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Baek Jiyoung talks Seunggi’s dancing, abs on Strong Heart and tweets about the congratulatory flowers he sent her

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

(video: Rapport2010 ~ only LSG part subbed)

I can’t believe they showed the fanphoto of Seunggi’s amazing hidden abs!  Fanboy PD Park and his crew are so obviously stalking Seunggi’s fan sites!

But BJY eventually picked Hodong as her most enjoyable partner.  Their 1N2D Viewers Trip performance parody of My Pig’s Candy was hilarious!  She said Hodong was not into the practicing part, but was so good at picking up the main points, he didn’t need much practice.  And Hodong was just loved BJY’s high praise!  She was like “See, this is why I can’t compliment Hodong!”  Ha.  But Hodong really has great rhythm; so super light on his feet considering he’s such a big guy!

It’s ok if you don’t have perfect rhythm~  We’ve seen your Cute-Beast Seunggi side!

Was hoping for a BJY-LSG dance reunion…

(video: coffee166)

But looks like we’ll see Shin Bong Sun fighting her way to Seunggi first next week! She was very excited to see (and dance!) with Seunggi again after their previous Happy Together duet! Bongsun gets to be all huggy with ALL the hot idol guys! She even said she’s become popular outside of Korea because the guys talk about her on variety shows!  She can seriously dance! And so funny.

See SH intro and her sexy dance(!) for Seunggi at SBS Strong Heart YT channel!

Recently, twitter.com/jiyoungbaek became all the ENVY with this photo~

Baek Ji Young tweeted “Lee Seunggi is a sensible/witty guy. keke.”

Seunggi’s ribbon message: “Baek Ji Young 8th Album Daebak Wishes. You’re not typical/average, but a very special singer.”

Awwww!  Witty Seunggi because of his play on words of BJY’s song from her 8th album, named Boh-tong (typical/average/usual).  But it was even more buzzed about after netizens deciphered the words cut off in the photo.  Woah, one word can make something so much more awww~

Full message~ “Noona, you’re not typical/average, but a very special singer.”

Aw, Seunggi really admires ideal girl world cup runner-up BJY noona. And she adores him back! Please include her in the upcoming 1N2D Viewers Trip!  She’s like a regular! Was sad not to see her return to I am a Singer (she wanted to focus on her album release).

Seeing/hearing her sing is so heart-wrenching and beautiful. On Strong Heart, Seunggi said that drama productions like to have BJY sing on their OSTs because she’s THAT good and sings with such raw emotion, saying that because her singing is so moving, the actors and drama itself can be not as good since she totally makes up for that with her singing.  Aw, BJY was so touched by the compliment!

Baek Jiyoung ballad song spam…

보통 (B0h-tong), As Usual [Official MV]
(video: LOENENT)

That Woman, Secret Garden OST [Live]
(video: Shidoka195HD6th)

Don’t Forget, Iris OST [Live]
(video: BoxsterGal)

Like Being Hit by a Bullet [Official MV]
(video: KoreaFlows)

Photos from her 8th Album (PITTA)She looks a-mazing!!

More BJY album photos at blog.naver.com/utgizimaer.

Such a fashionista!  BJY and her look-alike BFF also have a cool online shopping mall site (like every other K-celeb!)  They model the clothes~ http://iamyuri.com/.

(Videos/Images: As indicated, tistory blog)

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