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Seunggi at KB Contributing to the Community Everland event

More Community Service Seunggi!  Just can’t get enough of this kind of sweet stuff!  On May 15, singer and KB endorsement model Lee Seung Gi joined KB Financial Group president Uh Yoon Dae and 750 employees for a children’s event at the Everland Resort and Theme Park in Young-In, as part of KB’s “Contributing to the Community Month.” The event included a B-boy and band performance, a choral ensemble by the Aloysius Elementary School nuns, and a tap-dancing number from the elementary school kids and a special performance of Lee Seung Gi’s song “Smile Boy.”  Lee Seung Gi and others also enjoyed a safari bus tour with the students.

KB employees and smiling Aloysius school nuns(!)

KB Financial Group president, Lee Seung Gi, and others on safari…

Enjoying the kids’ much-practiced performance of Smile Boy…

Hugging a super shy, can’t-even-look-at-Seunggi student…

More photos…

Fancam~  LSG joins in on the kids’ performance clapping motions. Aw!

Fancam~  LSG on stage with kids, later little girl and reporter get hugs!

Seunggi starts to sing along with the kids but they don’t sing when he starts to sing!  Doing the clapping and motions with the kids~ too cute! Afterward, he says he wanted to sing along but they were looking at him like what are you doing?! So he stopped. He apologizes!  MC says kids were surprised and nervous.  Seunggi jokes he needs to borrow their hand and body motions!

MC notes there was one girl that could only stand sideways and not look at Seunggi, so she brings the little girl out for a Seunggi hug!  Awwww, so shy and embarrassed.  And Seunggi’s so sweet to her!  MC brings out KB Financial Group president and female news reporter.  KBFG President says all the female reporters were asking about Seunggi but that this person in particular said she had to get a hug from Seunggi.  And her wish gets granted!  Woah, what happened to journalistic standards, Ms. fangirl reporter?!  Hahaha.

Side note ~ Seunggi’s watch…

Couldn’t help but to notice the humongous white watch.  Can’t see the details but the style and face looks very Chanel.  If so, that’s some serious bling.  I’ve noticed Seunggi wears a lot of nice watches.  Such a guy thing to be into NICE watches since they don’t have many other accessorizing options!

As much as I ADORE and totally REVERE Chanel, if it is indeed a Chanel watch, I think the very noticeably big blinged out white watch was a little inappropriate for the kiddie event, especially considering the pairing with that I’m-going-to-just-hang-out-with-my-guy-friends plain outfit Cody dressed Seunggi in.  Couldn’t they have made that striped shirt without those annoying huge chest pockets?!

Nevertheless… nice watch!  Love Chanel!  On a side note, like every other fashion girl, I’m totally jealous of but can’t help but to love my girl Blake Lively (aka Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen) as the new model for the iconic leather chain quilted handbags!

(Via Yonhap/Naver; Images: dcLSG, As labeled; Videos: leeseunggi01)

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2 Responses

  1. the clapping thingy is so cute esp. seungki’s reaction hehehhe…thanks for this

  2. I wish he tucked in that shirt. It looks too casual hanging loose like that. Cody does take “hanging out with kids” too seriously.


    OHYOULITTLEGIRLYOU! I find her so cute, the way she got shy around Seung-gi.

    I’m sorry if I seem to be stalking your blog, Ann. (Actually, yeah, I am.) Thank you for this. =)

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