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School friend to Seunggi’s manager/umbrella butler [1N2D Friends Special]

*** UPDATED with 1N2D Friends Special [2009, April 19 & 26] video links ***
Definitely a must-watch if you haven’t seen it yet!  Hwan shows up on 1N2D!

It’s weird to see Seunggi’s junior high school friend, Min Kyung Hwan, by Seunggi’s side on tv and photos without his white judo outfit and buzz flat-top hair cut…

Kyung Hwan first showed up on the 1N2D Friends Special 2 years ago as Seunggi’s invited friend (April 19 and 26, 2009).  Lots of netizen interest since Seunggi was notorious for being respectful about the privacy of his family and friends.

Brilliant Legacy was just premiering around that time, and I think Seunggi couldn’t help but to let his character Hwan seep into his own self on 1n2d!

Before Kyung Hwan comes out, Seunggi describes him as being strong like Hodong but also cute like Jiwon.  He says Kyung Hwan is one of his close friends from junior high school and their group of friends still gets together to play sports and hang out.

Everyone’s curious~ What was Seunggi really like during his school days?!

So Kyung Hwan’s answer~ He was one of those annoying kids!  Seunggi freaks out (jokingly) and he’s like~ Yah! What?!  All the guys are laughing hysterically!

Hodong gives Kyung Hwan a second chance, and the friend reiterates~ He was one of those annoying guys!  Ha.  Now, even Seunggi can’t help but to laugh…

Seunggi (aka Hwan!) is on the verge of losing his precious image and threatening Kyung Hwan to go back home(!), and the guys are just loving all this!

So Kyung Hwan finally lets everyone in on his joke~ Seunggi was one of those annoying guys BECAUSE he was good in everything!  He says, you know the type that’s a good student, good in sports, and popular.

In other words, simply put~ Uhm-Chin-Ah.  Mother’s Friend’s Son!

Kyung Hwan reassures Seunggi, like I got your back, don’t worry.  I won’t completely embarrass you on national tv!  Ha!

You could tell the guys were close because it was the first time we got to see Seunggi acting up, um and being a typical 20 something guy!  Love it!  So Hwan of him!

His friend was such a character!  Loved the interaction between the 2 guys!

The usual 1n2d videotaping during the showering of friends, the after photo…

Judo suit Kyung Hwan and Seunggi as they get ready for the evening games and the start of a losing streak on ALL the missions!  Never seen Seunggi lose so many games.  Everyone was surprised!  It just wasn’t “Hwan’s” day!

The breakfast morning mission was even worse.  The 1n2d guys had to bokbulbok win in order to get breakfast for their invited friends.  Seunggi lost (primarily because one of the crew or PDs had pointed the placard sign the wrong way).  And he ended up going in the opposite direction.  And Seunggi was noticeably annoyed!

Love that he was annoyed!  I would be too!

And PD Shin says~ “Consider it to be your fortune.”  Hm, early morning losing another mission and not being able to feed your invited friend breakfast… Seunggi’s not really feeling the same way as her!

Hodong just LOVES seeing Seunggi annoyed!  Hahahaha.  He just can’t get over it so of course he has to continue on and on.  Hodong tells everyone to look at the way Seunggi is standing~ “Have you ever seen him stand like that?!  So not mannered!”  Omg, Hodong is so giddy!  He eggs him on saying Seunggi must be so annoyed that he was misled by the PD/crew during the morning mission…

And PD Shin (notorious for being hard on the guys!) decides to wrap up this morning adventure by making Seunggi be the slate-guy!  PD Shin~ “Lee Seung Gi!  Slate!”

Seunggi at this point, beside himself and in disbelief over everything, oh so happily (hahaha) SNAPS the slate, and then can’t help but to just laugh…

The Friends Special episode closes with Seunggi telling Kyung Hwan that he was sorry he couldn’t win any missions during the 1n2d trip, but that he’ll take him out to eat for a really delicious meal afterward!  Thus a happy ending…

Old photos of Seunggi and Kyung Hwan and their junior high school crew…

Kyung Hwan, now as one of Seunggi’s managers (along with the other guy on the right)!  The job seems to require a lot of umbrella holding…

And protecting Seunggi from paparazzi fans, scolding them for taking photos…

I loved how Seunggi looked in this 1n2d Friends Special.  So very Hwan!  And loved how they did that cut in the beginning of the 1n2d guys sitting around the table at KBS trying to figure out who to invite, joking that none of them really had any friends!

