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Come to Play: Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, Jung Yup [ENG, Ep 2]

*** Watch videos below OR download at Mediafire link ***

This is the follow-up episode to Come to Play, Episode 1 [ENG].  Most of this Ep. 2 of Come to Play was English-subbed… since it was SO much fun!  Love the Seunggi and Jung Yup back and forth.  Jung Yup talks about being voted off I am a Singer and Shin Min Ah’s singing for Sha La La song on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST.  And Teacher SunHee just loves her fave student SO much!  She even brought up ideal girl Yoona first!!!  Seunggi’s My Own Ranking is daebak!  So glad they chose to extend over a 2-episode Come To Play, which they don’t do regularly… Enjoy!~

(Video: Big Thanks! to Beedance07 & friends!)

Never heard of Jung Yup until MBC I am a Singer.  Glad to know Seunggi has a good hyung sunbae like him!  Seeing them together was very sweet!  What is it about seeing Seunggi together with hyung sunbaes (be it actors, singers, or MCs) that make me so SMILEY and all filled with happiness!  Seunggi is hard not to love!

Jung Yup’s twitter:   twitter.com/jungyup

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5 Responses

  1. thank you very much for sharing this….

    i was really cant wait toch this vid with eng subbed….

  2. thanks for updating us

    makes me wanna watch this ep

  3. where can we watch the videos? even for previous episodes? thanks.

  4. hi anne

    I have downloaded the files from media fire but i cannot play them. what kind of player should i use to view them?. I tried vlc, divx,qq, movie maker & it still does not play.

    Help pls??

    • Sorry but I don’t use mediafire so can’t help you. I think Natt (at leeseunggiworld) does, so she can maybe help you, k? :)

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