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Actress noonas to actor hyungs and another Seunggi ip-soo [1N2D Actress finale & Supporting Actor Special Part 1]

Warning~~ Super long post!  Couldn’t help it!  Ok, daebak LSG cuts from the Supporting Actor Special Part 1, but first Final episode, Part 3 of Actress Special…

Poor Seunggi!  Teacher Soomi continued to protect her “child” with another “no touch” warning to the other girls during the dinner bokbulbok time!  But somehow Seunggi totally lucked out and totally LOST the sleep bokbulbok and he and Soogeun HAD to sleep outdoors right in front of the tent housing the other losing actresses, Jiwoo, Haneul, Jungah, and Seowoo!  Probably the first time in his 1N2D life, he was SO THANKFUL to be sleeping outdoors!

VIDEO~ Helping girls get settled in the tent

LSG: I’ll first introduce this space to you; this tent is ready to go.
CW: This is my first time using a sleeping bag.
LSG: It’s your first time using a sleeping bag too?
HN: Yes, it’s my first time.
LSG: We must be the only entertainers who use sleeping bags a lot!

VIDEO~ Singing for the girls

Soog: Should Seunggi sing for you?  GIRLS: Yes!
HN: Great. Really, please sing for us. This is really great.
LSG: The time is 1:40am right now.
Soog: Lee Seung Gi will sing for you.
LSG: With a raw throat.
Soog: Because you’re my woman.
LSG: Just as a dongseng…
[Haneul and all the girls start giggling]
LSG: How can you start laughing? I was just caputuring the moment!  I was about to put my throat out on the line and sing! Choi JiWoo is busting out laughing! (Starts singing again~) What would you know? You say I’ll understand when I’m older. You say I’m joking around…
JA: I don’t think I can sleep.
LSG: But JUNGAH is my woman! JUNGAH you’re my woman. (LOL!) Because you’re my woman. I’ll address you as ‘nuh’ [Jungah and the other girls totally into the song now!]

HN: Unni, he said he’ll address you as ‘nuh!’ (JA: Cool!)
GIRLS: Thank you! Clap clap clap.
LSG: Everyone sleep comfortably.

I think Seunggi would’ve preferred to sing another song.  But everyone loves to make him sing his noona song.  It was Soogeun’s suggestion!  Still cute, even though the girls were cracking up at first!  I think they were partially laughing at the humor of this whole event~ sleeping outdoors in a sleeping bag, in a tent, with other actresses, while Seunggi sings his debut noona song to them as a lullaby!  hahahaha…

VIDEO~ Showing love also for Teacher Soomi too

LSG: Teacher, please get some rest. Have a good night. The floor is warm. What a relief Teacher gets to sleep here. I don’t need to keep watch, right?! Sleep well!

Actually, I LOVED the ending finale where the 1N2D PDs go and visit the actresses after the filming wrapped.  Omg, Britney Spears’ “She’s so Lucky, She’s a Star” was PERFECT!  I was like humming that song all last week!  You could really tell all the ladies had a GREAT time and felt closer to one another and especially to the 1N2D guy members!  1N2D is LOVE!  And for sure, each of the actresses are getting way more attention and love after their 1N2D stint!

Especially breakout 1N2D star Kim Haneul.  Loved how she called her mom who’s also a big fan too, and mom was asking for details about the morning mission!  And if people thought Choi Jiwoo was sort of all pretense and unapproachable, she definitely warmed the hearts of Korean viewers and gained a lot more “jung” type love.

Fast forward to Brandname Supporting Actor Special Part 1 opening~ 

OMG, I loved this episode SO much, I’ve already watched it 3 times!  Not sure if it’s because there was A LOT more Seunggi, or because I prefer seeing Seunggi chilling with guys rather than girls!  Ha.  Also, while the Actress Special was cute, novel, and pretty to look at, this actor version is just plain hilarious!  And as expected, Sung Dong Il (aka Action School Director Ban) is definitely the leader of the pack!

We knew this was coming, some talk about the Actress Special now that it was over.  I bet the guys talked a lot about it, but the PDs highlighted Seunggi’s thoughts because you know he has a pretty hard time hiding his true feelings!  LOL.

VIDEO~ Actress Special should’ve been 2 nights 3 days!

LSG: Personally, I felt the Actress Special was a slight failure.
LSG: It should’ve been 2 days 3 nights. 1 night 2 days was too short.
KHD: Do you still want to see Jiwoo noona and miss her?
LSG: It’s unbearable/I feel like I’m going to die!

