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Cody styles an Ajusshi Seunggi for Perioe fan signing event

I knew it was a bad sign when this was one of my fave photos among the gazillion fan photos from Seunggi’s Perioe Fan Signing event on May 11, 2011…

I’ve really loathed some of Cody’s outfits and hairstyles for Seunggi in the past, but it’s been a while since I’ve had that “I-really-despise-Cody-with-all-my-heart!” feeling like I did as I clicked through all the dcLSG fan photo posts.

Most of the fans, per dcLSG posts, seemed to love the photos.  REALLY???  Like, it made me question my own fashion/style, like am I the only crazy one that thought this was perhaps the worst look I’ve ever seen on Seunggi??!!

It even made me long for his ajumma perm days… at least that was sort of hot!

The outfit:

White oxford button-down, blue/white thick-knit cardigan, blue pants, white shoes.

I actually LIKE the preppy slim-fit high-waisted pants, and loved the regal feel of the weighty cardigan sweater… but SEPARATELY!  I really don’t get why Cody has so much freaking difficulty putting together a simple ensemble!  Why match together great looking separate pieces together to produce a terrible outfit!

If you’re going with slim-fit high-waisted pants, then why not a fitted top/jacket on top to accentuate the pants??!!  Would it have been THAT hard to just drape that nice heavy cardigan over the shoulders and show off a clean transition from crisp white oxford shirt to flat front waist pants??!!!  But you instead cover all that up with the cardigan!  Aigoo!

And, this hairstyle needs to be gone if Cody isn’t going to bother to style it for Seunggi!

There’s SO much WRONGNESS going on here… OMG!

Where’s the Perioe endorsement model billed on this fan sign announcement??

Cody is so freaking lucky that Seunggi himself bails her/him out each time by charming fans with his smile and sincerity, despite crazy get-ups crazy Cody chooses!

Love this group photo. Look at the way Seunggi holds her hand.  Awww….

I feel for these school-girl fans…

They were so excited to see SeungGi Oppa, yet Ajusshi SeungGi showed up instead!

Seunggi’s Cody took the popularity of Won Bin’s “Ajusshi” – um, literally!!!

Dear Cody~ Ajusshi Won Bin actually wore hot ajusshi outfits!

Even Seunggi wasn’t happy with Cody! hahahahaha.

My fave images, worthy of Seunggi!

(yes, there are only like 3 in addition to the photo of his shoes!)…

And in the words of America’s Next Top Model Trya Banks~

This is your best shot…


Leaving 1…

Leaving 2…

(Videos: leeseunggi01, Images: dcLSG)

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7 Responses

  1. I KNEW you won’t like it, Ann. I have half a mind to comment anywhere in your blog, just to ask if you’ve seen the photos. What is wrong with his cody? She’s always resting on how Seung-gi carries preppy clothes well, but this is going over the top. Like she came in a closet full of preppy clothes and went “oh this is preppy, oh this is preppy too! imma put em all together because Seung-gi can’t carry any style other than preppy.”

    I mean, I would love to see him in something other than preppy clothes, but since it works for him, it was okay. Until this outfit. All he’s missing now is a cane and a big, chunky, gold ring. Then he’s fit for a grandpa role. Grrr.

    Anyway, this made me laugh:

    “They were so excited to see SeungGi Oppa, yet Ajusshi SeungGi showed up instead!”

    And I heard they cut class for this, too. Poor girls.

    I say ditch the cardigan. (and the girl holding his hand. hahaha. I’m jealous) Anyway, Cody dear, you can’t always rely on Seung-gi’s smile.

  2. omg T~ I am convinced that you and I were separated at birth! Are you my long lost twin sister???!! Thankfully, Seunggi singing J on Come to Play has totally melted away my Cody woes! :)

    • I’ve been waiting for someone to comment on Seunggi’s clothing this time. And you did! I don’t mean to be negative but I really dislike his cardigan. The style and the colour are simply not right to me. He looks too ordinary in this outfit, like a plain boy next door.

    • Hahahaha! I’m flattered that you think that, Ann! =) and yeah, thankfully the come to play subs are now available. Although I don’t think Cody won’t be so lucky next time. So she better shape up. Hahahaha!

  3. Some fans went for his looks, others went for something quite different.

    I love those fanpics because they showed a warm and sincere Seung Gi in his full glory. I am not crazy about the cardigan either, but Seung Gi’s lovely person made up for it, and some more.

  4. Haha…it’s the Ann i knew from last year(as in commenting about his dress code)…

    Actually, i didn’t really notice what’s wrong, though i find it odd to wear this cardigan when the weather shouldn’t be that cold now. And because of Seung Gi’s lean body, the cardigan looks bulky.. Now that you mentioned it, yes, this cardigan doesn’t suit him….

    Give him a casual tee & jeans will do! ^_^

  5. hahaha.. i can’t agree less for the cardigan suit.. yeah Cody you better shape up next time around..

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