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2011 S/S Kolon Sport CF and Making Film

Seunggi and Minjung’s third CF and Behind-the-Scenes Making Film for Kolon Sport.  Love the juxtaposition of urban city life and natural countryside, and Seunggi-Minjung traveling on public transit(!) to get from cosmopolitan city to beautiful nature…

2011 S/S Kolon Sport CF

Making of  2011 S/S Kolon Sport CF

Kolon Sport just had to add in that Seunggi hug at the end of the CF Making video!  They definitely know what makes us all go Awwwwww!  And, seems more ad photos to come? Some of those outfits Seunggi was sporting, I haven’t seen yet.

And, omg Seunggi looks like a baby boy(!) in these grown-up sunglasses!  Ha. Cute…

Love the womens 2011 S/S collection.  Minjung’s outfits are so cute and fashionable.

Smilar in concept to the winter New Zealand CF and Making, which I totally loved!

Want to see Seunggi and Minjung doing an interview together please!  Hope she visits the Strong Heart set after Midas on SBS wraps!  I’m still super curious about what they talk about when doing their Kolon Sport CFs!

And while we’re at it, let’s also please have Bae Soo Bin on Strong Heart after 49 Days on SBS ends!  Please!  I want to see the 2 guys relive all the NGs from the Brilliant Legacy punching scene!

(Videos: kolonsport@YT, Image: dcLSG)

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