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TV ratings, Come to Play: Lee Sun Hee & Kids special Pt 1

Read recap from Come to Play Part 2 at: 
Only 3 girls have Seunggi’s number, but ideal girl is Yoona

Somehow, this morphed into the Come to Play – Lee Seung Gi blog over the past few days!  Monday’s Part 1 of the “Lee Sun Hee and Kids” special (yes, there’s a Part 2 week!) totally lived up to the pre-broadcast heartwarming Come to Play BTS photos

TV RATINGS:  April 25, 2011, 11pm variety time slot

AGB Nielsen
3- MBC Come to Play = 15.9% (Seoul = 15.9%)
* SBS Night is Night = 6.5% (not in top 20)
* KBS Korean Talk Show Hello = 5.8% (not in top 20)

Previous weekly ratings for Come to Play (AGB)
11.6%, 8.5%, 10.5%, 15.8%, 16.6%, 10.8%, 10.4%, 12.2%
(Bolded ratings- highest ratings show had seen in a long time)

Source: LSGfan via AGB, TNMS, Star News

Top ratings guy Seunggi came through again, and the Korean press just LOVES to write about ratings!  Sure it’s not all just Seunggi, but still, to be associated with high ratings so regularly… there’s got to be some connection, right?!

His weekly MCing shows 1N2D and Strong Heart have been #1 in their time slots for like forever, and higher than a majority of the all the other variety shows.

There was the 40% ratings Brilliant Legacy and although far lower numbers-wise, the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ratings were actually pretty good considering it was up against 50% ratings Baker King.  And considering the not-so-impressive ratings of recent dramas since (minus big hit Secret Garden).

Plus, the last 3 times he guested on other non-MCing variety shows, the show had higher ratings than usual.  Like the Happy Together Lunar New Year special, the Happy Together Chuseok special prior to that, and now this Come to Play episode.

And despite all the exposure and success, he’s still one of the few celebs with very few Antis!  Seunggi really makes his fans (and all of Korea!) so giddy and proud!!!

At certain points, I thought Seunggi was one of the regular panelists.  He was such a natural talking and so intently listening to everyone’s stories, and also helping to smooth over things for other people!

Especially when explaining how Teacher SunHee’s comments are often misunderstood for being indifferent when in fact, she’s actually trying to pay a compliment!  Omg, Seunggi was like her public relations agent!

Seunggi’s story about the fan (ajumma I think) who collects and buys all his CF products was awesome!  Seunggi definitely appreciates his fans and we all know he (like all other celebs!) likes to peek in on fansites and read the comments and posts!

As expected, a totally heartwarming and sweet episode.  And per usual, so obvious how much Teacher SunHee loves Seunggi like her own son.  The other 2 guys (Jung Yeop and Hong Kyung Min) were there too because Lee SunHee looked highly upon them and had connections to them.  Hilarious captions under the 2 guys saying they wish they were Seunggi!

With Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul), Teacher really liked him as a singer and contacted him first long time ago and enlisted him to compose songs for Seunggi.  Cute how Seunggi referred to him Jung Yeop hyung.

Daekbak episode!  Can’t wait for next Monday’s Part 2!

Also loved reading about this.  The SeungGi-SunHee fan cafe prepared one of their amazing luxurious events for the show filming.  One thing, Koreans LOVE to give gifts, and take it very seriously!  (it can be both good and not so good!).  See more photos of this amazing fan event at Tryp96’s blog post.

(Images: DClsg, As labeled)

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18 Responses

  1. Omoo…seeing him on the screencaps above make me soa jealous of his skin (can’t help it you know) and the hair cut just make him like the lil young boy from long agi,in short: I love it,really!!

    Indeed, he is the hit maker and korean darling for years :)

  2. R~ Hi!!!! omg, this was such a daebak episode. I’m so happy. Yes, Seunggi IS the darling of Korea and has been for a long time. it’s so hard to describe in words Korea’s love for Seunggi, but I think the international fans really get it!

    And to have someone like Teacher Sunhee, who’s SO respected, speak so highly of Seunggi and be so proud of him… omg, I think everyone watching couldn’t help but to beam with smiles because it’s so heartwarming (hoon-hoon-hae) to see! Same way Hodong hyung beams with pride over Seunggi!

    Part 2 next week!

