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Come to Play: Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, Jung Yup [ENG, Ep 1]

*** UPDATE 2: Download ENG-subbed video at Mediafire link ***

*** UPDATED:  Episode 1, Parts 1-5 [ENG] completed. Daebak! ***

Yay, English-subbed Come to Play, Episode 1 [April 25, 2011] with Seunggi and related Teacher SunHee and JungYup cuts is here!  *Clap Clap Clap* for Beedance!  Entire episode has been uploaded (including a few non-subbed sections) because the entire episode is pretty daebak, plus lots of Seunggi camera flashes! Enjoy!

Ep 1, Come to Play, Part 1/5

Seunggi, Jung Yup, Hong Kyung Min sing Teacher’s songs. Want more of Seunggi singing J! The hoobaes talk about what Teacher means to them. Non-subbed gist~ Jung Yup talking about his stint on MBC hit show “I Am A Singer” and how he was the first one to be officially voted off.  But how it was a great experience.  Hong Kyung Min (one of the regular panelists on Strong Heart) being the new MC for music show Icon.

Ep 1, Come to Play, Part 2/5

Everyone gets tested on their Lee Sun Hee songs knowledge. Seunggi talks about the first time he met Teacher Sun Hee and Hook Entertainment president, and his rock band. Jung Yup says Teacher SunHee first contacted him because she wanted him to compose a song for Seunggi. Teacher heaps lots of praise on Jung Yup but there’s only one “uri” Seunggi! Aw!

Ep 1, Come to Play, Part 3/5

Seunggi talks about the healthy food Teacher prepared when he was living at her house during his training days! He says Teacher is often misunderstood and tells funny story about Teacher and a girl group (SNSD from the Chocolate recording?). Non-subbed gist~ Hong Kyung Min talking about how Teacher was always really supportive during his rookie days. But they say Teacher can be intimidating, and PR Agent Seunggi says it’s because people misunderstand what she means.  Teacher admits she’s not great at telling jokes or saying things in the best way! Investigation into Teacher eventful episodes (X-files) during her career.

Ep 1, Come to Play, Part 4/5

Continuation of Teacher’s X-file stories. Hong Kyung Min says Teacher once tried to push a man off the stage during a live broadcast that she was MCing. Jung Yup heard one time Teacher escaped by ship because so many people had gathered to see her. Seunggi says she had a joint concert with top Korean singers abroad which was pretty unheard of back then. They look at some daebak old clips for proof!

Ep 1, Come to Play, Part 5/5

Seunggi talks about a fan buying ALL of his CF products. And the witty pilot he met en route to New York City for Teacher’s Carnegie Hall concert. They all sing for Teacher SunHee to see if she approves, and MC Yoo sings Seunggi’s song! JungYup and Seunggi also sing Teacher’s Run Ha-Nee cartoon song in their styles! Non-subbed gist~ they say Lee Sun Hee seems to focus more on the guy hoobaes, but Teacher says she’s a fan of YounHa and Leah; she likes singers who are unique and focused on their music. Hilarious~ Nayoung sings and looks like Teacher is not into it. And they joke she’s like that guy in blue that Teacher pushed off stage!

*** Download ENG-subbed video at Mediafire link ***

Stay tuned for Episode 2 [ENG] videos from the amazing Beedance!

(Videos and Image: Beedance07)

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  9. I totally agree with you, I also want more of Seung Gi singing “J”. I just found his past video singing J with LSH on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWQp0NVnIfU. His voice is absolutely beautiful =)

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