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Seunggi cameo on Best Love episode 9 [ENG video]

Also~ BTS of Seunggi cameo on Best Love [ENG video]

(video: Beedance07) *Thanks Beedance!*

Hong Sisters script had Seunggi play like 3 different characters during his 4-minute cameo: polite Lee Seunggi himself, cute mischievous Cha Daewoong, and a little Dokko Jin in training. I should just be very thankful his scene was pretty long and that he was looking so radiant and lovely. Omg, I’m so missing the hair!…

At first, I wasn’t too into the character parody the Hong Sisters developed in having Seunggi play himself, with a mix of Daewoong and Dokko thrown in.  But after re-watching a second time, I loved it.  And re-watching a few times afterward made me love it even more!   Seunggi is hilarious!  His little gestures and eye movements were daebak (very Hwan-like!)

As for the variety show reference~ Really?!  Hong Sisters chose to write in Strong Heart over much-loved 1N2D?!  Like Dokko Jin could’ve insisted that Seunggi invite Ae-jung on the 1N2D Actress Special instead!  I’m guessing Hong Sisters wanted to give a shout-out to the Strong Heart team for showing so much love for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, in addition to the whole “heart” connection!

I loved the concept of Seunggi playing a little Dokko Jin in training.  It was so cute seeing Seunggi together with 17-year senior veteran actor Cha Seungwon!  But, because Dokko Jin’s sort of loony character has been so perfectly personalized by Cha Seungwon, I have to admit, even though Seunggi’s imitation was cute, only Dokko Jin can play his crazy self!

(Also, it did make me a bit uncomfortable at first, seeing Seunggi parody, imitate Dokko, considering all the rumors early on of Seunggi being cast for the role before it was re-scripted for older actors. And because of the joke Hodong always loves to use (all the time!) about a different kind of Seunggi when the cameras are not rolling!)

The refrigerator CF storyline~?  Everyone in Korea knows Seunggi is one of the top CF stars, so was it necessary to emphasize that more here, even in parody?  It just seemed like a very NOT Seunggi like thing to be bragging about such things.  But I guess that’s supposed to be the funny part.

Still would’ve loved to see Seunggi cameo as Cha Daewoong, but even still, I’m SO happy to see Seunggi back on a drama, even if for 4 minutes!  He was hilarious! And of course adorable!  And I’m still in glee at Seunggi-Seungwon sunbae hugging and laughing together!  They really are Nation’s “ho-gam!”

Dramabeans Best Love Ep 9 Recap
Seunggi cameo excerpt

Jenny enjoys this attention, and cheers Ae-jung’s good fortune: “She’s putting out an album, and doing a variety show. All she needs is to act, and she’ll be a triple crown!” Ae-hwan: “Who do you think she is, Lee Seung-gi?” HAHA.

Cue: Lee Seung-gi!

Jenny rushes over with stars in her eyes and asks for a handshake. Seung-gi receives her praise graciously, but then Ae-hwan notices that they’re both wearing the same scarf. Jenny beams (just as Ae-jung once had), while Seung-gi laughs awkwardly and pulls his sweater over the scarf self-consciously (as Jin once had). HAHA!

Jenny, Ae-hwan, and Jae-seok watch Seung-gi walk off, marveling at how polite and well-mannered he is — just like his image! Jae-seok sighs that he’s the complete opposite of Jin; choking on a sob, he cries, “To think, when I first met hyungnim, I thought he was just like [Seung-gi]!”

Little do they know that as soon as Seung-gi is safely out of sight, he yanks off the scarf with a grimace and thrusts it at his stylist. His voice even changes into that drunk grandpa drawl: “Is this something any old dog or fish could wear?”

Heehee. This may be my favoritest Hong sisters cameo ever. Lee Seung-gi playing Lee Seung-gi, whose real-life image is just like Dokko Jin’s golden boy image, whose supposed “true” backstage personality is just like Dokko Jin’s… Plus, there’s the fact that Seung-gi was originally cast in this role, and now affects a Cha Seung-won-esque nasally growl. AHHH I’m in meta heaven.