I love how the Korean press writes news articles like totally making up quotes and sensational topics!~ That Seunggi is dying to see Jiwoo!  Ha, I bet Jiwoo was VERY happy and smiling after watching this 1N2D episode!  It should make up for making Jiwoo feel bad about his initial excitement over meeting Haneul!  (Although I really hope he gets to meet up or work with Haneul on a drama or movie in the future!)

Anyway, I just love how all the 1N2D guys are very nervous, almost scared/intimidated at meeting the actor guests, considering the strong characters they’ve played on screen.  And since the majority of them are older than the guys!  So, I’m assuming the hyungs made Seunggi go over and bring the guests since he is the beloved maknae!

So Seunggi shows up at the coffee shop, and we know how much OLDER the actors are based on his 90 degree bow!  Greeting Jo Sung Ah.  But still getting clapping applause from the endearing and adorable Go Chang Suk…

Wow, it’s Lee Seung Gi…!

Woah, just like PD Na, a very nervous and intimidated Seunggi…

VIDEO~ Nervously greeting the actor sunbaes

LSG: I’m getting nervous… Sunbaenim, hello!  [Happy faces. LSG greets each person. Sung Dong Il gets a hug!] You’ve been well right?
SungDongIl: Of course. But has he called me once since the drama ended?!
LSG: I came here as the representative… But you seem so displeased?
SungDongIl: His popularity is so great… that is, “our” Seunggi.
KimJungTae: I envy you! [LSG embarrassed, intimidated!]
LSG: This is a completely different vibe than the Actress Special.
SungDongIl: You thought it would be easy right?
LSG: Today?! No, I was very nervous.
SungJiRoo: Most likely it won’t be easy!
LSG: I think I’ll be leaving early today…
SungDongIl: Don’t worry.
LSG: [to Sung Ji Roo~] Please take your time drinking.
SungDongIl: Don’t bother him. He dislikes that the most!

Ok, it’s obvious why the hyungs sent Seunggi over!  Omg, intimidating and on top of that, like 20 years older than Seunggi!  Love the little hug for Sung Dong Il and his affection for Seunggi!  Aw!  And Kim Jung Tae showing the envy…  Hilarious!

Seunggi and the actors walk over.  And I just love this frame!  As I am biased to preferring ACTOR Seunggi the most, I just love seeing him with other actors like this, and older male sunbaes at that!  I love 1N2D Seunggi, but sometimes we forget this guy is one of the very few TOP sought-after LEAD male actors in their early/mid 20s (in addition to Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, etc.)

Omg, but right when I’m totally loving Actor Seunggi pose, he goes all true heodang and maknae-self and makes a mad dash over to the hyungs to spill his guts.  Jiwon yells out~ Seunggi-ya, why are you running ahead instead of walking over with them?!

I feel too burdened to walk together with them!

Hyung, today’s filming is going to be really hard! Their demeanor is no joke!

Loved the entire introduction of each of the actors.  SO FUNNY!

VIDEO~ Ahn Gil Kang and Seunggi went to same Ahp-gu-jung-do gym

AGK: Long ago, Seunggi and I went to the same gym in Ahp-gu-jung-do.
LSG: That neighborhood one? You went to that one?
SOOG: Wow, you were an Ahp-gu-jung-do regular?!
(note: Ahp-gu-jung-do is a very upscale, fashionable area; like NYC’s Soho)
KHD: Before he became popular… Now he’s got his own home gym!
LSG: No, that’s not true…

But I don’t think anyone saw this coming from Sung Dong Il about Taewoong…

OMG OMG!  Hilarious because it was like part joking but also part truth.  The 2 guys get away with it since they’re friends with Taewoong and are filming a movie together.  But anyone who follows Sung Dong Il knows he loves to talk about getting paid properly for their work.  Even Seunggi joked about this during the introduction.

But some viewers have hinted that Taewoong has been acting more like a guest than a regular MC because he doesn’t say much and is usually hiding behind one of the members, holding/hugging them!  Because he’s such a nice guy, no one has made a big stink, but not sure how long that will last if he doesn’t get more active soon.  Especially because he’s already reaped  A LOT of benefits (CFs, movie roles, popularity) since his short time on 1N2D, while at same time…  some argue without having contributed his part equally to the show.

It’s kind of fascinating to me how JongMin got totally slammed for everything, whether he DID or DIDN’T do stuff! And for a long time!  Feel kind of bad for him now.  Also, I had this vision Taewoong would be like an actor sunbae hyung for Seunggi, but on 1n2d, I feel like the real Seunggi is way more confident and leader-like than the real (not film) Taewoong.  Having growing up the maknae of all women in the household really shows.  But I’m still rooting for Taewoong to break through!

