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Happy 7-year debut anniversary to singer Lee Seung Gi!

Good thing Teacher Sunhee, Captain Hook, and Seunggi met on that fateful day of his last performance with band (Brain Hemorrhage!), without his parents knowing…

Training and debuting Seunggi as a singer.  Thanks Sunsengnim!

And glad Seunggi continued with acting beyond Nonstop and Famous Princesses.  Or else no amazing Brilliant Legacy and lovable My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!!!

And omg, what would 1N2D be without Seunggi with his hyungs??!~~~

And happy for Strong Heart MCing too, even despite my regular gripes…

And of course nation’s MC Hodong hyung~ thanks to him for loving Seunggi so much, even though it can get out of control at times!  Thanks Hodong hyung!

Dear Seunggi~

Happy 7-year debut anniversary! 

Wishing you and all Airen fan~

Even more daebak success and good things this next year!!!

(Images: Previously posted/credited)

8 Responses

  1. Happy 7th debut anniversary to seung gi.
    Little seung gi is so cute. He has shown his talent since he was kid. Adorable.
    I’m so proud to be his fan. ^^
    May God always protect him.

  2. Dearest Lee Seunggi-shi,
    Happy 7 years to you! Thank you for all your hard work singing, dramas and shows! Airens love you very very much!

  3. Happy Anniv Seung-gi…

    just wondering when was that long perm hair sueng-gi^^

  4. Happy 7 years SeungGi!!!! I’ll always support you! Lee Seung Gi and all the fans… fighting!

  5. Happy debut anniversary seunggi! Thanks for being in my life. I’m happy because of you! :)

  6. Dearest Ho-dong oppa…

    Thank you for being an instrument to Seung-gi’s career. I won’t deny that Teacher Sunhee is also an important person, but your camaraderie with Seung-gi is really precious to him, and because of that, you are also precious to us.

    That aside, I would appreciate it if you would stop kissing uri Seung-gi because it makes me so jealous that I want to boycott all your shows and put you on mute whenever you appear in 1N2D. While it’s nice to see you express your love for him, please think about all the green-eyed fans behind you, ready to strike and all.

    Love, Tishi

    P.S. HAPPY 7th Anniversary, Seung-gi!

  7. Happy 7th anniversary, seung-gi si!!! Love you forever!!!

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