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Seunggi on future wedding plans, Zipel Grandstyle Fan Meet

Ok girls~ Warning.  Seunggi gets asked about his future wedding (proposal, dress, honeymoon, etc).  It was after all, a wedding-related Zipel Grandstyle CF sponsored fan meet.  So if at this time, you can’t live with the idea of Seunggi getting married (or some super lucky girl marrying him!), then skip over the news clip :)

But if you’re cool with the idea and you want Seunggi to be happy just like us(!), then you’ll just love him more for what he has to say.  I admit, my heart sank just a little!…

Fan meeting, Zipel wedding event, April 2011

Basic gist of the news clip~ Seunggi’s future wedding

When Seunggi arrives, the girls are SO excited. The MC jokes, even though their fiancees are sitting right next to them!

Seunggi~ “I haven’t typically appeared in a cool manner in previous CFs.”  They make Seunggi cite his Smart Lady CF line to the girls! Hahaha. Omg, he looks so embarrassed!

Out of his 3 songs, Seunggi chose “I’ll Give you Everything” to sing at the winning couple’s wedding because the idea of singing “Will you Marry Me” or “Because you’re my Woman” at another person’s wedding didn’t seem right!

The wedding dress he wants for his future bride? The elegant and classic style dress. (Are any of us surprised?!) Seunggi says~ “The S-line dress, I only want to be the one looking at!  And the mini-dress is too much.  This traditional one would probably be most lovely.”

Seunggi’s future dream honeymoon?  Seunggi~ “Not a beach. I don’t have confidence in a bathing suit.  (What is he talking about?!)  I’d choose the Ancient Civilization experience.  I think there’s something fun and exciting about the unexpected.  So something new like this would be nice.”

And the top prize, Seunggi chose the post-it that said~ “Noona will pay for all the expenses.”  And who was the noona fan?  (Omg, check Seunggi’s reaction @2:37!  I thought he was going to have a heart attack!  It was a mom-fan! I SO hope she meant that she meant she’d pay all expenses for Seunggi and his bride, not Seunggi and her!)

Fans were very curious whether Seunggi had any proposal plans he’s thought about.  Seunggi~ “Not yet. But I don’t think it will be extravagant. Or else, it will be much tougher afterward! I’d feel pressure to do an event like that regularly. Rather than a grandiose proposal, I think a sincere heart is most important.” Awwwwwwww.

After fan sign and photos, Seunggi thanks fans~ “I’m so happy because I really felt your affectionate energy. And I really hope that things will work out happily for all of you for a very long time. Congratulations.”

Video: leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan

Samsung Zipel Grandstyle showcase fan meeting, April 18

“Seunggi’s sweet wedding congratulations”

16,990 persons participated in the wedding fesitval event.  And 10 lucky couples were chosen for this very special fan meet.  One grand prize winner got Seunggi, singing in person, at their wedding.  Warning~ major photospam!  I feel like I was there…

Guests settle in.  Pretty swanky event.

Photo-taking with life-size cardboard cut-out Seunggi.  These grooms-to-be have great attitudes, to show up with their Seunggi-fan fiancees!  The guys are fanboys too?  Definitely.  Look at this guy, he can barely hide his smile standing next to cardboard Seunggi!  Omg, the super big smile on the bride-to-be!  Love it!

This guy may not be a Seunggi fanboy(!).  But his fiance looks thrilled, ecstatic!

Even more funny!  Did this bride-to-be leave her fiancee at home??  She instead brought her mom (or mother-in-law)?  If MIL, very smart thinking bride!

well that same +1 person ended up winning a prize presented by Seunggi himself.  Aw, Seunggi so cute, smiling and laughing.  He was probably surprised to see a mom/mother-in-law there!  Omg, this mom-fan cannot hide her excitement!!!

Actually, based on this group photo at the end of the event, looks like a lot of the grooms-to-be were left at home?!  Hahahaha.  The brides’ moms, mothers-in-law, and bridesmaids were probably fighting to be the +1 for this fan event!

This was a Seunggi fan meeting after all~! So to keep on topic, participants were asked to guess which wedding dress style Seunggi would want for his future bride…

And guess where Seunggi would want to go for his honeymoon…

Seunggi arrives

He looks great! Tie reminds me of a thicker version of Hwan’s ribbon tie!

Fan meet starts.  Seunggi chuckling…

He’s looking really tall and long and slim!

Woah, tailored, fitted suit!  In the words of Hodong~ UNBELIEVABLE!

Seunggi reveals his future wedding plans.

Wedding dress preference for his future bride~ Traditional gown.

Seunggi says the sexy gown type should ONLY be for his own eyes! Hahaha.

Reminds me of Mong teasing~ Seunggi’s future wife would wear hanbok everyday!

Seunggi’s honeymoon preference~ Not Paris! But Ancient Greek Civilization!