It gets even better when Jin steps out of the elevator, and Seung-gi whips his good-boy persona back into place, bowing respectfully to his “sunbae-nim.” Jin mentions the program Seung-gi is MC-ing these days, Steel Heart. (Pwahaha! Kang Chul Shim Jang = Steel Heart. Kang Shim Jang = Strong Heart, Seung-gi’s real-life show.) He suggests that Seung-gi invite Ae-jung to the show, which Seung-gi smoothly deflects, saying it’s up to the writers and producers.

Jin is not to be outdone at his own game, and says that stars like them have pull — “Or are you not at that level yet?” Seung-gi agrees to broach the topic but adds, “Is that so important that it needs my efforts?” Jin counters that if Seung-gi does this, he won’t steal away his refrigerator CF.

That raises Seung-gi’s hackles, and he declares, “I’m Lee Seung-gi! Even you’re not somebody who can just steal my CF so easily!” In that sneer, he orders Jin, “Don’t enter my safety zone!”

Just as they’re going back and forth with the “You’ll do it”s and “No I won’t”s, a crowd gathers to gush over their two favorite stars together. Jin gives the 1-2-3 count, and the men turn on the charm in a flash.

OMG I love this. I can hear a pouty girlfriday stomping her feet from miles away, cursing the manager who scheduled Seung-gi for an odd-numbered episode.

Source: Dramabeans Best Love Ep 9 recap

Glimpses of a could’ve been Seunggi/Cha Daewoong cameo…

(Images: Previously posted/credited)

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9 Responses

  1. I’m guessing they chose Strong Heart/ Steel Heart because there are less MCs there, than with 1N2D where he shares the MC limelight with five other hyungs and him being the maknae won’t enforce that kind of top star status as much as being one of the Main MCs of SH?

    I’m still disappointed they didn’t make him play Dae-woong, but I guess they’re giving a shout out to his MGIAG character through his hair which is a small consolation for me. But if I step out of that expectation, the cameo was DAE.BAK! I love that his fake “real” self is like Dokko’s, and his fake “fan service self” is like his real self. Trust the the Hong sisters to pile on the meta.

    (On a side note–still with the hopes of experiencing the Hoi couple in anyway again–why couldn’t he have said something like “I’ll just cast Shin Minah, then if I have to have my way.” I would have flown to fangirl heaven.)

    Anyway, since Ae-jung is cast in Steel Heart, is it safe to hope that we’ll see another cameo? Can they have Minah guest at Steel Heart, too? Please Hong Sisters? But! I’m glad to see Seung-gi acting again. And with Seung-won sunbae, too!

    Once again, thank you BEEDANCE and ANN. You two are so kind to do these updates and translations. Sorry for the uber long comment, Ann. I always hog your comment spaces. =)

    • that’s why i especially “heart” you! Clap clap clap for Beedance. The very cool and smart non-korean speaking girl is amazing!

      • I “heart” you, too! =) And Beedance cannot speak Korean? But she translates the really well! Clap clap clappy tap, Beedance!

  2. Thank you very much girls! And I love you Cha Dae Woong!

  3. First time leaving a comment. Thanks alot for the subs!^^ Was waiting for this!

  4. Thanks for the subs!!..I like it…..
    really I wait LSG n HHJ in the new drama….
    They really match…….!

  5. thanks alot for the subs in his part..
    though like you guys I wanted him to appear as Cha Dae Woong but his cameo was really outstanding.
    It was really funny and he even agreed to be an arrogant fella behind the back of others which he all know is not very like him^^

  6. Thanks for the subs! I didn’t like the cameo too much first when I saw it, but after watching again i liked alot more. CSW is very good actor. I know he’s alot older than LSG so can’t compare. I hope LSG grow even more in his acting.

    “We are hogam” – I love that part! SeungGi, waiting patiently for your next drama!

  7. seung gi was just GLOWING in this cameo! His face looked so bright and happy, probably because he got to work with cha seung won! lol
    ugh totally wished he acted as dae woong, but ya can’t get everything right? :) i’m just glad it was at least 4 minutes long tehehehe

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