After the intros and doing that crazy messy bokbulbok to get stuff out of the food and equipment truck in 1 minute time, all 12 guys get in the bus and head to a place they choose.  Thank you PD Na for keeping all the guys together!  It may create less tension, survival-like circumstances, but they all get to know each other and that’s most important!

VIDEO~ Sung JiRoo is good friends with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho PD

JiRoo: It was hard during Gumiho right?
[LSG doesn’t hear him the first time, probably was shocked this intimidating guy was making conversation! JiRoo asks again.]
LSG: Completely.
JiRoo: I went to the filming site about 2 times but no one was there.
LSG: Really?! When sunbaenim?
JiRoo: PD Boo [from MGIG] and I are very close friends.
LSG: Wow.

Again loved this part between JiRooand LSG as well as the other conversations between the other actors, talking about their current and past projects.  Like the talk between Go ChangSuk and Jung SoHa too, especially when they were sharing photos of their kids.  JongMin was so sweet to them too.

They stop at a rest stop to eat the food they’ve managed to get during the 1-minute bokbulbok, which was pretty much A LOT of eggs and bread.  Seunggi says he will make them french toast!  Oh no… why am I always nervous when Seunggi gets so excited and confident about cooking?!  Even PD Na and Soogeun joke that because Seunggi is so meticulous, it’ll take him like 30 minutes just to get prepared to cook!

We know how much Seunggi likes to cook for others and see them happy eating his food… So he gets started.  And Go Chang Suk helps him out.  Seunggi’s like swishing the raw eggs, and ChangSuk is like here I’ll do it and he beats the eggs together like any of us would do!  Ha!  But Seunggi is amazed by this~! OMG…

So Hodong and Sung DongIl are starving and they decide we will just crack a ton of eggs, scramble them, throw in pieces of bread, and then some kimchi!  And they’re like this is the best thing ever. Ewwww…  Not to be all uppity, but even when you’re camping, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice cooked meal!  And so despite my nervousness whenever Seunggi cooks, I so totally would’ve been over at his side cooking beautiful and tasty french toast with him!…

VIDEO~ Seunggi’s earnest french toast is a hit!

JungTae: Wow, this is great!
SungHa: Let’s make all of it.
JungTae: It’s good.
SungHa: It tastes good?
JungTae: The food over here tastes better!
LSG: It’s okay right?!

OMG, so excited and happy that sunbaes liked his toast!!  Feeding Ahn Gil Kang…

They finish eating and climb back in the bus.  They think they’re close to their destination.  They see a bunch of teenagers and Hodong tells 39-year old Kim JungTae (who happens to have just woken up!), since he’s the maknae of the guests, to go and ask if their destination is nearby.  He goes out there but gets a half-hearted reception.  But Song DongIl is impressed; he’s like if he he can get that kind of reaction, that’s great!  But Hodong’s like, you want to know what a real reaction is…

VIDEO~ Teens get super excited over Seunggi, to JungTae’s chagrin!

KHD: Hyung, do you want to see what a real reaction looks like? Seunggi-ya, go out there and wave your hand.
LSG: To ask about our destination?
[Teens chant LEE SEUNGGI!]
LSG: Can you tell me…
[More chants of LEE SEUNGGI and mobbing! Sung DongIl loving it!]
KHD: Hyung, you saw?
SDI: You should’ve sent Seunggi from the start! Why did you send Jungtae?! Making him look all weird! A kid who just woke up!
[More chants of LEE SEUNGGI!]
KJT: Just depart now!

And the water plunge ip-soo finale…  Expressions say it all~

VIDEO~ 11 to 1, rock-paper-scissors

[LSG shocked; hyungs super ecstatic!]
KHD: Can’t believe it…
Soog: Wow, 11 persons putting out paper!
LSG: It happened while I was briefly in a daze!

VIDEO~ 40.8% peak tv rating water plunge ip-soo

KHD: Seunggi, share your last thoughts and then ipsoo into the sea.
LSG: Really, shining more brightly than as supporting actors, we have accompanied our sunbaenims here. Meeting subaenims, I feel like I’ve gained new amazing energy! As a hoobae, I really respect you and love you! Sunbaenims~ Fighting! Eel-bak! Ee-il!

Omg, Seunggi’s heodang water-dive ipsoo needs a makeover!  Sung JiRoo and Go Changsuk had even more hot dives!  And LOL at all the disappointed fan comments because the cameraman moved off of Seunggi (when he was about to take off his long sleeve polo!) in order to film Changsuk’s cute post-ipsoo little dance ceremony!

But cameraman came back to his senses!