  3. Oh Ann! I was keeping my finger crossed the whole night hoping that you will have some recap after watching it live but didn’t expect it to be so fast. Thanks! Ann!

  4. Hi E~ omg, all my girls have come to play! hahaha. omg, I’ve been so obsessing the days leading to this broadcast that i’m not in the right state of mind! ha.

    Daebak! Did we all love it! it had everything. I love Teacher Sunhee and I just adore Seunggi even more. I’ll put money down that any other guy in Seunggi’s spotlight over the past few years would NOT be as grounded and humble as Seunggi!

    Ok, so the good news… not much of a recap because Beedance07 and I are going to Eng-translate and sub this Come to Play ep, that is with me still being successful and diligent in my work at the same time (just like Seunggi would be!)

    Eng-sub video cuts forthcoming… :)

  5. woohoo~ didn’t expect to get the recap this fast!
    thank you so much! XD

    and to know that there will be an Eng-subbed video!
    OMG, you made my day! REALLY!
    looking forward to it!

  6. Wahhhhhhhhh! When SeungGi sang to J in the start I wanted to cry. He was so good! Now we see him in Strong Heart with Hyung Ho Dong tonite!

  7. Wow, I am so looking forward to the eng sub for this episode. Thanks a zillion in advance to you & Beedance07 !!

  8. omg i totally love love love you…can’t wait…i was gonna request that…but then i wasn’t sure if that would b too much to ask…but omg…yay!!! can’t wait….thx…

  9. I was forever cursing the live streaming because it was down most of the time, but I was really thinking that you’d do a recap so I just shrugged it off in the end…and here it is! Is that story the one that the food truck ahjumma in 1N2D told Seunggi? The one who bought his products from The Saem because she wanted to take the life-sized panel board home? Oh, and does Teacher Sun-hee have kids? Sorry for asking so many questions, Ann. I love you for posting this! Thanks a lot!

  10. Thanks in advance for the upcoming eng sub….been stalking your blog for news about CTP….

    Really thankful for all the hardwork really appreciate it…

  11. Omg, this is totally daebak.
    Seems like I will keep refreshing this blog all day and night until you post the engsub video. Hehe.
    Oh Ann and beedance07, saranghaeeeee. ♥

  12. I’ve been stalking your website for quite a while and I really appreciate your efforts in posting various news about our favorite beloved entertainer, Lee Seung Gi.

    Thank you for your recap about CTP, I listened to his beautiful voice singing J (how I miss him singing live so much) and I just found one video on YT of LSG & LSH sang J (ballad version) couple years ago. It was totally daebak.

    Can’t wait for the eng sub and thanking you in advanced for all your hard work. =)

  13. he looks thinner now..hehe..still he seems to be a very fine young man..cute^^

  14. Is it just me or the food looks awesome and so prettily put together? It makes me want to become a korean celebrity =.=

    I just loved seeing Seung Gi with MC Yoo. While Seung Gi seems closer to Ho Dong, I think that MC Yoo really like Seung Gi (he even invited him to his wedding) and that since the X-Man days. I guess no one can resist Seung Gi’s charm and umchinah image. Keke, even Park Myung Soo, who is mean to everyone (lol I love his character) couldn’t yell at Seung Gi’s. It’s great to see that he’s so well-loved by his sunbae.

  15. Hi Ann, it has been a long time since i last posted on your blog… hehehe….

    I just can’t help but said, ‘ i love his hairstyle’….hehehe.. i know some of you do not like it, but i really like & love it! he better don’t smile or throw love arrows at his fans or infront of me, or else i may not be able to resist and bear-hug him…hahahaha….

  16. At first I liked the hair and it was cool, now I’m really not liking it all on him. I think he can wear it okay if the stylist would like fix it up a bit! Come on hair stylist! But, I just feel like it gives Seunggi a different vibe that I don’t think really matches him nor looks that good on him. Bring back the flat iron!!!!

    Yon~ you’re always such a supportive and good fan! That’s why you wear the longest-time Seunggi fan crown!

    • yeah, but in terms of giving her everything to Seung Gi (i meant time and things done for him), it has got to be tryp…^_^

      international fans are lucky to have her. Everyday there are translations and posting in her blog..
      i wonder if i will still surf the net for Seung Gi’s news if there are no tryp nor you around…

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