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Fashionista Kim HaNeul, Seunggi’s 2004 ideal girl, on 1N2D

The breakout star from the 1n2d Actress Special part 1 last Sunday is Kim Haneul (Kim Sky) for sure!  Both her fashion and easy-going super likeable personality were all the buzz following the broadcast…

Choi Ji Woo also made a great impression on viewers, primarily with her porcelain skin and cute aegyo!  Already a beloved top hallyustar, I think her main goal was to show people a different side apart from her upscale and regal image.

Haneul was already popular but A LOT more people are interested in her after she won Korean viewers over with her winning personality!  Sure, it helped that 1N2D is one of the top Korean variety shows too, which which by the way had daebak peak 38.8% TV ratings!

But Haneul’s realness, sincerity, laughter, and natural and free-spirited ways shined on the show… all the people characteristics Koreans love!  And although all the actresses were fans of 1N2D and watched it regularly, it was evident that Haneul, along with Yeom JungAh were really big fans.  Which of course made everyone love her more~ including me!

Before the show, I knew very little about her. In anticipating the show, I even profiled her as “blah.”  I fully apologize! And have since made the correction!  Kim Sky~ please be my best friend!

During the opening introduction, Haneul said she actually visited a lot of the places that 1n2d traveled to because of the show, mentioning the cabbage patch place the guys went for a previous chuseok special.  Seunggi was especially VERY attentive and interested during this part, asking her follow-up questions… hehehe.

We know why Seunggi put some extra care into his outfit for this filming!

LSG: I put in some effort!

He joked that he went shopping the day after he read the news about the Actress Special!  He did like 2 wardrobe changes during the first few hours of filming!  Absolutely loved his Burberry trench and detailing…  (Even despite it being way-too-big and ill-fitted per usual!)

Hahahaha. Check out Seunggi (and the other guys) when the ladies enter!  Although I think he’s sort of playing the part for the humorous variety aspect of the show.  I mean come on Seunggi, you’ve met and worked with a lot of top female celebs.  My theory is that he was probably nervous about meeting his 2004 original ideal girl noona Kim Haneul, and hallyustar Choi Ji Woo.

When PD Na gets ready to announce the guys chosen for the 2 Actress teams (Soomi, Hyeyoung, Jiwoo AND Jungah, Haneul, Seowoo)~ Um, could Seunggi have been any more OBVIOUS as to who’s team he was hoping to be on?!  Hahahaha.

To be fair, I think his top choices were probably Haneul and/or Jiwoo.  Although probably Jiwoo more as a sunbae while Haneul more as ideal girl!  I’m glad at least Jiwoo was on his team.  She was very lovely and cute.  His team had an “older” feel to it so there definitely was a part of me that would’ve loved to see him chilling with comical Soogeun hyung, genius Jiwon hyung, and the younger ladies.

All the ladies definitely wanted Seunggi on their team!  OMG, the whole voting/preference thing with PD Na at the coffee shop was hilarious!  He was like really, Soogeun is most popular?!  Oh so clueless PD Na!  Hyeyoung had to explain that Queen sunbae Unni Soomi had already claimed him so Seunggi was hands off!  In Korean culture, it’s all about seniority, you know!

But Seunggi still entertained.  When Jiwoo finally returned from the brunch mission, Seunggi was missing because he was in the bathroom!  Changing his outfit!  Ha. (and totally making us faint by tricking us with his skin-colored t-shirt!)

Hodong had to go fetch Seunggi…

Aw, Seunggi felt so bad.  He made sure to take the heavy watermelon from Jiwoo…

They even teased her for putting on makeup thinking the cameras weren’t rolling!

Kim Sky rocking the lime green Aigle boots on 1N2D:

Haneul really stood out among the 6 actresses! Her casual but high-fashion style was perfect. Mustard colored backpack, plaid shirt, cut off jean shorts in a non-typical blue jean color, and of course the lime green boots that created a buzz after 1n2d aired.  At first, I thought the cut-off short shorts were a bit inappropriate considering how all the other ladies were dressed, but Kim Haneul pulled it off so naturally, she looked classy instead of overexposed or out of place.  I LOVE her Cody/Stylist!

I think I could go for the less pronounced Aigle insignia; they’re a newer boot brand around here.  I’m more of a Hunter boots girl.  It’s pretty much the standard rain boots in NYC since it’s been around much longer.

Some of my fave NYC celebs in Hunter: Angelina Jolie (with a very hot looking Brad Pitt!), Kate Moss who got us all crazed for Hunter boots in the first place (honestly the boots are really a necessity in nyc!), Kiera Knightly, Sara Jessica Parker, Anne Hatheway, Blake Lively, and the Gossip Girl guys Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley…

So back to Kim Sky~

Photos of the flowers that the 1n2d crew (probably googoogahgah fanboy PD Na!) sent to her, which she proudly uploaded to her facebook.com/kimhaneul.

And BTS photo with the 1n2d members she also uploaded. Aw! I love her!

