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“Little Dokko Jin” Lee Seunggi and sunbae Cha Seung Won, Best Love episode 9 cameo [BTS photos preview]

Seunggi filming his cameo for Hong Sisters current hit drama Best Love.  There’s 3 awesome posts up at the MBC Best Love photo gallery, 2011.05.31.  Loved it when Seunggi’s cameo was announced, but these photos, especially with Cha Seungwon (17 years older sunbae) are daebak!  See/Read photo teaser texts in English…

I read that SeungWon tends to be more of a technical actor and it looks like he was giving Seunggi some tips?!  Some articles reported  Seunggi’s cameo would be as himself, but I don’t think it’s been confirmed.

Based on his outfit (very un-Seunggi like!), comedic gestures with Dokko Jin, and text teasers~ I’m getting more of an action-hero celebrity Cha Dae Woong vibe.  I hope so!  The cameo would be so much more fun as My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Cha Dae Woong rather than just as his real self.  But, either way, SO excited to see Actor Seunggi again, even if it’s for just a few minutes!

The acting in Best Love is really good.  I caught up on all the episodes.  Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin are really great!  But they don’t make me fall in love in love with them like I did with the adorable Hoi Couple.  But wow, SeungWon is an awesome veteran actor!  He’s perfect as Dokko Jin.  And I’m SO glad, both for Seunggi and this drama production, that rumors of Seunggi being tapped early on for this role did not pan out.  No more over-the-top Hong Sisters drama for a while Seunggi~ Want to see serious, but also fun, epic-like story for your next drama!  Hope we hear news soon!

Post 1

Best star Lee Seung Gi has surfaced on Best Love!

Currently busy and prominent everywhere with singing, acting, and variety, best star Lee Seung Gi joined forces and made a forceful cameo.  Although brief, please anticipate Lee Seung Gi’s intense acting that is sure to capture your attention!

MBC Wednesday-Thursday miniseries
Don’t miss episode 9 on June 1, Wednesday 9:55pm!

Extra fan photos…

Post 2

The person making Jenny nervous, aside from Ae-hwan and Jae-suk?!

Together with Ae-hwan, Jenny goes to the broadcast station!  In addition to sensing the broadcast feel from long ago, the encounter with a top star that would make Jenny even more happy…

MBC Wednesday-Thursday miniseries
Every Wednesday-Thursday at 9:55pm, don’t forget to mark it down!

Post 3

The meeting between Ho-gam and Ho-gam!
(Ho-gam = bringing about favorable feelings, affection, fondness.  Like Uhm-chin-ah and National, it’s another one of those descriptor nouns Koreans love to use for beloved celebs, people, things.)

“We really are ho-gam!”  Nation’s ho-gams, Dokko Jin and Lee Seung Gi meet! What will be the secret dealings that take place in front of the elevator without anyone knowing…

MBC Wednesday-Thursday miniseries
June 1, Wednesday 9:55pm. Ho-gam and Ho-gam meet! Don’t miss out~!!

Extra fan photos…

Read recaps of Best Love over at Dramabeans.

(Images: MBC, dcLSG;  English: LSGfan)

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5 Responses

  1. Cha Dae-woong! Cha Dae-woong!

  2. love your updates!!

    I’m a bit sad woong ah won’t be back but aside from that, I’m LOVING this cameo!!
    So cute. <3 plus excellent way to pike up ratings… XD

    + ur welcome about the tip. XD

    cannot wait to see what you have to say about this wk's strong heart. I'm personally SJ biased but seungi is about as close to my ideal man as it can get.

    • nevermind… i just watched today’s best love episode… OMG… his cameo was SO hilarious!! hahaha.. so un seungi-like but totally precious..
      I’m still reeling with laughter. XD

  3. It was cute and I was super happy to see actor Seunggi but honestly, I was really hoping that he would be playing Cha Daewoong. Hong Sisters definitely made the entire 4 minute cameo all about Lee Seunggi.

    Good news for Seunggi non-korean speaking fans~ Beedance is going to have an English-subbed cut of Seunggi’s cameo out soon. the dialogue along with the expressions is hilarious!

    • It was definitely fun to see Seung-gi in a satirical role about snobbish two-faced tops stars. It kind of reminds me of Ho-dong’s usual teasing about Seung-gi being a lot different when he’s away from the camera.

      I’d like to think that the Hong sisters played aroung Seung-gi’s character bringing us a heightened version of Seung-gi who has crossed over to the dark side of fame.

      I love his expressions!

      And yey for Beedance and Ann! Imma do a dance while waiting for you guys to post. Love you both for helping all non-Korean speaking fans!

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