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For Seunggi’s Best Love cameo, Hoi Couple & kids please!

*** UPDATED: BTS photos of Cha Seung Won hugging Seunggi! SQUEAL! ***
Omg, what are both Seungwon and Seunggi wearing?! Can’t wait for this ep to air!

Anticipating… Seunggi’s June 1 cameo on current MBC Hong Sisters drama Best Love! Really miss Hoi Couple.  Can’t get enough of those fanvideos from   Press is reporting he will be playing Lee Seung Gi himself, but please Hong Sisters, I beg of you… We need to see Daewoong!  And we need to see Daewoong with Miho!  And we need to see Hoi Couple as married and with little hoi hoi kids…

Loved this from  My Girlfriend is Gumiho, TV Ratings/Recap 12…

Miho’s plans of jakjiki, marriage, kids, and happiness forever with Daewoong!

Hong Sisters~ Please don’t disappoint all the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho fans!!  Especially after all the crazy pre-drama rumors about Seunggi.

We want Hoi Couple reunion!  And I hope Seunggi gets screen time with both veteran actor sunbaes Cha Seung Won AND Gong Hyo Jin!

*** UPDATE with statement from Hook ***
Seunggi agreed without hesitation, particularly because of Cha Seung Won!

Please let the role be as star/celebrity Cha Daewoong!  I love star/celebrity Lee Seung Gi, but think it would be extra more special and meaningful if the Hong Sisters write the role as Daewoong.  Please Hong Sisters!  And please let it be a substantial cameo, not some super short, waste-of-time or irrelevant ones like some of the ones from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Seunggi is a very busy person, so Hong Sisters~ can you please make it as long of a cameo as possible!

While I’m hoping for a double Daewoong-Miho cameo, if that can’t happen, can we please have Daewoong calling Miho on the phone telling her he’ll be home soon to have dinner with her and their little hoi hoi kids????!!! (A brilliant idea from fan Beedance!).  Ahhhhh, can’t wait to see ACTOR Seunggi on tv next week!

Singer-Actor Lee Seung Gi will be making a cameo appearance on MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Best Love” starring Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin, which has been getting a lot of love. Lee Seung Gi’s management company spoke to Newsen by phone on Mary 27 stating:

“As he is close with both the director and the Hong Sisters writing team, they had comfortably asked him to cameo in their next drama, prior to the production of this drama.  In particular, as he and actor Cha Seung Won are both fond of one another and get along favorably, Lee Seung Gi agreed to participate without hesitation.”

Lee Seung Gi’s cameo is also gathering a lot of interest because he was rumored to play the lead role in “Best Love”  before Cha Seung Won was finally cast.

Lee Seung Gi’s management said that he will probably be filming next week, saying “We don’t know the role he will play since we haven’t received the script yet; however, after hearing talk about the role being a celebrity/entertainer, we believe the filming will be comfortable and fun.”

“Best Love” is a romantic comedy about the love that develops between a rising top star in Korea and a has-been star. There is a lot of anticipation as to what role Lee Seung Gi will play in relation to Cha Seung Won.

Lee Seung Gi’s cameo appearance is planned for June 1.

LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

*** UPDATE: BTS photo of Cha Seung Won hugging Seunggi! SQUEAL! ***
Omg, what are both Seungwon and Seunggi wearing?! Can’t wait for this ep to air!

(Images: dcLSG, Indicated in previous posts)

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13 Responses

  1. Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Nomu nomu nomu nomu joah Daewoong and Miho. Everybody hoi hoi! Seunggi-shi, I’m waiting for your drama this year!!!

  2. I fantasized about him and Taewoong appearing together as star and president since he was being recruited by Dodo productions in MGIAG and we all know that Taewoong was President Byun of Dodo back in the Chun-hyang days (which is another Hong sisters drama, so I was totally invested in this fantasy), but since Taewoong’s filming a movie, I kind of thought it was far-fetched.

    BUT BUT BUT! “Daewoong calling Miho on the phone telling her he’ll be home soon to have dinner with her and their little hoi hoi kids?” IS A JJANG IDEA and I promise to watch all the Hong sisters drama (even if there are recurring themes) throughout their Kdramaland reign, if they do this. I’ll forever be your puppy Hong sisters. Please listen!

    There’s an episode in Best Love where Jin agreed to Ae-jung that he’ll star in her music video and gave her a list of the A-listers that he wants to star in it as well… Can I hope that Daewoong will be there since he’s supposed to be a top star due to his movie in MGIAG? Can we do a whole episode of filming that music video since as you said Ann, Seung-gi’s a very busy person.

    I’ll just sit on the roof and wait for a shooting star to wish upon.

  3. Really? omg, please not a music video! OMG, I can’t take public displays of Seunggi dancing anymore. It’s still kind of cute, but club dancing belongs to people who can club dance! at the least for people who’ve been to a club since LSG obviously hasn’t been to one yet! hahahaha.

    I’ll have to fit Best Love into my entertainment schedule time prior to LSG’s cameo so I know what’s going on. Haven’t been watching it.

    And I’m selfish on this one~ only Seunggi and Minah together in cameo. Or else Seunggi only. No one else. :)

    • I dunno. That’s just a theory. Maybe he and Minah can star in the music video together, since she’s friends with Gong Hyo-jin (can GHY unnie please ask Minah a favor? Please?)

      But yeah, no Seung-gi dancing anymore. It’s cute but it’s hard for me to watch. I don’t like Seung-gi dancing like that and being laughed at for it.

