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Behind-the-Scene, Seunggi cameo on Best Love [ENG video]

(video: Beedance07) *Thanks to the amazing Beedance!*

Sunbae Seungwon cracking up during the lines, patting and hugging Seunggi!  Aw!  Yes, hyungs can’t help but to love their dongseng!  Their vibe totally mirrors the BTS photos from the cameo filming!  LOL at the fangirl extras who were REAL Seunggi fangirls!  On a side note,  I really DO NOT want to see Cha Seungwon (aka Dokko Jin) in fridge CF after the drama ends!  I think you’re so awesome, but anything but that CF dear Seungwon!  The scene was meant as a joke, but CFs are big stakes in Korea, so I was super annoyed with the Hong Sisters for unnecessarily scripting this…

Seunggi was one of the first male models to solely endorse typical female-endorsed kitchen related appliances.  And as Seunggi’s Samsung Zipel CFs continued to reap daebak results, the other big companies took note.  Now, all the top male actors are endorsing kitchen stuff (Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, etc).

And for sure, following the success of Best Love, the awesome Cha Seungwon is going to get tons of CF love calls!  (Re-scripting the drama toward an older audience was smart ratings-wise as most younger people watch stuff online; Best Love is shaping up to be Hong Sisters highest TV ratings drama.)  Plus, SeungWon used to be a real model.  And since he’s married with kids, a refrigerator CF would be a good fit.  But dear SeungWon, I believe you being a super classy guy will pass on the fridge CF if that were to come up.  There will be tons of other CFs for you to choose from!

Also, still annoyed the Hong Sisters DID NOT script Seunggi’s Best Love cameo as Cha Daewoong.  This way, it would’ve made me (and other Korean netizens!) NOT compare Lee Seunggi’s acting to Cha SeungWon, but RATHER his character Daewoong to Dokko!  But whatever.  I know the Hong Sisters adore Seunggi to bits, but they really could’ve been WAY more sensitive about the context prior to this drama.

I actually didn’t like the cameo much when I first saw it, precisely because of that!  Felt things were all a bit awkward with Seunggi playing Seunggi, but not really playing Seunggi, but a mix of Dokko Jin and Daewoong.  It didn’t really make sense at first!  But I guess that’s the point.  But I loved it after seeing it a few more times.

Seunggi’s a very busy guy, and him agreeing to do this cameo says A LOT more about him as someone who sticks to his promise (of doing a cameo for the Hong Sisters earlier on).  The entire cameo script felt like how Hodong usually can’t contain his love for Seunggi!~ Hong Sisters’ unbounded Seunggi love that got out of control.

We miss drama actor Seunggi!  Can you tell based on the last string of posts?!

Hook, please pick a GOOD project for Seunggi’s next drama!  And nice guys are great in real life, but unfortunately in K-drama land, the bad boys (of course later becoming sensitive sweethearts!) are more memorable and popular in the long-run!  And please, no comedy drama for now.  Light-hearted, okay.  We see enough of comedic Seunggi on Strong Heart and 1N2D.  I want to see him as truly just Actor Seunggi, without all the variety and singing stuff thrown in!  Hope to hear some news soon…

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6 Responses

  1. lol thank you Beedance!! amazing bts video!
    i loved the little pop up phrases that came up when he messed up his lines hehe :)

  2. Love this video!!!! Thank you thank you!
    CSW loves uri Seunggi.

  3. I do not like the cameo much like you said – SG playing SG but not SG! Really kind of awkward! I have no doubt that the Hong sisters adore him, so why couldn’t they come up with something better? Then I am not big fan of their script anyway, so I guess that’s too much to hope for.

    I want SG to be in something dramatic, yes, even dark, this time. Broaden your range? That’s the way to go. But, as I cannot see him suffer (too much) a happy ending is adamant.

  4. Yep. I think A LOT of Seunggi fans felt this way. But were trying their best to look at the bright side.

    Honestly, after watching the cameo cut the first time, I was completely PISSED OFF at the Hong Sisters for having Seunggi cameo as himself and not Cha Dae Woong. I know they love Seunggi so I really think it was that Hodong-ish I-cant-help-but-to-love-Seunggi-and-cannot-control-myself-in-overdoing-things!

    Also, if we’re going to vent now… the whole top star and triple crown thing was too much too! in addition to the CF thing! again, play it as Cha Daewoong, then it’s funny and witty! Playing it as Seunggi feels a bit too much in the viewers faces!

    but despite all that~~~~ Seunggi was so cute! And I love this BTS video cut even better than the actual cameo! (Thx to Beedance’s expert subbing skills!) Cha Seung Won is so SWEET to Seunggi. Hope he can become an acting sunbae for him.

  5. i really dont get why everyone hated it…so wat if they discussed cfs and stuff…it was a JOKE…omg…and i am pretty sure if suenggi was not confident in the script or the character they had him play, he would hav refused to do it…so lets jst appreciate wat we hav and really hope to see him in a drama soon…

  6. Beedance is LOVE!

    I wish they’ll pick something more challenging for Seung-gi. More mature roles to signify that he’s ready to take the next step. Seung-gi works hard for every project he takes on, so I’m sure he won’t disappoint. I honestly miss angsty Seung-gi in his When a Man Loves a Woman Music Videos, even if I wanted to wring his character’s neck there for being that stupid over a girl. Oh well… Let’s hope they’ll give him a role that can make him show more of his acting talents. I think we got a taste of that in the last episodes of MGIAG. So looking forward to it.

    (I’d love to see him in a movie, too. Hello, Captain Hook? Can you hear me?)

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