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PD Na previews 1 Night 2 Days [1n2d] Actress Special

Like everyone else, I’ve been SO excited about this 2-part 1N2D Actress Special!  Set to air on May 22 and 29, it’s almost time!  And my anticipation is already totally UP with this teaser preview!  And even more, after what PD Na said in his recent interview…

(video: ; Images: Naverblogs)

Love the preview!  OMG, the 1n2d PDs are always so brilliant in their situational context music choices!  Still one of my recent faves~ Avril Lavigne’s What the Hell playing when Seunggi and YB decide to secretly leave the hyungs!  The Sex and the City music is perfect for this intro to the actresses, who happen to be chilling at the nearby coffee shop sipping on some skinny macchiattos or the like!

So how did this special come about and what were the actresses really like?

The 1N2D Actress Special has been getting tons of buzz, not only because 1N2D rarely has guests on the show, but primarily because of the top-notch actresses the PDs were able to get on this real outdoor variety show. So how did it come about?

According to a recent interview, PD Na said the production team had been throwing around the idea of an Actress Special for a while.  Some questioned whether such top actresses would come on the show, but later they thought, “Who cares if they don’t, we should just go for it.”  And so that got the ball rolling and the first actress they contacted was hallyu star Choi Ji Woo.

According to PD Na, “It really was an absurd idea. Everyone was saying there’s no way this is going to happen. So I thought even if this doesn’t work out, I’m just going to call and invite them.  And I started with the most nonsensical list of phone numbers.  And the first person I called was Choi Ji Woo.  We talked about 2-3 times and from the start she indicated that it sounded like it could be fun.  And that’s how it started.  Once Choi Ji Woo agreed to come on the show, I think it helped to secure the other actresses.  As they are all very busy, I’m thankful they agreed even though it may have not been an easy decision.”

Which actress surprised PD Na the most, image-wise?  Without hesitation, PD Na named Yeom Jung Ah.

PD Na says she is the ‘Female Kim Tae Won.’  He said, “After seeing the actresses in person, because I’m human too, I wasn’t sure what to do.  They were all very pretty.  (chuckle chuckle).  But Yeom Jung Ah really stood out the most, to the point that we gave her the nickname ‘Female Kim Tae Won.’  She had stayed up the night before because her child was sick and so she even slept in a corner for a bit saying she was sleepy.  She also talked about her painful hip and when there was food she would run the quickest.  Unlike her strong image in dramas and films, she was very easygoing.”

Kim Ha Neul and Choi Ji Woo were very much like young girls.  Seeing them running around here and there was very lovely to see.” 

“Seo Woo and Kim Hye Young also showed their personalized charms.”

“And having great variety sense, Kim Soo Mi really set the vibe.”

(Side note~ Kim Tae Won is a guitarist from legendary rock group Boohwal who’s gotten a lot of love for his ‘Grandma’ character/personality on Happy Sunday’s Part 1 program, Qualifications of Man.  His band also guest performed with Seunggi at his concert last year doing a daebak rock rendition of Because you’re My Woman).

So, for fans anticipating love lines, looks like there was none of that. 

PD Na said everyone was way more focused on the competition and winning, so there was little opportunity for that stuff.  He said, “When you go on an MT, you expect people to be interested in finding out more about the others there. I was expecting that too.  Filming aside, I thought having men and women together would probably create curiosity among one another.  That they would be thinking whether they liked someone or not but it was completely the opposite. In order to win the games, they were suspect of one another and joked around saying it was all so and so’s fault that they lost!  In trying to win, there was no room for guy-girl stuff.”

Aw, Matchmaker Hodong must’ve been so disappointed!  Ha. But, okay, whatever PD Na.  I’m thinking the actresses probably wanted to shed their glamorous images, and so they were working hard to act like they were only focused on the games!

But I’m sure the actresses were interested to know more about actors and beloved stars Lee Seunggi and Um Taewoong.  And girls love guys with a sense of humor, and plus they’re easier to flirt with than the more guarded actor types!  Ha.  So I’m sure Lee Soogeun and Kang Hodong got some attention too!

I’m sure the guys were VERY interested.  But of course they were probably trying their best to not look like they cared much!  And instead did their utmost to show off a rugged, manly winning image to the girls!  Ha, especially Seunggi!

I have to admit, I was hoping for some K-drama-like sexual tension on the testosterone-driven show!  Plus, I want to see how the girls treat our Seunggi!

We know JungAh publicly stated she wanted to be paired up with him!  But did Jiwoo and Seunggi get to talk hallyu and Japan entertainment?  Did Hanuel and Seunggi get to talk Kdramas?  Was it weird for Seunggi to be around Seowoo since she’s only 2 years older?  And did Soomi adore Seunggi like all Korean ajummas do?!  Hope we get to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes footage too!

(See all 5:20pm slot Sunday night TV ratings at top 1N2D Ratings green tab).

Can’t wait to see Sunday’s 1N2D Actress Special Part 1.  IL-BAK!  E-IL!

(News via Kukinews; Images: Naverblogs)

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  1. I love Choi Ji Woo! Thank you so much for this! I can’t wait to see the special too. CJW fans are very excited! And I like Lee Seung Gi too! 1 night 2 days FIGHTING!!!

  2. why is seo woo sitting beside seung gi??

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