      Gosh, I have this feeling that I’ll be disappointed when the cameo scene is shown. The only consolation would be when i see him smile and know that he’s happy to work with Cha Seung-won. (Seung-gi is such a fanboy. Hehe!)

      Oh, and let’s hope cody doesn’t get too ahjussi ideas again.

  4. Ke ke ke ke. SeungGi really like to dance on strong heart!

  5. that phone call idea is really great! I’m already imagining about it and I do LOVE it! :D

    I’m currently watching this drama and it is really good.
    Seung Gi meeting Cha Seung Won, that would be really daebak!

    And oh, Tishi, love your idea too about him appearing on Ae Jeong’s MV!

    OMG, really can’t wait for June 1st! XD

  6. I love MGIAG! Fanvid is too sweet and cute. I keep watching it over and over again. love the song playing. Anyone know the name of songs? I want to download. Thx!

  7. cant wait for his cameo..hope someone will upload it even his parts only..

    Dae Woong would be good also cuz he’s an actor in MGiaG and calling to Miho is gonna be perfect!!!..lets all hope ^^

  8. ah……..that’s something nice to hear.
    i’ve been watching Best Love ever since it airred due to boredom but it turns out to be very good.
    can’t deny the fact that those people are really veteran actors and actresses.
    i really wished in the future seunggi can act alongside with A-list actors and actresses even if he is not the male lead, because only this way, he will be able to learn more and faster.
    but don’t bash me on this, because i really want to say one thing here: Yoon Kye Sang is love! Hahaha…. :P

  9. best love is a really good drama.
    and. can i just say that Dokko Jin and Lee seung gi have really LOTS of similarities.

    basically it’s lee seung gi + bad attitude= Dokko Jin.
    hahahah. im excited to see DOKKO JIN and Lee seung gi together. and Seunggi can really learn ALOT from Cha seung won. Cha seung won is really one of the most brilliant actors ive seen in the entire korean world.

    and for the CAMEO.if he has to play CHA DAE WOONG. seriously, what is Cha dae woong without MIHO??? that’s emptiness. . i hope if there’s no Miho, he’ll play as himself, Lee seunggi, with that we dont feel hanging (somehow)

    i wonder if Gong hyo jin told Min Ah about this. since they’re really best of friends. im sure Min Ah knows this. AAAAh im going crazy. way before this international min ah fans were quite positive of a cameo because she’s close with gong hyo jin plus a hong sisters baby, but i myself think that it’s really impossible to have a lee seung gi cameo because of the pre-drama casting issues. but now!!!! this is making me crazy. ahhaha.

    sorry for the lenghty post but all i want to say is. if seunggi’s playing Cha dae woong then he should bring his MIHO!!

  10. Ok, you guys all made me reconsider. I watched the rest of the eps of Best Love.

    I was sort of boycotting bc of all the rumoring with LSG early on and later on it not even panning out. which I was thanking God for b/c hong sis drama back-to-back made no sense. and a slapstick comedy back-to-back even more of a no-no.

    anyway i had to watch since i had to see how it was compared to MGIG and Hoi Couple. And bc I think Cha Seung Won is a good actor and overall nice guy. i’ve only seen him in one movie, no dramas. And so seeing him and Gong hyo jin in drama was first for me.

    I watched first 2 eps when it came out and i didn’t feel any chemistry or connection or affection to the drama, so didn’t watch more.

    but since the ratings have been good (some of that due to not as much strong competition) and since LSG was going to cameo, and bc you guys all seem to love the drama… i watched the rest of eps 3-8… and you guys were right, it’s a really good drama!

    A different feel from MGIG. MGIG was more sci-fi love story comedy and really about Daewoong and Miho and their amazing cuteness and love story, and DW playing a college student, it definitely resonated more with younger people.

    BestLove feels more mature and older (in a good way). Even the songs and vibe have that feel! And also with the actors being older. GHJ is 7 yrs older than LSG, CSW-17 yrs older, YKS- 10 yrs older.

    CSW really is a great actor! Dok Ko Jin is a riot! Sort of scary at time. but love him. maybe also bc CSW in real life is so likeable too. OMG, I cannot imagine LSG in this role and am so glad that it was all just a rumor. (But it reminded me again, that you pretty much need to play a rich guy character in order if you want drama and role to be popular! LOL).

    the drama also has a more ensemble feel and the other actors aside from CSW and GHJ have pretty meaty roles. in MGIG- it was really a story mostly Daewoong and Miho throughout, they were like in almost all the scenes; part of why i think MGIG really shined. the couple was just irresistible.

    I don’t get that sort of same feel from CSW and GHJ but they’re both such good actors, I start to really like each of them a lot more. I really really really hope Seunggi gets to act alongside CSW sunbae for the cameo. He could really learn a lot. Plus I think CSW would be an awesome hyung!

    It made me think I really hope LSG starts to cultivate some close relationships with male actor sunbaes in his life, esp if he wants to grow as an actor. He has many variety MC and singer sunbaes, the top ones at that, but I don’t get that he has that for acting. I hope Hook really develops this more for him.

    Can’t wait for the cameo! but also trying to keep my expectations in check so I’m not totally let down! :)

    • The thing that I love about Best Love, other than the two leads, is Gong Hyo-jin’s clothes. Miho had these “Anne of Green Gables” clothes since her character’s like an innocent girl from the countryside, but Ae-jung’s clothes are soooooooooo fun to look at. I love.

      And yeah. Cannot imagine Seung-gi as Jin, too. =)

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