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School president-Soccer Seunggi [Come to Play 10.13.2006]

[Since we’re excited about the new upcoming broadcast!] In this 5-year old clip, Seunggi talks about the different types of school presidents and thinks he was probably chosen because he was good at sports!…

Seunggi on Come to Play [10.13.2006]

(Video: Tryp96; English translation: LSGfan)

We asked Lee Seung Gi~ The entertainer who he thinks would have been president during his/her school days?

YOO: So you’ve thought this already? [You were school president…]
LSG: In middle school and high school.
MCs: Both in middle and high school?!
LSG: Yes

Yoo: We’re trying to guess who Lee Seung Gi listed for his top 5.
(Ha, love how Seunggi’s namecard reads V.I.P. Everyone writes down one person they think would be on the list. Famed singer Insooni writes down “Lee Seung Gi.” Yoo Jae Suk says no way, LSG would write his own name down. And comedian Jo Hye Ryun jokes, sure it’s possible since he said he only listens to his own songs and searches his own news online! Ha. Well, no one guesses correctly after 2 tries.)

LSG: I’ll give you a hint. One time I went to a gathering of school presidents in Seoul. And I felt like there were 3 types of school presidents: 1) a SMART type, 2) a FUNNY type, 3) a STRONG type, very guy-like.
(Oohs and aahs over Seunggi’s great hints! Ha.)

YOO: Why did you put Park Myung Soo at #4?
LSG: He’s funny.
YOO: Because he’s funny?!
LSG: Those people were really popular during school days.

YOO: We’re very curious about your #1 pick.
1. No Hong Chul
2. Sung Shi Kyung
3. Park Sang Won
4. Park Myung Soo
5. Kang Ho Dong

(Comedian No Hong Chul is thrilled! Everyone wants to know why he’s #1.)
LSG: Back then, the previous sunbae president before me was like No Hong Chul. He was very articulate, and in reality [No Hong Chul] is very smart.
(No Hong Chul again so happy to be acknowledged!)

KWH: So why do you think you were chosen president? Because of your popularity, intelligence, or strength?
LSG: I think because I liked sports. When I was young, my dream was to become an athlete. I liked soccer so much and up to middle school, I dreamed of being an athlete. All my guy friends knew about that.

YOO: You were good at sports but to be school president, it means you had a lot of friends too.
KWH: But then our president became a singer! And the smart kids are also good at sports. And they’re also well-mannered.
YOO: Then one day, all of our sudden, our school president sang out Noona, you’re my woman on tv!

So cute how MCs Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee refer to Seunggi as “our Seunggi.” Old clips of Seunggi on variety shows… Can’t get enough of how much he was loved from the start up until now! Equivalent to a lifetime in K-entertainment! Definitely, way more years to come…

We know Seunggi’s good at soccer and he can definitely dress like one of the real soccer players! we’ll see this on 1n2d again soon?…

Soccer-playing, goal-scoring Seunggi on 1n2d [2008]

(Video: leeseunggiworld)

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2 Responses

  1. I just finished watching the episode today. OMO! Seung-gi and Su-geun showed both their skills in soccer. Both of them are so smart with their tactics. So proud of Seung-gi. Although, I would have thought that Tae-woong was good at it. Seems like another of his weaknesses.

  2. omg, he was so awesome in that soccer match. he’s like a really skilled player. Him and Soog were awesome together. sorry, but for me, guys have to be really good at sports! no excuses. yeah, Taewoong was completely moo-dang during in the sports stuff. Hodong was a perfect goalie too. competition and sports can bring out the best in guys! Love it!

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