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What to expect on 1 Night 2 Days [1n2d] Actress Special?

*** UPDATE. Actress Special filming! ***
BTS photos, fan account of Seunggi carrying a watermelon.  Later, driving!  Hahaha!

Opening Ment
Love what Seunggi’s wearing, though ill-fitted like usual!  Omg, I’m so excited!!!

See his awesome beige trench in the original larger dcLSG photos!  LOVE IT!!
But omg Cody, seriously, what do you have against a fitted coat??!! Ugh!!!!

Looks like they re-positioned the guys before the ladies showed up! Hehe.

Hodong, Jiwon, Taewoong, Seunggi, Soogeun, Jongmin
Seowoo, Kim Haneul, Choi Jiwoo, Yeom Jungah, Lee Hyeyoung, Kim Soomi

Omg, I’m sort of totally loving those lime boots and mustard backpack!

Omg, Seunggi’s driving!!!!
Omg, is there a lucky girl that gets to ride with him?! Omg, I’m totally obsessed!

Ok, waiting for some dcLSG fan to enlarge photo to see who’s riding in the back!

Fans think it may be Lee Hyeyoung, based on the clothes (ugh! not my first choice at all!)  Looks like there’s room for 5 ppl.  So 2 girls, 2 guys, and 1 cameraman?  Please, hope so.  No offense, but would not wish Seunggi to be stuck with Hyeyoung for this entire trip.  Also, hoping that PD Na is going for groupings and not pairs!

Omg, please tell me these supposed groupings are not true!… 

Seunggi, Hodong, Kim Soomi, Yeom Jungah, Lee Hyeyoung

Jongmin, Seowoo

Jiwon, Soogeun, Taewoong, Choi Jiwoo, Kim Haneul

Dear PD Na… Please let Seunggi hang with the younger (even still older) actresses too later in the day!!!  I think Kim Soomi and Lee Hyeyoung are going to be riotously funny, and Yeom Jungah deserves her wish to be paired with Seunggi…  but if I were in Seunggi’s shoes, and I had equivalent guy actors, I’d want to have some time to chill with some of the more younger (close to peer as possible) eye candy too!

Ok, this grouping sounds better.  A regular dcLSGer is definitely sure Seunggi’s team includes: Seunggi the driver, Hodong in the passenger front seat, and Choi Jiwoo, Lee Hyeyoung, Kim Soomi in the back.  It makes sense that Hyeyoung and Jiwoo would be paired together since they’re close and Jiwoo is really shy and Hyeyoung and Soomi are not?!  If so, too bad for Jungah.  Hope they mix up the teams later in the day. omg, dying to see Hodong and Kim Soomi go at it!

RE: Hodong grouping.  Actually, would’ve loved to see Seunggi in a group with the other guys instead of Hodong.  I adore Hodong and love his adoration for Seunggi, but sometimes his love for Seunggi is a bit uncontrollable and ends up being too much.  Just glad there’s really no lovelines for him to create for Seunggi on the team!  If true that Jiwoo is on the team, I guess maybe her?  But that seems too much.  Good thing Seowoo or Haneul aren’t on the team!  What’s up with Jongmin-Seowoo pair if true?!

Seunggi’s team (per newbie fan, posted on dcLSG)…

The 6 guys were filming the opening altogether, while the ladies were in the nearby coffeeshop? (also being filmed by cameras). The reason Soogeun wasn’t in those clear photos [above]… he went to get the ladies.

The ladies came out and stood in order by age, and each introduced themselves. This was quite lengthy. There were a lot of young fans there. My friend and I were about to leave since we figured we had seen enough and we walked off. All of a sudden we heard footsteps walking quickly behind.

It was Seowoo, Lee Hyeyoung, Choi Jiwoo. Seems it was a race. All of them were really giving their all. Hyeyoung was the fastest while holding 2 ramen bowls. Then Soomi, Jiwoo, and Seowoo seemed to be the slowest.

I’m not sure if the guys had to also do the mission but out of nowhere Seunggi was running. But the staff and fans were in the way. Then the other guys started coming this way too.

Later, I saw Seunggi standing across the way carrying a watermelon. Behind him were Hodong and Hyeyoung. Seunggi got in the driver’s seat, Hodong in the front passenger seat. In the backseat- Soomi, Hyeyoung, and a person who had her hair tied up went to sit in the middle. I’m pretty sure it was Jiwoo but I could be wrong. And they drove off. It was all daebak!

And most of the fans around me, 90%, were all focused on Seunggi!

English: LSGfan


The Actress lineup

1 Night 2 Days Actresses Special to film this weekend (May 6-7).  Kudos to PD Na and team for going after AND securing top stars instead of convenient kpop idols like most of the other variety shows.  The actresses agreeing to come on says a lot about the popularity and beloved status of 1 Night 2 Days (and the member guys) in Korea…

Ok, so yes, the women should be ready to rough it with the 6 guys on this real-outdoor variety show, but to insist they show up looking like schlubs is ridiculous!  Hello, this is national tv.  Plus, um, the current 1n2d guys regularly get makeup, hair, and styled at the start of the show too!  It’s just that you can’t really tell on some of the guys!  Now, what they look like bare-faced the next morning… ok, that’s a different story.

