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Sincerity (Seunggi) mantra re: Lee Ji Ah marriage scandal

Can’t help but to chime in on the shocking news about the 14-year secret marriage between Kpop old school original, Seo Tai Ji, and actress Lee Ji Ah, last seen in SBS drama Athena. And how beloved A-list actor and ultimate catch Jung Woo Sung got dragged in only because it was revealed last month that he and Lee Ji Ah (whom he filmed Athena with) were indeed dating…

So, supposedly no one else knew about the secret marriage, but worse, Lee Ji Ah failed to mention this tiny, slightly significant factoid(!) to Jung Woo Sung!  Which makes me question Lee Ji Ah’s sanity or moreso her understanding of  the Korean press world and Korean netizens, particularly concerning relationship scandals!

Her management company is freaking Bae Yong Joon’s high-profile Key East.  Yongsama himself!  And Jung Woo Sung is one of those Korean beloved celebs, so messing with him is like messing with Koreans as a whole!  So to not be completely forthcoming and honest about something like this is going to be hard to overcome.

Yes, I’m sure she probably had good reason but it just doesn’t look good, mainly because of the current high-profile Jung Woo Sung relationship factor and the fact that she hid it from him (if it is indeed true that he did not know).  And it doesn’t help that her rise to big stardom in Korea sort of paints her as an opportunist type.  I mean her lying about her age (she’s 3 years older than her official listing), which is usually big news, is like no news at this point.

I think her entertainment future will depend a lot on how Jung Woo Sung and his people decide to deal with this.  If he is sympathetic toward Lee Ji Ah and encourages the public to do so, then she has a chance.  And also if Key East (who says they didn’t know) decides to support her through this.  Otherwise, I really hope she has a very good support network because she’s definitely going to really need it right now.  Hope things work out okay.  Don’t want to see any unnecessary related tragedy please.

Ok, so how is this Lee Seung Gi relevant and LSGfan post related…

First off, I just like Jung Woo Sung though I haven’t seen him in much.  For Koreans, a lot of how we relate to people is about “jung” or “an attached feeling or affection.”  And he’s one of those celebs Koreans can’t help but to like.  Like Seunggi, there’s not much to NOT like about him.

Second, I was super excited when Seunggi signed as CF model for Chung Jung Won since Jung Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun were previous models.  And was giddy about the Jung Woo Sung-Seunggi CF rumor Unfortunately, it was simply a rumor.

So, I nearly freaked out when Seunggi and Jung Woo Sung finally met in person at the January 2011 Hallyu Merit Awards!   To see Seunggi and sunbae Jung Woo Sung together = love!  I have this thing about Seunggi with sunbaes (seniors).  Probably because I’ve had such amazing unnis, oppas, and older mentors in my life and because that sort of relationship is so cherished in Korean culture.  Plus, Seunggi said he really appreciates that too, and you can totally tell by his expressions!

Yeah, Seunggi was definitely excited to chat with sunbae Jung Woo Sung too!

So, lastly, this all made me think about how sincerity really is Seunggi’s life ticket.  You never know how your world will get rocked, directly or indirectly, for good or for bad.  But if you try your best to be sincere and honest, then there’s really nothing to hide.  Omg, so true about how one lie can just snowball into something way bigger!

Of course Seunggi is flawed and isn’t perfect.  (Fans would probably disagree!)  But in comparison to other celebs and people in general, he’s definitely special, right?!

Remember the whole Will Seunggi leave to officially debut in Japan fiasco?  And Seunggi chose to stay with 1n2d until military service and with Strong Heart for the mean time.  Things sort of worked themselves out and with the sad tsunami news in Japan, things just fell into place.  Tryp96 posted a great article about this…

So the Seo Tai Ji – Lee Ji Ah news reminded me of Seunggi with Jung Woo Sung and Kara.  And how Kara had to deal with that whole unfair management company legal issue and now Jung Woo Sung with this ordeal.  As for Seunggi, even if he has some unexpected drama along the way, I have a feeling he’ll definitely be fine…

More heartwarming Jung Woo Sung and Seunggi…

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9 Responses

  1. Thanks, Ann. I remember one 1N2D episode where the guys won a contest over the whole crew so the latter had to sleep outside. In the morning Seung Gi was lying on their mat (after failing his morning mission), Ho Dong joked that he looked like a bum. His supposed fall from grace was a romance scandal. HD was joking of course, but I could sense there was a concern somewhere in HD’s mind.

