on Seunggi’s face!

Missing the sophisticated first The Saem CF and the chic Gem Miracle Diamond CF!  Hope to see these looks and concepts as we head into Fall season please!

(Images:  The Saem, dcLSG, As labeled;  Videos:  leeseunggi01)

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3 Responses

  1. oh, the 1st video was so near and 1 of the best!!

    But i read that the fansigning ended in 20minutes, is it true?

    As for the 4guys, i would think that they were queuing up on behalf of the girls that they like…hehehehe……. just like how 2 mothers who were infront of me at the Gyeongju Kolon Sport were queuing up for their teenager daughters since 5am..
    Seung Gi is 1 of the very rare Korean artistes whom mothers/boyfriends/husbands do not mind their daughters/girlfriends/wifes idolising him..^_^

  2. 20 mins really?!! That’s like 20 seconds for each fan! i guess that’s possible. the guy is busy you know! OMG, I LOVE SCREAMING FANCAMS! I’m crazy like that! hahaha. yeah, those pix of fans of all ages totally reminded me of your Kolon Sport fan account. I know I say this all the time, and most fans totally get it… but the sort of “jung” affection and love Koreans (regular ppl and celebs) have for Seunggi is A-MAZING! makes me SO happy!

  3. I love when Seung-gi does his angry-broody glare. So hot!

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