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Singer Seunggi, May college festival fashion [photo spam]

All the photos from Seunggi’s recent college performances seem to have surfaced, so time for fashion review!  (AnnMichelle, this is re: your email!)  Cody just loves to suit him up, even for college students!  But she did mix it up, pairing the blazers with t-shirts instead of neckties!  And Seunggi looked great, tall, slim, and happy!…

I know he’s super busy and not much practice time, but would love to see Hook lineup some different songs, apart from the 4-5 songs he’s been doing for the past 2 years~

Will you marry me
Love taught me to drink
Because you’re my woman
Let’s go on vacation
Smile Boy

Also, even though Because you’re my Woman is Seunggi’s debut song, not sure if the “noona” song really works with a bunch of younger college students?  Why not something from recent My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST? Does it always have to be Let’s Go on Vacation?!  (Sorry, but still can’t get into this song, despite strong vocals.)

I know Seunggi’s busy with a billion different things apart from singing.  And I’m not expecting him to be some trendy transformative singer artist like Lady Gaga.  I love hearing him sing ballads and pop stuff, but I guess I’m just more into Actor Seunggi.  Still, I’d love to see Hook change up his music and performance style and sort of grow him as a musical artist.  Selfish me just wants to see a little something different, more my style?~ Sorry.  But at the same time, I think Seunggi would welcome it too…?

Anyway, more importantly… the 4 different looks, including bonus encore (my fave!)~

May 16. Young-Jin College.  Outfit~ Navy blue/black blazer, black pants, vintage-ish white face-print t-shirt, bunch of brooches, black bracelet.  Nice fit to everything.

May 18. Kei-Myung University.  The Outfit~ Casual non-collared black blazer bunched at the bottom with oversize pockets (cardigan sweater vibe), black jeans with yellow netted back pockets, vintage-ish white print t-shirt, long chain necklace with black leather strap, and silver-black ring.  This is a VERY interesting outfit, especially the yellow pocket!  I like the sweater-ish bunched jacket even though I’m not sure if I would’ve picked it for a college performance.  Accessories wise, sometimes I think Cody should just stick to what works with Seunggi, like a necklace and ring that’s more close to his natural style.  Btw, I love the refreshing feel of these fan photos…

May 19. Kyung-Nam College.  The Outfit~ Black suit jacket with beige-collar lining, black t-shirt, black loose slacks, beige vest zip-up jacket.  Ok, I totally don’t get this one!  Why ruin a perfectly fine suit by throwing on an outdoorsy fisherman’s vest jacket?! Just because the beige vest matches the beige lining on the jacket collar doesn’t mean the 2 items should be worn together!…

May 19. Dae-Dong College.  The Outfit~ Black jacket with vertical orange stripe zippered front and zipper down the backside, black pants, white long-sleeve oxford, black vest crewneck sweater, and watch.  The bright orange stripe thing was totally distracting at first, but I love the fit and look of this outfit!  And I loved it even more after seeing that crazy zipper down the back center!  I love the layering of the black vest on top of the white oxford, topped off with the jacket!  Although, I feel so bad that Seunggi had to be wearing this fall-like outfit at the start of the summer season!

Love these fan photos…

Encore look.  My absolute favorite of the entire week!  Without the orange stripe zipper jacket, the outfit looks even better!  It looks even more sharp because the vest is more like a tank-shirt sweater… very hot!  Plus, I love Seunggi’s expressions in this performance the most!  Such a minimalist look, but super chic and sharp in black and white, accessorized perfectly with a nice watch.  Rolled up sleeves look~~ faint!

(Images: dcLSG, Naver/As labeled)

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4 Responses

  1. hwaaa!!!
    I always love the fashion page of yours Ann!
    Waiting for the next

    I jusst wonder, why does uri Seunggi chose (basically) black and white?
    i’d be welcoming him in blue or brown too, tough I don’t hate it

  2. Greetings from Seoul! Many thanks for your most valued opinion. Have to agree with you that the song list gets old…I wonder if there are more ‘happy’ ballads that he can sing in festivals, or is ballad supposed to be anguish & heartbreak all the way?!

    Love the white shirt and vest look too; although the artistic flare of the free form jacket / ring / pendant look still my favorite.

    Saw a TV report while on subway. A guy has made a name for himself as a Seung Gi impersonator! I guess that’s when you know you’ve really made it.

  3. R~ I’m hoping to see more colors on Seunggi during the summer, especially on 1n2d~~~ ok, Cody?

    AM~ you’re on vacay in Seoul? Sweet! unfortunately, summer in Seoul is like the worst b/c it’s SO hot! hopefully it’s not so bad now. So what’s the agenda and for how long?

    • Dear Ann,
      No planning no agenda, so that I missed SG’s end of May fan services, sigh…But then I don’t think I can be as devoted as Yon…I did drop a lot of money at the Saem though. The girl there whipped out her cell phone and showed me a clip of SG visiting their store in December. So for a blissful 15 seconds we both were smiling like crazy at a cell phone!

      Seoul is lovely as always, the weather being actually nice, not too hot yet. I will soon go to NYC; maybe there Summer will begin in earnest.

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