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G-Star Raw slim vintage denim jacket Seunggi on 1N2D

Yay, Seunggi in more hip European denim!  Loved the Italian Replay denim shirt from the October 3rd 1n2d Seoul trip.  And on the April 17 episode, Cody dressed him in a G-Star Raw jacket and pants!  The not-so-fashion-forward Seunggi in hip fashion (that I love!) never fails to get me super excited.  Something so endearing about it…

Seunggi’s ($260 USD) G-Star Raw slim vintage jacket

And cargo pants (also from G-Star)?

He wore the outfit for the morning BokbulBok breakfast mission on Gapado Island.  And as expected, Seunggi sucked at the (hacky-sack like) Jegi game!  But of course he rocked the double-jumprope contest!  Totally a great way to sweat out the calories!

Jumproping is way more hot than jegi, right??!!

And double-jumproping phenom Seunggi (Heo-dang) and his his new team-line MooSeopDang (play on words “SCARY”) partners Taewoong (Moo-dang) and Jiwon (Seop-Seop) cleaned up and won the Breakfast challenge!  Yay!  Chun-jae (Genius) leader Jiwon and Heodang-Moodang!  Love it!  As do a lot of the fans since they suggested this lineup, per PD Na.  More of this team in the future please…

MooSeopDang sharing their food with the hyungs…

G-Star Raw Fall 2011 Fashion Week, F/W 2011 collection faves

Always love the Chanel-esque quilt-like skirt/dress.
Similar to the Miss Gee Collection dress I loved during Seoul Fashion Week…

G-Star Raw New York Fashion Week: F/W 2011 (Feb 2011)
Awesome denim but kudos even more because the brand uses Asian models! Yeah!

Private Viewing hosted by Agyness Deyn (Feb 2011)
At Bread and Butter.  Hipster model Agyness is so cute.

(Videos: GStarRawTV;  Images: Naverblog/ru_cabinet, NYmagazine, Jeannie)

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3 Responses

  1. recent episodes of 1n2d featured cool-styled Seunggi.
    and I DO LOVE it! Gosh, with the fresh hair cut and all,
    Seunggi looks even more adorable and lovely!
    I want to express more about it but my limited English got in the way! ><

    the double jump rope is HOT indeed!!
    it covers up his being lose in the jegi game.
    even HoDong was impressed! haha

    and the new MooSeopDang line!
    that's just PERFECT!
    smart brain and powerful muscles. indeed a scary team! hahaha

  2. A~ I miss your awesome comments! I’ve been busy too. I told you already before… your English is so good! so please express more when you can because you and me always both like cool-styled Seunggi!

  3. sorry for my long hiatus ^^
    I had been stuffed with exams and tests up till last week.

    cool-styled Seunggi!
    that’s the main reason why you have been posting a LOT recently, Ann unnie!
    and I LOVE reading all of the posts <3

    always have a good luck in your study, Ann unnie! :)

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