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Seunggi’s ideal girl type and more [Come to Play 2.24.2006] + 2009 Ideal Cup

Still excited about the upcoming broadcast! Seunggi looking way more dongseng and not the manly guy from the Oct. 2006 Come to Play.  Here, he talks about 2nd album (White Lie), acting interest (via Nonstop), ideal type of girl (innocent/pure), using his younger sister’s subway card, and how his close friend majorly screwed up confessing his feelings for a girl (hilarious story!)…

Seunggi on Come to Play [2.24.2006]

(Video: Tryp96; English translation: LSGfan)

KWH: He’s still like our dongseng.
YOO: But Lee Seung Gi has a manly vibe now.
BADA: I was shocked. Leg hair was showing through his ripped jeans! (Omg too funny!)
KWH: Don’t look too closely!

YOO: Your new 2nd album is out. What’s the theme?
LSG: Myung Soo hyung’s eyes are really charming~
ALL: Huh? Why?
LSG: My title song is~ “White Lie” (Ha! Impressive variety sense!)

YOO: Promoting your album, are you interested in acting too?
LSG: While doing sitcom, I found acting really fun, so if the opportunity arises…
MCs: So is there interest? Lovecalls?
LSG: No specific plans right now, but I’m the main lead in my music video.

KWH: You debuted in high school, so how old are you now?
LSG: I’m going into my 2nd year in college.
MCs: 21 years old (19 in US age)
KWH: Wow, all these activities, and you’re only 21. We’re envious!

JHR: Lee Seung Gi~ Always, noona is my woman. Really, I thought I was your woman too! Is it because your ideal type is a noona?
LSG: When asked about my ideal type, I feel like it’s a good feeling or vibe I get when I first meet or see the person.
YOO: When you first see her, the good feeling you get. Long straight hair, permed hair, short hair, one pony-tail hair?! Or puffy hair like Kim Won Hee?! Miss Korea hair!
LSG: Innocent/pure…? Long straight hair, natural and not made-up.
(MCs say Seunggi likes the good girl, sweet type. Bada reminds Kim Won Hee that this excludes them! Ha. The type of basket-bike riding girl wearing a white dress!)
YOO: So you’re drawn to the innocent/pure types!

YOO: Seunggi has a very young and cute image. When do you feel more manly?
LSG: I feel like I’ve become an adult when~ my student transit card doesn’t work! (Hahaha) One time I used my younger sister’s card. I assumed it would work. At the subway station when you swipe your card, it says out loud~ this person is a teenager!  I didn’t know that! And the person behind me was looking at me suspiciously.
YOO: You could pass as a teenager. But for me or Park Myung Soo…!

LSG: (After spinning the wheel~) This is my friend’s story…
YOO: Are you sure this isn’t YOUR story?! (Hahaha) Go ahead…
LSG: A close junior high school friend of mine, he looks like [some strong athlete]. He really shyly liked this one girl. So our friends discussed how he should reveal his feelings, and we suggested going to a quite place with a good vibe and simply confess that he like her in a manly fashion. My friend thought it was a great idea. We thought he would choose to do this in front of the girl’s house or at a neighborhood bench area, but he ended up taking her to a mountain! So after walking for about an hour, he set the vibe and put his hand on her shoulder and said in a very manly way~ “I like you. Let’s date.” But the girl pushed him away and said~ “I’m sorry!”

(Like she was scared of the guy and was apologizing. Omg, he like took her to some far away mountain! Ha. Everyone’s like your friend screwed up because he took her to the mountain and she misunderstood his gesture!  Haha. And he’s a big strong guy! So that was not good!)

Seunggi’s Ideal Type World Cup, October 2009

Ok, sorry to be SO repetitive, but Seunggi is pretty much the same person he was 5 years ago (in a good way!).  Him talking about ideal girl and friend’s story made me think of Seunggi’s (much publicized!) Ideal Type world cup, Chuseok Special 2009! I loved that very first Ideal Cup special!  Too bad all the other Ideal Cup specials afterward were gimmicky and lame, eventually coming to an end.