Fan sign time

Seunggi does SO many fan signings, like way more than other celebs?  How come?  Is it in his contract?  Isn’t it tiring?  I guess it was only a few this time so not so bad.

I think this is my fave Seunggi fan signing card/poster.  Love that photo ad!

Liked the different, edgy hair style at first…

But now missing the old flat-iron straight hair.  Please come back soon~~~

A few weeks later, Seunggi sings at Winning Couple’s wedding

Pre-wedding ceremony, getting ready, meeting the happy couple…

Omg, Seunggi looks like he’s the one getting married here!…

Okay, Bride look incredibly happy, but the Groom… um, not so thrilled.

Serenading the couple.  Poor groom!  Good thing bride didn’t faint…

Omg, the paparazzi wedding guests (especially the little kids!)~ so cute!

Fake groom Seunggi…

Samsung Wedding Festival event advertisement

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~ Hoi Couple.  I heart Daewoong-Miho nomu nomu much!

Famous Princesses~ as a young pregnant-getting married couple!

For now, I think we all prefer wedding singer than a groom-to-be Seunggi! Yes?!

Images: As labeled, Sinbustory Flickr, Sinbustory 1, Sinbustory 2

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11 Responses

  1. thanks a heaps..
    just wondering when does the cf signing happen?…hehhe
    omg i just love what he said
    “Seunggi says the sexy gown type should ONLY be for his own eyes! ” ssccrreeaammmsss..any girl in the world would melt of that statement hehehehheh

  2. can i just say the bride is one of the most luckiest brides out there!they got serenaded by none other than lee seung gi!!

    and seunggi is so conservative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and possessive.(in his wife’s sexiness)lol. i bet we can expect a ‘royal wedding’ type of wedding in his wedding. the kate middleton type of wedding gown. haha:) im excited to see these things happening! hahah:)) but i guess ill have to wait. for like years.! i hope he can find the one soon!!

    but ofcourse we’ll enjoy his wedding singer seunggi status.

  3. Hahaha! Definitely singer Seung-gi. No groom-to-be Seung-gi. At least not for now. Hahaha! Marry when you’re in the later 20s or 30s, oppa! I agree with you everydei. Maybe a Kate Middleton type of gown.
    I find his conservativeness and protectiveness sweet. Some might find it a bit too much, but in this world of too-much-exposed-skin, I guess it’s nice to learn that somebody still values a little modesty. And it’s good that it’s Seung-gi! Haha!
    And Ann, I cracked up when I read your comment when he said that he’s not confident wearing swimming clothes. Hahaha. Really, WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT!

  4. “Reminds me of Mong teasing~ Seunggi’s future wife would wear hanbok everyday!….”
    can i please ask which episode of 1n2d or perhaps an interview was this said by MONG???..i would really want to know…thanx!!

  5. photos of handsome and leggy SeungGi in fitted suit! LOVE it! thanks Ann unnie <3

    feel very proud of SeungGi who still treasures modesty!
    gosh, what a dream hubby he is!
    his future wife must be a really nice and super great person, just like him! probably the one who had saved the whole world in previous life hahaha

    and yes! the photo on the signed paper is really great!
    that's my favorite photo out of all zipel photos!
    and blue is my fave color too!
    gosh, fave photo, fave color, and to top it with a precious signature of my fave male korean artist!
    that is DAEBAK! oh, i WANT!

    miss SeungGi the singer a LOT!
    when will the 5th album be released?!

  6. I love that he chose elegant classy dress. My personal style choice too for my dress. And love that he chose more adventurous honeymoon spot. I think Paris and beachy resort places are way more romantic for trips, too typical for a honeymoon. And I’d way rather prefer simple proposal than some lavishly expensive one moment thing. OMG…….. Sounds like I’m the perfect match for his future bride/wedding profile! Puhahahahahahahahahaha

    All guys should go through seunngi class 101 before we girls decide to commit! :)

    @Marj, i think the mong teasing seunngi thing is from the 2009 1n2d autumn special where the guys have to sing fall songs. I think it was right after the ideal girl thing aired. I miss mong and seunggi together.

  7. Lee Seung Gi! He’s too good to be tru. I want him to be happy but I will cry lots when oppah gets married. No time soon I hope!

  8. aww. i am shocked that he chose the ancient civilization type of place for honeymoon. i thought he was a Paris-type-of-guy. SG is truly full of surprises.

    he’s super conservative and traditional. it’s hard to see a man like him these days. he’s a keeper. the woman he’ll love and marry is really lucky.

    oh, gosh. i think i am mentally married to lee seung gi! argh. i wish i could find a man like him (or better yet, i wish i could meet him! hahahaha! wishful thinking. :D )

  9. Wow … he ‘s quite conservative . Good to know him in this way.
    I’m happy and smile every time look and watch at his photo/Clip. Such a cute SeungGi (^^)

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