Is Seunggi working out for an upcoming drama role?!

VIDEO~ Aftermath of a refreshing ipsoo!

Soog: Seunggi, it feels refreshing right?
LSG: Definitely refreshing.
KHD: Changsuk says it feels good too. It’s not cold.
LSG: Not after you’re out.
ChangSuk: This really allows you to toss away all your worries!
KHD: Are you happy you came to 1N2D?
ChangSuk: Definitely!
KHD: One ip-soo lets you throw away all your distracting thoughts!

Can’t wait till next week’s Part 2! 

PD Na, please make this a 3-part special too!

Final Group photo~ Different feel?!

Actress Special vs. Supporting Actor Special (did LSG have to leave early?)

BIG THANKS to Leeseunggiworld and Tryp96 for regularly uploading LSG cuts!

Sunday night TV ratings: June 12, 2011

Supporting Actor Special Part 1

1n2d single rating (AGB) = 29.7%
Peak rating = 40.8% (Seunggi’s water plunge ip-soo)

AGB Nielsen
4- KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) + Pt 2 (1n2d) = 20.7% (Seoul = 22.4%)
9- 1n2d rerun = 12.8% (broadcast at a different time slot in the morning)
10- MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) + Pt 2 (New Recruit) = 12.4%
*SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) + Pt 2 (Kiss and Cry) = 8.4% [not in top 20]

Individual show ratings:

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) = 11.7%
MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) = 16.8%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 8.8%

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 2 (1n2d) = 29.7%
MBC Our One Night Pt 2 (New Recruit) = 4.6%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Kiss and Cry) = 8.6%

(source: LSGfan via AGB, StarNews)

See past ratings under “1N2D Ratings”

(Images: dcLSG, Naver, As labeled; English: LSGfan)

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6 Responses

  1. I had so many things I wanted to comment about your post, but they kinda flew away when I saw Seung-gi’s white shirt again. So… I’ll just say I love everything you wrote because those are all what I was thinking about.

    (I have something to say about Jongmin and Taewoong, and something about feeling sorry for Jongmin…but I forgot…)

    THANK YOU, ANN! =)

  2. Wow LSGfan, thank you so much for the english!!!! All the sunbaes really love uri seunggi! I was touched by what he said to them before running into water. Love seunggi!

  3. In so many ways SG is still a kid…his running away from scary strangers to Papa HD, his cooking skill show-off and happiness when people actually liked his food, his not paying attention to the game until it’s too late, all so endearing.

    And HD is like a proud Papa too.

    About JM and TW, you got a point there; why I don’t care for the former but like the later when the two, in terms of variety sense/performance, are about par (some can claim JM is in fact better)? Personality? Instinct? Animal attraction? Beats me.

    • I get what you mean about Ho-dong. He was like a mum, showing of her son’s skills to her friends. “You want reaction? My son will show you reaction, Seung-gi-yaaaa! Wave!” Hahaha!

      Just realized, are Taewoong and Jongmin wearing the same sky blue jacket?

      Was watching Seung-gi’s first episode in 1N2D (yet again), and from that episode, I think Jongmin is like a half-baked Jiwon. He gets all these naughty ideas and does them without thinking of how to proceed to the next. That was his character for me. The way he his now, he’s becoming someone blank so the other members help him out by drawing attention to him. Which isn’t always in a positive way, but they’re trying their best. Especially Su-geun. I noticed he’s always quick to pick out Jongmin, like in that karaoke duet with Seung-gi. I do hope he’ll be okay. He was really funny during Heroine 6 and X-man.

  4. omg omg omg. something’s wrong with me!!! i’ve watched this special part 1 again and again, like once a day this week! why do I love this ep so?!

    Esp Kim Jung Tae and LSG together! PD Na said in interview that Jungtae is a really great cook and that LSG was so amazed and that he was right by his side like an apprentice while he cooked! hahaha. can’t wait to see! I’m sure this made Jungtae happy, being envious of LSG’s popularity and all! :) Jungtae is so awesome on 1n2d!

    Yeah, I’m really feeling bad for jongmin, and it’s not taewoong’s fault that Korean just views celebs in different ways and some are considered “ho-gam” favorable. it’s all about confidence and JM and TW both haven’t exhibited much on 1n2d, although JM seems way more natural these days. confidence makes all the difference – thus why LSG’s so totally charming! I’m sure TW got the point and he’ll try harder.

    I’m SO anticipating part 2!

  5. I really, really love this episode too, more so than the actress special. I have watched it like four times already this past week. There were so many Seung Gi moments and the opening/introduction was simply hilarious !! Gotta watch it again………..

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