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National reaction to Nation’s brother Seunggi’s new hairstyle

Omg, you’d think there was some big catastrophe happening with Seunggi based on the all the over-the-top press and netizen buzz about his new spring hairstyle revealed on TV for the first time on yesterday’s 1 Night 2 Days!  Yet, it was merely that Koreans just simply feel very strongly about nation’s beloved younger brother Seunggi…

So no one seems to really “hate” the hair, but I guess people aren’t used to seeing upstanding uhm-chin-ah Seunggi looking more like an easily agitated Hwan-esque hair-styled Seunggi, that is, outside of some drama or fashion shoot!

And I admit, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Seunggi’s hairstyles in the past!

He first sported the new do at the Miss Gee Collection at Seoul Fashion Week.  I liked it and was excited about it.  But was not feeling the “mullet-like” long-tailed bottom part of the hair!  Take your finger and cover up the hair below his hair in the above images, and his hair actually looks great!  The stylist needs to cut off that bottom part or just thin it out more.  And tease/gel the bangs more.  It would make a world of difference!

Okay, so the 1n2d captures of his new hairstyle were terrible!  But the same style looked great for the MBC Section TV interview on the filming set of his new Pizza Hut CF, also aired yesterday.  So, Korean press, please use some of these captures instead of just the 1n2d ones for your hairstyle articles!

Bottom line~ Seunggi looks way better in movement than in image captures!  And he definitely is the type that looks even better in person!  Having seen him in person, I can attest to that!  As can almost every fan and person who’s seen him in person!  Even Seunggi himself mentioned this recently on Strong Heart! hahaha.

Some random past LSGfan fave hairstyles…

(Images: From previous posts, dcLSG, As Labeled)

Which hairstyle-Seunggi do you guys like most?  Um, am I in the minority again?!

I just randomly chose some hairstyles I liked from previous posts, and I guess I really prefer LONGER-HAIR and/or MESSY-HAIR Seunggi most.  Probably, why I this Strong Heart cut of Disheveled hair prince Seunggi is still one of my faves!  Omg, I love this clip!  Laughing Seunggi is really the bestest!!!!

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7 Responses

  1. The Kolon Sport Hairstyle last year was the best for me, though bed-head Seung-gi is jjang and works every time. I also like his hair in Let’s Break Up MV, and that third photo you posted above. The one where he wears a white long-sleeved shirt. Is that from a shoot or a CF? Believe it or not, I liked his Dae-woong hair, too.

  2. No Ann you are not the minority. I’ve read so comments and majority like it. 1n2d filming was filmed 2 days later after his haircut and the filming was outdoor. With the wind blowing of coz his hair will look messy. I think ppl just forget hair grows.

  3. I looooooove Lee Seung Gi! His new haircut looks young and fresh! He’s so cute with messy hair, especially so cute in 1N2D photo wit yellow jacket. I don’t remember that episode. I like all the pics of him here. He’s sooooo cute! Thanks!

  4. Korea really loves uri Seunggi! keke. We fans love you too! Short hair, long hair, messy hair. It doesn’t matter. Seunggi-sshi fighting! ^^

  5. niiiiiiice

  6. his new haircut makes his eyebrows look weird.

  7. hes new hair style is okay but i’m used of seeing him in his old one but maybe i’ll get used to it later on ^^

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