Kim Sky is THAT girl all the girls want to be friends with and all the guys want to date!

We want to be friends with her because she seems sincere and sweet, like she’ll be there for you, even when she starts dating a guy!  (Ha, the truest measure of a good girlfriend!)

And all the the guys want to date her because she is the ultimate girl-next-door that’s naturally lovely inside and out, laid back and free-spirited, the kind of girl that is both a guy’s best friend and girlfriend.

So I get why Seunggi was hanging on her every single word during the 1n2d intro! Ha.

I’m sort of girl-crushing on her too!  I checked out her DC Kim Ha Neul site, and it looks like her fans were anticipating Seunggi and Haneul meeting too.

They knew about his all-out Kim Ha Neul version of Because you’re my Woman song back in 2004, and were pretty sure Kim Sky herself remember it too!

OMG, see his Kim Haneul noona song version at this SBS video link!

2004 SBS variety show interview/song skit with MC Kim Yong Man

MC: Among the celebrity noonas, which type of style do you like?
LSG: Kim Ha Neul.
MC: What do you like about her?
LSG: Her acting and character in movies. She’s often animated and lively, but also amusing and innocent.

LSG sings “Because you’re my Woman” Kim Haneul version! Lyrics:

Among celebrities, there are pretty women everywhere.
Among all those women, HaNeul noona is the best.
Bright-eyed noona, I was so happy.
Because noona is my everything.
Because I want to meet you.
It’s okay if you don’t know me
Just looking at the “sky” makes my heart race.
I’ll call you noona. Just please tell me your number.
I can wait for you. Please don’t ever feel burdened.

Caption: Kim HaNeul, I’m waiting to hear from you.~ Seunggi

English: LSGfan

PREVIEW for next week: 1N2D Actress Special Part 2

(Images: Naver, dcLSG, dcKHN, Blogspot;  Video: leeseunggiworld, annichoi)

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11 Responses

  1. I definitely would have liked it better if Ho-dong and Seung-gi were on different teams. They’re both talkers and Jong-min just kind of faded in the background. It feels like they were in some talk show rather than a mission. Hahaha!

    I love Ha-neul’s outfit, too. Laid-back and perfect for an outing with friends. Seo Woo shouldn’t have worn heels, and it was wise of Ha-neul’s cody to put her in boots. And as for Seung-gi, I originally thought that he can’t hear what Ha-neul was saying, then someone pointed out that he had chosen Ha-neul as his ideal girl before. So that’s why he was so attentive.

    Queen Bee Soo Mi is jjang. She’s all subtle about claiming Seung-gi that is more terrifying.

    I love Hunter! Though I’m not too sure that it’s sold here in the Philippines. It’ll be perfect for chilly rainy days.

    What I’m hoping for: Hye-young and Jong-min interactions. They’re both from Heroine 6, and I kind of miss that show.

    Thanks for this, Ann! As always, insightful and very entertaining commentary =)

  2. i also almost faint cos of ” his skin-colored t-shirt!” … wonder and tried to look thru his plaid shirt LOL

  3. thanks for the post^^

    Seung-gi is indeed a gentleman he even thought of taking the watermelon from Jiwoo when hes in a rush..

    about the aigle boots i really dont fine it that interesting though it really looks good to Kim Ha Nuel ^^ and got to say she has a nice pair of legs ^^

  4. hi Ann, are u there? :O
    Just few seconds ago I saw the old banner and now it’s a brand new one ^^ I definitely love the relaxing Seunggi on green grass!

    Hope you’r fine!

  5. H~ great timing, like usual! although we’ve been off the past few times! Yes, I’m in a very summery, fresh, free-spirited fun mood with Memorial day holiday weekend here in the States!

    Looking forward to Actress Special 2! Like the girls T, Y, and D above! Girls, let’s hope for more LSG shots (in skin-colored shirt! hahaha), and am i the only one who hopes his team loses and we get to see him plunge in the water?!

    also, hope he gets to talk with Haneul. Only because if I was on a trip with a guy I admired, I totally would be sad if I didn’t get to hang out with him!

    • Me me me! I hope he loses! Then he’ll be punished for fooling us all with that shirt. (I hope he takes off the plaid shirt when he goes in. Which sounds a bit pervy, but I…okay that’s pervy.)

  6. Hi,

    Just wanted to say that I love your recaps..

    Also, you should totally watch My girlfriend is an agent movie starring Haneul unnie and Kang Ji Hwan…
    KHN’s character totally kicked ass in it and she was awesome… It’s a really good movie and I’m sure you’ll love her more after it..

    • Thx for the tip! I knew she was a good actress but never watched her stuff. I’m totally girl-crushing on Kim Sky. I really want to be her best friend!

      Korean viewers are totally over the moon with her after her natural and giddy 1n2d appearance. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on more variety shows soon, esp after her management saw all the love she got after 1n2d.

  7. me too Ann i have that girl-crushing effect when i first saw her in 1n2d..

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