And then a very cool Seunggi (in full Brilliant Legacy episode 1 Hwan outfit) walks in to the oohs and ahhs of his hyungs… and they reward him by making him pay for the big lunch they just ordered!

Over lunch, the hyungs ask about the drama.  Seunggi says he just finished filming in some upscale hotel, so to go from sleeping in cardboard boxes in the wilderness (previous 1n2d episode!) to luxurious accommodations on the drama set is hard to get used to.  To which, the always sarcastic Jiwon responds~ “See, I told you not to do the drama!”  Hahahaha.  Classic banter among the 1n2d guys.  Tough love!

Always waiting to see Brilliant Legacy episode 1’s Hwan on the drama screen…

(Images: dcLSG, Naver, As labeled)

*** UPDATED with 1N2D Friends Special [2009, April 19 & 26] video links ***

Watch (in Korean/Chinese) at these Tudou video links:

April 19, 2009 – 1 Night 2 Days: Friends Special Part 1

April 26, 2009 – 1 Night 2 Days: Friends Special Part 2

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12 Responses

  1. Wow so Seung Gi’s friend did become his manager.
    I watched the Jeju episode a couple of weeks back and I was really surprised to see someone during the part where the guys were left behind who looks so much like Seung Gi’s friend.

    So he joined the 1n2d having-fun-and-drinking-soju-while-their-bosses-work-till-exhaustion-managers’ group. Alala, I can’t wait to see the next staff vs members contest ( show us some taekwondo moves Kyung Hwan!!!).

  2. he’s not the manager.. he’s only helping holding umbralla.. give him something..
    The tall good looking manager is the real manager..

  3. ANN! Thank you for this!

    Although I’m not too keen about BL (it’s just so makjang because of the evil stepmother grrrrrrr! But I LOVE HWAN!) that airport scene is like the highlight. Hahaha! I never get tired of episode 1.

    On a different note, Kyung Hwan’s arms must be strained. Seung-gi’s so tall and the other manager should be the one doing the umbrella holding. And it’s nice that he has a friend he can depend on even while working. I just hope Kyung Hwan stays long =)

  4. thanks… was this an old episode of 2days and 1night right..is so cute im really loving seung-ki more

  5. hey there may i noe what episode is tt where lee seung gi dress in his brilliant legacy clothes?

  6. Added the tudou video links for these 2 eps. These aired 2 years ago in 2009, April 19 and 26. Same time Brilliant Legacy was premiering.

    Prepare yourself. Seunggi loses and his friend lose like every game/mission! Not used to seeing him lose so much and with his friend there! Always rooting for Seunggi to win on 1n2d. Have to admit, I’m not as happy after 1n2d when he doesn’t win!

    But glad that his friend Kyung Hwan did well in the relay race on Sunday’s 1n2d! So wanted Seunggi to cross that white ribbon. Dude, the rest of the guys need to get into shape!

  7. ahh thanks! i noe why i didnt see this part le cos i dled the eng sub and they cut alot of scenes! i guess the chinese subs are better? they have all the parts shown in korea??

  8. But isn’t it a bit too much to have a so-called close friend to hold umbrella for you? He and seunggi should stand side by side equally right?
    No offense, but I think seunggi should treat him better–as a friend.

  9. S~ I’m pretty sure the 2 guys had a heart-to-heart prior to Kyung Hwan taking the job so that it was clear what the job entailed and that the role is not one of a friend per se, but one of the crew of managers.

    so I wouldn’t necessarily base the way Seunggi treats his friend based on Kyung Hwan holding the umbrella for him during official work-related activities. It’s a common practice for managers to hold the umbrella for top stars in korea during events/CF/drama shoots to shade them from the sun (since we’re obsessed with skincare!) :) I hope things don’t get weird over time. Lots of celebs work closely with friends and family in their work stuff; hope this works out well for everyone.

    Also the umbrella “butler” was meant to be funny and I wasn’t being serious as I’m sure he has MANY other jobs. so hope people don’t take it too seriously.

  10. Love this BL ep. 1 outfit so much. The neckerchief was just right and the black on white layering chic and sophisticated. If I have to pick bone, the boots could have more defined heels. But Seung Gi is very honest this way; he obviously values comfort more than vanity. Unlike some other guys who like to wear heels to add 2 inches to the height.

    • I agree. It’s fortunate that he’s taller than most guys. He’s not the tallest, but it’s nice that he’s comfortable with his height.

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