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47th Baeksang Awards: Male Popularity vote results

I wasn’t still fully over the lame formula used at last year’s 46th Baeksang Awards that somehow placed Kim Nam Gil in the rookie actor category along with Seunggi.  I like Kim Nam Gil, and he was very sweet in apologizing to Seunggi fans at the awards last year for winning the award!  Ha.  But, the guy had already acted in dramas and even in movies!  And I didn’t watch Queen Sundeok, but was he even the main lead in that drama?

Oh well.  It’s just really hard to be nominated again after the rookie award, especially in the male category.  Female category is always less competitive.  But, I’m sure there will always be more years to come!

Seunggi was nominated this year for 2 categories:  Male Popularity and Variety Star. 

And I’m SO glad he didn’t win the variety show award.  It was the Baeksang Awards!  I’d WAY rather him be recognized for his acting please!  1n2d hyung Soogeun ended up winning, and of course he had to give a shout-out about Seunggi.  During his speech, he joked that he had a feeling he won because he called Seunggi during the awards and found out that he was hanging out at home!

As for Male Popularity Award, Seunggi came in 3rd place…

This year’s popularity voting went on for months, unlike last year when you could only vote during like a month period.  I read that Seunggi fans in Korea decided not to do a voting drive  since he won the award last year, and that this year it was obvious early on that Micky Yoochun fans were going to go all out (both in time and money) to get him this award for the first time.  I think the basic goal was to make sure that Seunggi came in 3rd after seeing that it was going to be an all out battle between Yoochun and Hyunjoong fans.

I still haven’t watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal yet.  But read a lot of good things about Yoochun  Actually when I saw him at the 47th Baeksang Awards, he sort of reminded me of Seunggi.  I think maybe because both guys aren’t your typical Korean flower boys.  Anyway, expect to see all 3 of these guys around for a while…

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was such a great drama last year, and seeing the TV ratings for dramas since then, I’m STILL amazed at how MGIG fared against 45% ratings Baker King.  Plus, in terms of longevity, it’s all about whether people remember your drama and you yourself(!) after it’s all said and done, right? And, well, we all know where Seunggi stands with viewers and fans!  Plus, he would NEVER  trade acting and becoming friends with MinAh and doing a Hong Sisters drama over increased TV ratings!

And I think it’s kind of funny that ISplus/Baeksang Awards released these photos of Seunggi (and Yoona) on the day of this year’s 47th Baeksang Awards.  Especially considering that neither one of them would be attending this year!

See entire 47th Baeksang Awards winners list at ISplus/Bakesang.

See fashion recap over at Dramabeans.

(Images: ISplus, previous posts)

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8 Responses

  1. SKK Scandal is good. Just skip the ending which is a whole lot of fanservice. Foreals. I kind of wanted to see Seung-gi in formals again, so I was a bit disappointed he didn’t show, but congratulations to Su-geun Su-geun!

    Hey, Ann! Do you have a video of Su-geun’s speech?

  2. Yay! Congrats for Sugeun and Seunggi! woot!

    Super happy for Seunggi managed to get even only 3rd place. He already won this last year. So it’s okay. Sharing with others, right? haha

    Yoochun’s and HyunJoong’s fans were really all out!
    I’m happy for Yoochun too. He was great in SKKS.
    Watch it, Ann unnie! Min Young eonni was also good! I love her! XD

  3. havent watched SKK also but being on the 3rd spot is more than enough considering how the fans of the other two actors call out to get their boys an award that very loyal lol..

    and its kinda weird why would they posted that pic if neither of them wasn’t it the awards night^^ i reckoned was that pic of last year?? please correct me^^

  4. actually, even if the drama was broadcast long ago, i can confidently said that SGi is very well-liked by koreans. The recent fans signing, i witnessed from young kids to noona to parents to grandparents and also hyungs to SGi who stick their head out to see SGi inside the store. There was this korean guy outside the store who helped me to take video of SGi inside the store. Though the video was shaky and not clear, but i really appreciated his kindness. Not only that, i saw how college boys stand on the lamp-post to catch a good glimpse of SGi. Even when SGi went off thru the back door, there were quite alot of guys standing and waiting for him to come out from the back door too!

    For other stars, maybe they have more fangirls…but i can said that our Seung Gi is well-liked by everyone of all ages.. ^_^

    Look out for KBS news, they were there.. they should be able to show videos of the crowd then…

    • Dear yon,
      So happy for you that you met and even touched our SG this time. More detailed fan account coming? Did you manage to link fingers with him, and look at him straight in the eye like there’s no tomorrow? Please do share more.

  5. Y~ I’m so glad you got to see him up close and that everything worked out in the end for your trip! Yes, please, would love to hear more details too! Yeah, Seunggi’s fans of all ages is legendary in korea! And b/c of Korean cultural importance on hyung, oppa, unni, noona, parental relationships, it’s definitely a coveted thing among celebs.

    But I feel sad sometimes that Hook continues to market him to ajumma fans foremost. I love the amazingly committed ajumma fans but LSG himself has said more than once that he loves all his fans but wishes for more younger fans.

    you’re a 24-yr old guy singing, wouldn’t you also want to see a lot of younger, peer, or hip moms gazing back at you? in addition to the ajummas? that’s why i’m so glad he did MGIG, because I think playing a college student and cute Daewoong helped with that.

    like those performances at the 4 different colleges recently, even though it was great to hear him sing live… my first thought was really Hook?~~ you’re going to have him sing Noona, you’re my woman to a crowd of college students who are all younger than him? Aigoo! omg, I think Hook just plans LSG’s performances like they would do for 50+ yr old Teacher Sunhee! so out of touch sometimes!

  6. HI ann, i will write it soon. will give permission to you and tryp only..hehe… i hope i can write it tonight (which is your day time) and e-mail to you.. So do lookout for it soon.. ^_^

    • oh, and by the way, i was at Strong Heart recording of ‘King of Kings’ episode, will write a short summary about it too.. ^_^

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