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Seunggi finally returns to Come to Play [4.11.2011 BTS]

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Yes, another Come to Play post!  Super excited because it’s a talk show (one of the longest running ones) and we get the 4 guests (Teacher Sunhee, Seunggi, Jung Yeop, and Hong Kyung Min from Strong Heart) for over an hour!  Probably will be a lot of focus on Seunggi and Teacher, and also Jung Yeop, last voted off popular but controversial MBC’s I Am a Singer.  MBC still showing mad love for Seunggi…

Following his two appearances on MBC entertainment show Section TV this year already, Seunggi finally returns to Come to Play after five years since his Feb 2006 and Oct 2006 visits.  But he’s been talked about a bunch of times on the show like Korean Project Runway host wanting Seunggi as her secretary!

Bunch of press releases already out about Teacher Sunhee saying that Seunggi has “changed” since his debut.  Guess we’ll have to watch Monday night’s Come to Play to find out more.  Can’t wait to see Seunggi and MC Yoo Jae Suk together again!  Yay!
I adore Hodong, but always love seeing Seunggi with MC Yoo on Happy Together.  MC Yoo (in a loving way!) was the one who instigated the whole Seunggi-GaIn thing!

Expect a very super heartwarming and sweet episode! Can’t wait!

Aw, I know MC Yoo is going to be so happy to see our Seunggi again!

(Images: MBC, As labeled)

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  1. wow its wonderful seeing the 3 MC’s together. SG isdefinitely the next generation MC

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