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Happy Mothers Day and Parents Day, Seunggi style

Happy Mothers Day and in Korea, Happy Parents Day!  And Seunggi topped both surveys: Most likely be good parents (with Moon Geun Young), and Most likely to be good to their parents (with Jang Yoon Jung); LSG-MGY topped this survey last year.

So, some of Seunggi’s uhm-chin-ah secrets and tips…

1) Give props to our hard-working and supportive parents

SooGeun reads fan question: “What did your parents do? How can one raise their child to be like Seunggi?” SooG says all parents want their kids to be like nation’s son Seunggi. LSG says honestly he had his issues too, that his tv shows might be only showing the good image side. Says his parents are similar to other parents. His dad worked hard and his mom took care of things at home. What really helped him – He feels he just got a lot of support from his parents and that whenever he wanted to try new things they encouraged him to do so.  Awwwww.

2) Take pride in meals lovingly prepared by mom

[The guys have all been showcasing their packed lunches…]
EJW: And Seung Gi? Looks pretty simple.
LSG: This is rice. [then he opens up a really nice meat and side dish container and all the hyungs ooh and ahh and start picking at the food!]
MCM: This is sausage! Foreign sausage!
[Caption: Seunggi’s mother prepared the food early in the morning.
A mother’s devotion.]

MCM: Stop eating it!
SooG: There’s going to be nothing for SeungGi to eat at lunch!

3) Think how can we be better to our parents

LSG:  Seeing how good you are, especially to your mother. It made me think I need to be good my parents too. Should I call it filial affection? I learned a lot of that from [the father in the Dong Heng special].  Awwwww.

4) Recognize all the little stuff mom does (especially for our health/well-being)

LSG: Did we change our juice?
MOM: Yes, we changed to Premium Juice.  [LSG: Why?]

MOM: Because they only put oranges in it.  [LSG: Why?]
MOM: Because my son is going to be drinking it!
LSG: For me, it’s Premium Gold.

5) Remember to tell mom~ I love you

LSG: Wanting to say thanks because it tastes good.
MOM: If you eat it deliciously then mom is thankful.
[Becoming stronger, the fridge has grasped the taste of kimchi.]
LSG: Yah!  It definitely tastes good!  Mom, I love you!

6) Talk about how great mom is in public and with friends

LSG: I say “you’re the best” a lot.  Or “this tastes great. Mom, the food you make tastes the best.”  I don’t really say “I love you” to her…  All school presidents don’t not frustrate their moms, I frustrated her too.  And because of me she endured a lot too.  At first, my mom really wanted to say that I was her son, but thinking this might then be burdensome to me, she and my family in general don’t mention it a lot.  Some people will say to her, I heard Lee Seunggi lives in this neighborhood, and my mom will say Oh really?

7) Remember that it’s cool and rewarding to help the elderly

Last) Do our best to make our parents proud, so they get to hear this…

Seunggi meets a grandma on the dark road near the village director’s home. Since there’s no light and it’s dark, he suggests walking her home since he has the camera light. They start talking and it seems they both have the same type of “Lee” last name.  Grandma is very happy about that (Again, this Korean “jung” thing).  Seunggi walks her home and gives her a hug. As he walks away, the grandma mutters to herself:  “Someone did a good job in birthing/raising that boy!”  Totally made Seunggi’s day!

My parents and I were doing our usual weekend long-profound-conversation thing, and mom and dad said their greatest pride in life is having raised wonderful children.  Woah, they’ve said this a lot before, but it made me so teary-eyed and weepy on this sentimental Mother’s Day and Parents Day.  *sniff sniff sniff*

Hope everyone has a great weekend with your parents, grandparents, families and/or other beloved guardians, mentors, and friends in your lives!!! :) :)

(Images/Videos:  As credited in bulleted previous posts; English: LSGfan)

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3 Responses

  1. Wow, Ann! So nice of you to put this one together. I love it! Happy Mothers’ Day to your umma! =)

  2. Nice one…Happy Mother`s Day to your Mom and to all the Mother`s!!!I feel emotional when I see this kind of stuff coz I`m away from my Mom at them moment and I miss calling her Mama or Mother and hearing her voice, her caring and even her nagging hehehe….

  3. he’s so lovely!! No wonder the mothers in Korea want him for a son-in-law.

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