    As a sunbae, HD has seen a lot. He adores SG and hopes SG will sail through the rough seas without any problem. (The one who had problems turned out to be Mong. Sigh.) I have every confidence in SG. With his firm principles and sincerity, no doubt he will continue his success.

  2. Yeah, Seunggi’s so super blest to have Hodong hyung. His unabashed and totally blatant love for Seunggi is legendary. All the kpopsters (and kcelebs too) really envy that! :)

    not sure what to think about Mong and the purpose of his press conference the other day. Press was more annoyed he read from a prepared statement and then didn’t answer any of their questions. (based on news video i saw). I really hope Mong has good people guiding his decisions.

    As for Jung Woo Sung. I feel so bad. I remember you’re a fan of his. Now there’s news that Song Chang Ee (from last year’s SBS Wonderlife drama and rumored to join 1n2d prior to Taewoong) saying that he was in the same class with a Kim Sang Eun, that supposedly is said to look identical to Lee Ji Ah! it’s getting crazy. omg and i’m totally fascinated by it all…

    [Clarification – on some community portal site, someone uploaded that Lee Ji Ah is Kim Sang Eun from X school. Song Chang Ee is an alum. He said he remembers a friend Kim Sang Eun but can’t believe that would be Lee Ji Ah. But other classmates say that Kim Sang Eun is Lee Ji Ah]

    but really, i worry for Lee Ji Ah right now. really hope she has some good friends and fam.

  3. omg, I’m so sad for Jung Woo Sung. They say he was really in love with Lee Ji Ah. And that being the upstanding guy he is, when they were spotted in Paris on vacay together he was honest about it to the public.

    And at his March fan meeting, he also shared the news with fans so they would know.

    And he found out about this secret marriage scandal news through news articles like everyone else and that he’s in shock.

    And talk about timing – there was a birthday party planned for him today. it’s been canceled. sheesh.

  4. i think ppl r being a bit biased…no?? if NO ONE knew abt her secret marriage how then would she hav used it to her benefit to “climb up the ladder” for her roles…i guess being a public figure u have to become transparent and have no personal secrets but i fail to understand why no one is even concerned abt seo taiji…he was married secretly too no? why is it bad for her and may hurt her career but not affect him in the slightest? and if Jung Woo Sung is indeed “in love with her” he would be able to forgive her and deal with it…bcoz come on they have only been dating for a short while and this is apparently a big deal for her to hav hidden from ppl…mayb she wanted to make sure he was the one b4 spillin all her secrets…i am not a fan of her or anything but really this is way too much…i really hate how everyone is painting her out to be some evil person…

    and seriously the love of fans are soo transient that i am pretty sure no matter what even if their favorite seunggi does hav some scandal he will also face the same amt of wrath…

  5. N~ I thought the same thing at first. like we usually fault the girl but never the guy right? but I think the key FACTOR is that she was in a (public) relationship with another guy while her divorce was not final and more importantly, she did not tell the guy (JWS) about it, whereas, the same can’t be said for seo taiji (that is, for now). it’s very possible that STJ was also in a relationship. if so, then he’ll have to deal with his brunt of it.

    As for her being described/painted as a ladderclimbing opportunist~ that’s less about her relationship with seotaiji, but her chance meeting with the KeyEast rep on the set of her CF, and then rumors of a relationship with Bae Yong Joon afterward. Then now this thing with JWS and Seotaiji. true, we do tend to describe women like this and never men. and it’s not really fair.

    As for Seunggi~ sure, he’s not invincible, the guy’s human. and true, if he were to have some scandal, it’ll be hard b/c he has such an upstanding image. but…

    in korea, it seems that based on how your personality, image and how the public feels about you, celebs tend to be given varying degrees of “passes.” and based on past public-celeb scandal situations, whether people agree with it or not, there’s more forgiveness room for celebs based on how the public generally felt about you, whether they feel the person is sincere versus opportunistic.