Also it takes a lot to put yourself out there and come on a show like this.  Very much a risk for actors, which is why a lot of them choose not to appear.  The thing about variety shows~ it can totally be a great public relations coup or it can be disastrous.  So applause *clap clap clap* for the actresses beforehand.

So who are these actresses?
And what can we expect, especially Seunggi fans?

Kim Soo Mi (김수미), 60

Also a musical actress.  Intimidating and blunt but very beloved in Korea.  She recently received a public shout-out from actor Jo In Sung (yay he’s back!) during his press conference upon release from military service.

Anticipating for 1n2d:  She’ll be the oldest in the entire group, way older than Hodong so I’m totally looking forward to seeing her go toe-to-toe with the nation’s MC!  Knowing how good Hodong is to veteran entertainers, I can see her with Hodong totally wrapped around her finger!  Actually, I can see all the actresses having great chemistry with Hodong.  Also, curious to see if she’ll take care of Seunggi like all the older ajummas always do!

Lee Hye Young (이혜영), 40

Known for her role in the 2009 hit drama, Queen of the Housewives.  Also one of Korea’s fashionistas.  She was also on old variety show Heroine (with Seunggi).  I was most surprised to see her on this roster because she’s not as high-brow of an actress as the others.  She too is known for her strong personality and has played similar drama characters.  Supposedly she’s good friends with Choi Ji Woo.

Anticipating on 1n2d:  Looking forward to seeing her fashionista personality come out during the trip.  Sort of like an older Seo In Young, curious to see if she’ll be able to rough it in the wilderness.  Also, she’s known to be very straight-forward so her interaction with the guys should be hilarious. Also, expect the PDs to show an old Heroine clip of Seunggi and her in it!

Yeom Jung Ah (염정아), 39

A respected actress (and a former Miss Korea), she recently wrapped popular MBC drama, Royal Family.  She was also in 2004 Say that you Love Me playing a scary, intimidating woman who leeches on to Kim Rae Won’s character.  She’s often been typecast for similar roles and has admitted to wanting to show another side of her instead of that stereotypical image.  Management: NOA Entertainment

1n2d anticipation:  During the usual actor interview following the completion of a drama, she expressed her excitement about being on 1n2d, saying that she and her 4-year old daughter were big fans of the show, especially Lee Seunggi.  And if she could choose a partner, of course, it would be Seunggi because he is so cute.  Any fan of Seunggi’s makes us fans too!  Love her already!

Choi Ji Woo (최지우), 36

The only female Hallyu Star out there in the sea of guys.  She’s had a bunch of hit dramas (Beautiful Days and Stairway to Heaven), but hit it big time with 2001 Winter Sonata with Bae Yong Joon.  Recently, she’s been known for her relationship, and then subsequent break-up with a younger guy who’s currently in the army and pretty much famous because of her. Management:  CJW Company.  Fansite:  StarJiwoo

1n2d anticipation:  I think this is PD Na’s biggest get.  She is the ultimate hallyu star.  Beloved in Korea for her beauty and sweetness, she never does variety shows.  And talk about impeccable timing~ her recent break up was all the buzz.  Some think her acting is sub-par, but I love her.  I was hooked on practically all her dramas and I think she’s both beautiful and so adorable at the same time.  With all her activities in Japan, I hope Seunggi and her get a chance to talk about their overseas activities.  I think he’s going to be most star-struck by her, as will probably all the other guys.

Kim Ha Neul (김하늘), 33

Considered one of the top natural Korean beauties and the ultimate girl-next-door.  She’s been filming her movie “Blind” with Yoo Seung Ho and promoting her movie “You’re my Pet” in which Jang Geun Suk plays her boy toy.  Unfortunately, her MBC drama Road Number One tanked ratings-wise and was scheduled in the same time slot as SBS My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Management: J One Plus Entertainment

1n2d anticipation: Not sure what to expect from her.  I get that feeling with her in general.  She’s talented and beautiful, but there doesn’t seem a lot deeper beyond that.  Someone can correct me.  Granted, I don’t know much about her but I feel like in her interviews, she’s very blah.  [EDIT- After broadcast of 1n2d part 2, I want Kim Sky as my best friend! Really liked her easy going free spirited personality!] She’s an established actress so hope she and Seunggi get to chat.  She definitely fits the bill in terms of his ideal type, so expect him to be already stressing about what clothes to bring for the trip and how to interact!

Seo Woo (서우), 26

Recently in drama Flames of Desire with Yoo Seung Ho, and drama Cinderella’s Sister and Tamra the Island prior to that.  I have yet to see any of her dramas.  She belongs to the same management company as Um Tae Woong and his older sister Um Jung Hwa.  Management: Sim Entertainment

1n2d anticipation:  She’ll be the maknae among the actresses, but 2 years older than Seunggi.  So, he’ll still be the maknae of the entire group.   A lot of people find her alluring, both face and body-wise.  Can’t put my finger on it, but something is off to me.  I don’t know much about her so I’m really looking forward to her appearance on 1n2d.  Especially since Seunggi finally gets someone close in age on the show!

