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1N2D Actress Special, I am a Singer, Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry: Sunday ratings showdown [May 22, 2011]

Next week’s PREVIEW: 1N2D Actress Special Part 2 (video: )

Korean press was calling this a big showdown.  KBS aired the first part of what looks to now be a 3-part 1 Night 2 Days Actress Special.  MBC’s popular and buzzed about show I am a Singer aired an elimination round episode.  And SBS premiered its brand new ice-skating reality show, Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry.

So who came out on top?

May 22, 2011

1n2d single rating (TNMS Media) = Not released yet

AGB Nielsen
4- KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) + Pt 2 (1n2d) = 18.9%
7- MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) + Pt 2 (New Recruit) = 13.7%
9- 1n2d rerun = 12.5% (airs at a different time slot in the morning)
17- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Yuna’s Kiss & Cry) + Pt 2 (Running Man) = 9.1%

Highest PEAK ratings (AGB)
1 Night 2 Days = 38.8%
I am a Singer = 22.7%
Kiss and Cry = 14.5%

(See previous Sunday night TV ratings at top 1N2D Ratings green tab)

Source:  LSGfan via AGB Nielsen, Financial News

Sunday night variety programs on each channel consist of 2 individual programs.  The TV ratings for the two shows are usually combined and averaged.  Typically, one segment has much higher ratings than the other show (ie, 1 Night 2 Days for KBS and I am a Singer for MBC).

It’s been a while since we’ve seen individual ratings for 1 Night 2 Days, but previous real-time tv ratings indicate that 1N2D is still coming in higher above the rest.   In a smart decision, SBS is using a combined average ratings for its 2 shows.

[EDIT: For the first time, SBS broadcast Yoo Jae Suk’s Running Man as its Part 2 program.  Running Man and MC Yoo’s program prior to that, Family Outing, was always broadcast during Part 1 of the SBS Sunday night lineup.]

To the number 1 variety show 1N2D~

Congrats to the 1N2D 6 guys, PDs, crew, and staff, and especially the 6 Actresses who put themselves out there!  Not sure if it’s lived up to my expectations yet (which were sort of way up there and unrealistic!), but it was still loads of fun.  Hope the PDs work on more editing this week so we get an even more daebak episode next week!

A few early impressions~

  • Seunggi needs to go shopping and wear short sleeves more often!
  • Soogeun is perfect as a girl’s best guy-friend!
  • Jiwon really is a game strategy genius!
  • Choi Jiwoo and her aegyo is so lovable and lovely!
  • Kim Haneul (free spirit Kim Sky) is totally my new best friend!
  • Seowoo can be really cute!
  • Queen Soomi’s claim on Seunggi and warning to the other girls = Daebak!

Kim Soomi makes it clear that Seunggi is hands-off!

Hyeyoung suggests each person, from youngest to oldest, name one person she wants on their team. Maknae Seowoo is about to answer and Queen Unni Soomi gently warns her~ “Seunggi. I’ve already claimed him.” And slightly brushes Seowoo’s hair, intimidating her and the other ladies enough to get the point across! Hahahahaha.

Kim Soomi makes it clear AGAIN Seunggi is no touch!

Hyeyoung: I guess Seunggi is yours.
Soomi: Yes, no one here can touch Lee Seung Gi.

Seunggi on shopping particularly for this special filming!

KHD: SeungGi, you usually dress fashionably, but more particular today?
LSG: After hearing about this, I immediately went shopping the next day!

PREVIEW for next week’s 1N2D [LSG cut]. Major anticipation!

Curious about who eventually wins the first game!  I want Seunggi’s team to win but wouldn’t mind seeing him plunge in the water!!!  Hehehe.

(Videos: Tryp96, English: LSGfan, Images:  Korean press)

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6 Responses

  1. yay!!!!!

  2. does 1n2d have a subbing team?

  3. Thanks, Ann. Choi Jiwoo really surprised me, totally not the weepy, all-I-want-is-love type! And boy the woman ages so well. Look at her and Soogeun!

    I love when HD pulled, no, dragged SG out of an impromptu fan meet so they could start the race. Those lucky fans really had his undivided attention, didn’t they?


  5. Good catch Z. Thanks. Just checked the SBS website and it looks like SBS changed things up and aired Running Man during Part 2, which it’s never done before. Made the edited change.

    It’s interesting b/c a lot of people thought SBS and KBS sort of had an unofficial agreement that Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong’s shows would not be pitted against one aother on Sunday nights. I think SBS did it so that Kiss and Cry didn’t have to go up against goliath 1N2D.

    I know you’re a big Yuna fan. and you know I am too. I’m glad she and Seunggi won’t have to go up against each other. that is if they keep the lineup this way.

    I am a Singer’s super popular and awesome Lim Jae Bum, who’s been bringing in the highest ratings during his performances, is going to b leaving the show, so the ratings in the next few weeks should be interesting.

  6. 1n2d is big compared with other two, so i think whoever competes with them they’ll be having a hard time. koreans are already used to it and enjoyed it very much that it has become a part of their lives. Good for them. And i think this happens also with Baker King Kim Takku vs My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Because they already enjoyed the first one, they’ll just have to watch the other program online instead.

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