Watch (low-quality) episode of Seunggi’s World Cup at~

Youku link or Joonmedia link

Loved all the girl guests and how they showed off their charms for Seunggi!  Like gagwoman Park Ji Sun (straight A report cards).  SNSD’s Seohyun (sweet cute I’m a Beautiful Girl song) and Yuri (hot dance Jennifer Lopez number).  And the always awesome and cute Baek Ji Young being her sexy self!

Omg, Seunggi shocked everyone by choosing Moon Chae Won over Han Hyo Joo!

He chose Yuri over Seohyun (and like her maknae cool self, she was so chill about it)!

But, he painstakingly chose Baek Ji Young over Yuri…

But when asked if he had to choose Yuri or Yoona, Seunggi said Yuri!

But in the final round~ Yoona vs. Baek Ji Young.  Seuniggi chose lucky girl Yoona.

Personally I like Yoona and the SNSD girls. (Please don’t throw stones at me!!)  How can you not like Yoona when asked, out of all the guys who chose her as their ideal type who she was most happy about, and she says she was most surprised by Seunggi.  But her ideal guy is married Kimura Taku.  (One of Seunggi’s fave actors?)

Hope Yoona comes on Strong Heart again soon.  Miss seeing the SNSD girls.

(Images: Naver)

Well, everyone knows, the rest is history!  Seunggi-Yoona thing snowballed and basically became the premise of  Strong Heart’s first episode, continuing through Yoona’s 2nd/3rd guestings.  It’s really all for fun…

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9 Responses

  1. its curious that minah was pitted against han ye seul and seunggi chose han ye seul and after a few years minah and SG did gumiho. I wonder what minah has to say about this? lol

  2. At first, I thought Seung Gi was into sexy girls but then he surprised me when he chose Yoona over Baek Ji Young. And wow, lots of celebrities pick her as their ideal girl, I guess it’s mainly because she exudes the nice girl-next-door aura and that they already met her in person and like her fun and relaxed personnality.

    I think all SNSD members really like Seung Gi because in one of their Hello Baby episode they wanted to invite Seung Gi over to play the Dad for one day. Many times during the Seung Gi’s World Cup, Yuri couldn’t stop saying how Yoona would be happy when she heard Seung Gi chose her over other girls. And I kind of feel bad for Seung Gi sometimes because he was really embarrassed when the girl he didn’t pick was one of the guests.

  3. Om@ key do you have or know the hello baby episode you metioned?

    • It’s Hello Baby with SNSD episode 18 ( I think it’s in the beginning when the girls sat together in the living room). In Episode 21 when the SNSD girls were having barbecue with Gill, they were asked about their ideal man and once again SooYoung showed her undying love for Seung Gi (lol).

  4. How cool is it that he’s kind of describing Miho’s character when he was first asked what he’s ideal girl type was in that first Come to Play? Hahahaha! Long hair, not made up, and innocent-looking. The Hoyi couple fangirl in me is jumping up and down right now. Hahaha! Thanks for this, Ann! It’s always a joy to read what you have to say.

  5. do you have the link for the 2009 ideal world cup?

  6. omg, I totally forgot SMA was in the World Cup. I don’t even remember her. I remember Han Ye Seul. is there a subbed video? I don’t know.

    Korean guys and Korean American guys (I’ve found) like both sweet/innocent type as well as the cool, sexy type. so korean girls, we usually have to showcase both! hahaha. I’m sure Seunggi likes the both-in-one type!

    I loved the SNSD HEllo Baby eps. (watched on YT before they were deleted) that’s where i really came to like the girls. yeah they mentioned Seunggi a lot! I think it was same time as Brilliant Legacy so he was everywhere! all the girls liked him, but yeah Sooyoung really liked him (as did Yoona), both talking about it publicly, but he chose yoona! sooyoung moved on! :)

  7. I love how right you were about Yoona-Lee Seung Gi!
    Now they’re going out officially :3

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