Please PD Na, can you make the guys dress in suits again?!  Seems appropriate.  That would be daebak.  Would love to see this type of thing again…

Charming Seunggi and the 1n2d guys stroll the airport

(Video: Tryp96)

I don’t think we’ll see one guy to one girl, just because it would be too awkward and hard to match up the personalities.  I think PD Na might split up the teams into two,  mixing it up 3 guys + 3 girls?  Maybe we’ll see these teams…

Young Boy (Jongmin, Jiwon, Seunggi + Choi Jiwoo, Kim Haneul, Seo Woo)

MooSeopDang (Taewoong, Jiwon, Seunggi + Kim Haneul, Kim Soomi, Choi Jiwoo)

Or even the guys in pairs (2 guys + 2 girls), and the return of the Actor Line Team?!

(Images: Naver, dcLSG, dc1n2d)

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15 Responses

  1. i like the special issue..
    i want PD to do only women v.s men games..
    i want seung gi to develop women’s feelings again..
    since he’s too lonely without no woman..

  2. I’m soooooo excited about this special!!! Most excited to see Kim Haneul. I love her as an actress and she does have personality. You’ll like her! Also anticipating choi ji woo and seo woo. I guess I’m going for the younger ladies. Can’t wait to see how SeungGi acts!!!

  3. I’m surprisingly looking forward to Su-geun and Soo-mi sshi’s interaction. I love her in Unstoppable Marriage, and the two being funny is something to look forward to. Well, at least for me.
    I’m also looking forward to Jong-min and Hye-young sshi. I hope she doesn’t tease him too much about Hyun Young (although that will be a sight to see, haha! Poor Jong-min.).
    For Choi Ji-woo, at first I don’t think she’ll fit it, but later I thought that that’s the beauty of it. We’ll get to see her awkward and not-so-ethereal like. So it will be fresh, and we’ll get tot see another side of them.
    As for Ha-neul, I actually find her funny, but that’s because of her roles in My Tutor Friend. I’m surprisingly looking forward to seeing her since she used to appear in some variety shows back then. However, you’re right Ann, I feel something lacking. I like her, but I don’t know why.
    Seo Woo…mmmnnnn… I’ll just have to see the scenes to find out. I don’t know a lot about her.
    And for Jung-ah, I have the same feeling for her as I have for Ji-woo. I’m anticipating a new side of them. (Can I just say that her dress in that photo looks so fab?)
    Thanks for this, Ann!

  4. Strange but I’m looking forward to Kim Soomi too. She said she’d bring kimchi! I bet she really will! And I agree, Sugeun is going to give us so many laughs!

    My order of excitement –
    1. Kim Soomi
    2. Seowoo
    3. Choi jiwoo
    4. Lee haeyoung
    5. Kim Haneul
    6. Yeom Jungah

  5. geess ann. i cant concentrate anymore because of the last batch of pictures you posted. seungtaewoong couple.

    i dk but i am more excited with uhm tae woong’s reactions because acting is really his field and like actresses that are involved might have heard anything from uhm tae woong! hahaha:))

    and i guess kim soo mi will just bully hodong. hahahahaand im excited for seowoo the bagel girl. i guess she’s a fun person! :) i hope these girls will adjust in their situation well.
    1n2d fighting!

  6. omg, so weird. i totally can’t concentrate today on anything i have to do! I’m so dead! is it the awesome weather?! I think i need to go for a jog and free my mind! like Seunggi and his Han River jogs! :)

    I think i’m as excited and obsessed with this 1n2d special just as much as the recent come to play! not sure why! maybe bc we’ve never seen girls (glamorous ones at that!) on 1n2d and i just can’t wait to see the guys’ reactions! i mean, come on, they were calling the Daeju-singing-partner PD most beautiful last week! even the caption said, she’s just “simply a PD!” hahaha.

  7. Hoho! So glad Ann is just excited as anyone of us. By the way, the latest pix looks like it’s Choi-Ji Woo with Sgi. :)

  8. omg, if it’s Choi Jiwoo with Seunggi, I’m literally going to faint!!!!!

  9. lol..whats with jiwon’s red jumper..:))

  10. I love how happily married guy Jiwon showed up in that bright track suit! Like, he’s thinking, yeah, it’s cool these actresses showed up but I have really nothing to prove with these ladies! Although, I’m definitely sure he was a bit nervous too!

  11. getting more and more giddy for this ep to air…more fan accounts please!!!

  12. looks its getting more interesting..wish i could watch this episode …be patiently waiting for someone to upload and sub it hehehhe

  13. I hope seunggishi is having a good time. I wish I was there with him. Will be more pictures? I think they see fans post stuff so na pd will keep them inside. I miss him. I can’t wait for the special!

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