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Flawless Body #18: Lee Seung Gi [Mnet 4.20.2011] – Seunggi’s dancing and concert abs!

2009 Hope Concert, Dance cut 2

(video: )

Mnet’s Top 20 Idol flawless body ranking, LSG #18 (Clip deleted)

Check out these chocolate abs! Is it Bae Yong Joon? I think it’s going to be a really tough guy. What?! It’s heartwarming guy Lee Seung Gi! Woah, his body. Flawless body #18: Lee Seung Gi. Seunggi’s hidden body is really coming out. Singing, Noona you’re my Woman, he had a very gentle younger brother image. Wow, his abs look like real chocolate!

Seunggi:  After taking these [ab] photos, I was really surprised by them too.  Actually, the photos ended up coming out really well.

Look at these photos from his concert. In reality, those are rock-hard abs.
Woah, and this clip [dancing with girl to Ricky Martin’s song]. He’s really showing his manly side. It makes me personally want to try that! (Omg!) Check out those arms! We can say it’s a perfect body.
[At fan meeting with Soogeun], he has such a baby face, but look at those abs. Lee Seung Gi, we acknowledge your awesome abs!

English: LSGfan

  • See the entire Top 20 Mnet “Idol Chart Show” ranking over at Allkpop.

Ha, Seunggi’s so humble.  Come on, we know you worked your a**off to get those rock hard abs in prep for your 2009 concert!  Eating only chicken breast and sweet potatoes!  Yes, the photos were a bit too airbrushed, but fan photos, fancams, posters from his concert show the abs were the real deal!…

Seunggi please dance for us again soon!!

2009 Hope Concert, Full dance performance

(video: )

Seunggi really is a babyface hiding rock-hard abs! Hahahaha.

More on Seunggi’s “hidden” body…  Why so shy about it?!

2009 MBC Music Gayo, video sketch

December 2008, 1 Night 2 Days

Immersing in freezing water with Park Chan Ho and Hodong on the 1N2D Special to bring forth good fortune in the new year (well, we know how that worked out! Looks like Seunggi got all the blessings he needed!)

“Woah! Seunggi’s hidden rock-hard body…!

“For all the nation’s noona fans… A 2008 final gift

“Seunggi’s muscular backside!

1st Chung Jung Won CF ads, Feb/March 2010

Omg, I SO need to get toned for the summer~!  It’s already May!  It’s on!
Seunggi’s chicken breast, sweet potato meals, daily runs, and arm weights!

Krazy2~ Omg, can’t get enough of this fanmade video! Seunggi is Daebak!

(video: leeseunggi01)

(Images: Naver blogs, dcLSG, As labeled)

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13 Responses

  1. The only reaction: FAINT…

  2. hahahahahahaha. Omg, Tishi! your comments always make LOL! I know, right?! Can’t get enough of chicken breast-sweet potato body Seunggi dancing at his concert! I feel like I’m at some club with Seunggi… except that he never goes to clubs!

    • If he went to a club… I will certainly jump for joy. These fancams are like treasures for Airens. It’s so rare to see him like this. When I first saw them, I was SURE it wasn’t him. But I guess that just proves how versatile Seung-gi is.
      Chicken breast-sweet potato! What a way to describe him. It makes one want to eat him up. Okay, that sounded wrong. Hahaha!

  3. *non stop nose bleed*

  4. Anonymous, hahaha! Now I feel stupid. But still, it’s an interesting way to describe him. The body-brought-about-by-chicken-breast-and-sweet-potato. It was all worth the diet.

  5. the very reason why i really HATE Hook for not releasing a DVD concert for 2009 Hope Concert..
    He really looks awesome & full of hotness despite the fact that he’s just recover from H!N! flu..

    • Cheers to your comment! That’s the main reason I want them to release the 2009 Hope Concert, too. Maybe they’re saving it for his 20th anniversary and making it a collector’s edition. Haha!

  6. oww im too embrasshed about lee seung gi so cute and handsome at all

    i will love him forever

  7. His body proportions (especially the long legs) and just-right muscles and abs are really perfect!!!
    However he always hides them as he is a really shy person…looking back when he participated in X-man…
    Seung Gi oppa, your dancing moves are actually really good with just the right amount of strength, great rhythm and perfect poses!
    Oppa FIGHTING!!!
    Can’t wait for your 5th album!!!

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