  6. I read somewhere that the divorce is already finalised in 2006 (according to Seo Taiji) and in 2009 (according to Lee Jiah), so the lawsuit is all about alimony and assets.

    I kind of agree with you Ann (can I call you Ann?) that the fact that she was married to Seo Taiji pretty much gave her the connections needed to break into the entertainment industry ( Bae Yong Jun’s friendship with Seo Taiji). When I first heard about The Legend’s cast, I was really surprised that such a big role in a big-budget drama was given to an unknown actress with no prior acting credit.

    About Jung Woo Sung, I think we can’t really blame him if he wants to break up with her since they just began dating in March and the level of commitment may not be that high for him to accept lies and hidden secrets.

    And do you know how people or netizensfeel about this matter in Korea? I guess it’s probably the talk of the town right now and I even saw the scandal discussed on the 9 o’clock news

  7. K~ You’re right. They’re in court about money and assets. I think they said the law in Korea says you can only file for this within 3 years of your divorce. LJA says they divorced in 2009 so she has the right to sue and STJ says they divorced back in 2006 so it’s a non issue.

    So the public shock was finding out they were divorced, which meant they were married, which was more shocking.

    So this would mean LJA was not married at the time she was dating JWS and her divorce was final. But I still think not telling JWS about her previous marriage/divorce and going into a high profile public relationship under that guise was not right. Sure, it’s possible she didn’t know if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with JWS but again, something so big like this in one’s life I think needs to be told early in a relationship, especially in a high-profile public celeb one.

    That’s why some people wonder how JWS could not have known about her marriage/divorce, and whether his side is being honest. (LJA’s side officially confirmed that she did not tell JWS and she is sorry). But people wonder – he’s so much more a sunbae then her. Like would LJA really risk her career and JWS’s and public fallout by not telling JWS early on.

    As for the connections and ladder climbing descriptions press and netizens have used — to be fair, connections do help and it’s not always a bad thing. it happens in any industry. again, it’s really all about trust and sincerity…

    With her not having told JWS and her having secretly been married for so many years, having lied about being 3 years younger (common among k-celebs), and now that she had two different names prior… I think people don’t feel much trust towards her and thus the more negative reaction.

    To me, her and STJ not telling the public is less of an issue. it’s their life. but when you get involved in a relationship (in this case with JWS) and you don’t tell that person this kind of thing early on, that’s not cool.

    But like any celeb news in any country, it’s a big deal one day and less so the next. but because there are so many tabloid-ish aspects to the story, I think it’ll probably continually surface regularly more and more.

    I don’t get that sense that people are after LJA or hate her. I think they’re suspicious of her and don’t trust her much. That’s different then having a bunch of antis go after you and i don’t think that’s the case with her.

  8. I’m glad that the netizens leave her alone because on top of having your marriage and divorce with a legend revealed, your current relationship in danger and all your past questionned, dealing with netizens’attack would be too much for anyone.

    I feel bad for Jung Woo Sung too since he was the one caught in the middle of a scandal that he was not the cause and having to find out about your lover’s hidden secrets via internet must be traumatizing. But then I read on allkpop that he still loves her and decides to stand by her and wait for her (even though he spent his birthday drinking soju with his CEO…that’s just too sad.. ). Well, hope it all works out for them but I still think he deserved better treatment from Lee Ji Ah.

  9. everyone thinks that lee ji ah is such an “immoral” to do such thing, but for me.. she did it because of some circumstances.she didn’t intend to hide this from the start maybe she was just afraid on what other may react if she told what was the truth and kept on hiding the reality. the showbiz industry can make your life either “up” or “down”. it depends on how the critic inform other and how people accept the truth. for ms. lee ji ah, don’t make yourself depress. we are here to support you no matter what. i’m not saying this just because im you BIGGEST FAN but because i DEEPLY UNDERSTAND your feeling. soon, people will accept you and there’s still an open door for the second chance of your career. :)

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