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Top contract fees for star cosmetics endorsement models

Choosing not to regularly blog at the start of the year to focus on must-accomplish things was hard, but I love that I can post off and on without feeling guilty!  See, I’ve convinced myself(!) posting commentary about Seunggi’s never-ending endorsement and fashion news is highly pertinent and relevant to my studies and work interests!  What field doesn’t somehow relate to public relations, advertisements, fashion and style, world markets and economy, travel and cuisine, etc, right, right?!…

Okay, so about the article~ Tryp96 already has the brief Seunggi excerpt up, so I’m posting the entire article only because I always love endorsement news and because it’s about the uber talented Go Hyun Jung.  And Go Hyun Jung sunbae is so sweet toward Seunggi, on display as recently as the 2010 SBS Drama Awards and also at the 2010 Baeksang Awards.

Also a note to fans~  Let’s keep it nice, mainly because I hate “Antis” and lame, disgruntled, moody internet people who have nothing better to do with their time than to sit around and complain about everything and everyone!

Of course, LSGfan is totally way more a Seunggi fan, but “healthy” competition is always a good thing to keep people aiming higher.  (Hodong said this about Yoo Jae Suk at the SBS Entertainment Awards last year and I totally agree!)

And just like the completely non-scientific, meant to be fun Seunggi vs. Hyunjoong TVN segment, there’s not that big of a difference.  Both guys are having smashing careers!  I really hope they enlist in the army around the same time, along with the other guys who’ll be going!  I just love this older photo… Classic!

Also, none of the endorsement amounts quoted in the news outlets (let alone Korean press in general!) are precise, as evidenced by the recent brouhaha over the way faulty compiled list of star CF asking prices.  Basically, all the hard-working, top celebs in Korea are all making good money!

Really million (Korean won) sounding cosmetics model fees

Which cosmetics model signed a one-year 10 “uck” daebak contract?
(10 uck = 1 billion KRW = $920,000 USD)   The answer is heavily recruited Re:NK model Go Hyun Jung.

According to cosmetics industry news on April 17, as the competition for model recruitment becomes increasingly cut-throat, the price of A-class cosmetics models, which was around 7-8 uck ($643,000-$735,000) about 2-3 years ago, has recently risen to 10 uck ($920,000 USD).

The cosmetics industry does not reveal exact fees associated with their models.  However, with increasing fierce competition and with models endorsing different cosmetics brands over time, the associated rates are naturally getting out.

Formerly a model with Lancome, Go Hyung Jung received a top deal at 10 uck when she moved to endorse Re:NK.  Of course developers revealed that a clause in the contract indicates that all her makeup will be replaced with Re:NK products.

After Go Hyun Jung, the star receiving the next highest model fee is Kim Hyun Joong who moved from Tony Moly to The Face Shop last year. According to industry insiders, Kim Hyun Joong’s rate was about 9 uck ($826,000 USD) and he signed a 2-year contract totaling 18 uck ($1.65 million USD).

Looking solely at the amount of money, The Saem’s model Lee Seung Gi’s 2-year contract at 16 uck ($1.50 million) is lower than Kim Hyun Joong’s. However, in focusing on the terms of the contract, industry insiders assess Lee Seung Gi’s to be higher than Kim Hyun Joong.

In the contractual terms between The Saem and Lee Seung Gi, there is a condition that permits model activities to be used only in Korea. On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong’s posters and related items can be used in The Face Shop locations in Japan and other stores abroad.

(In other words, because Lee Seung Gi’s contract amount covers endorsement in Korea only and Kim Hyun Joong’s amount covers endorsement in multiple countries, Lee Seung Gi contractually earns more for limiting his endorsement to only one country, compared to Kim Hyun Joong’s amount when the fee is distributed across multiple countries).

At the same time, as cosmetics model rates continue to skyrocket, industry insiders are currently deeply worried about signing models.

According to one cosmetics representative, “While trying to sign a girl group as models, it hasn’t been only once or twice that we had to give up because their asking price was completely exorbitant in comparison to the public awareness of the group,” adding, “Perhaps it is because of Go Hyun Jung’s recent compensation, but I was shocked when one actress who recently became a new mother was asking for 12 uck ($1.1 million USD).”

On one hand, some of the girl groups as cosmetics models include the Brown Eyed Girls for Tony Moly, Miss A for AnyPlace, and 2NE1 for Etude House. Girl group members involved in model activities separate from their entire group include f(x)’s Crystal for Clean and Clear, Yoona for InnisFree, Taeyeon for A-Solution, and SeoHyeon for Clean and Clear.

Source: LSGfan via Financial News

The Saem CFs have been my FAVE, because you know I’m always wanting to see Seunggi in a sharp, fitted suit or shirt!  LOL.  So, I was a little disappointed by the most recent CF.  Would it have been SO hard to use a more fitted white shirt and pants?  Also, why a playful sounding voice compared to the deep cool voiced Seunggi from the previous CFs?  Oh well.  It’s still nice and clean looking.  Good for the spring…

The Saem, Black Pearl Mask CF [March 2011]

See full-video of the intricate CF making at The Saem

Okay, compare that to these awesome previous ones…

The Saem, Gem Miracle Diamond CF and Making [Sept 2010]

The Saem, First CF [July 2010]

Entertainment Relay interview, The Saem CF set [July 2010]

(Videos: leeseunggi01, rapport2010)

Also I love the Go Hyun Jung Re:NK CFs!  It’s definitely a more pricier brand.  She’s so incredibly confident and talented.  Her skin is legendary in Korea.  Her advice~ don’t touch your face with your dirty fingers/hands.  Ever since she shared this tip on the Knee Cap Guru interview, I’ve tried cleaning my hands first and it definitely works!

Re:NK CFs with Go Hyun Jung
(Video: oops812, kimjongbun)

More from The Saem’s Black Pearl ads…

(Images: DClsg, The Saem, As labeled)

I’m SO glad Seunggi works solo and is not part of a group, and doesn’t have to distribute his earnings! Yay!  He works hard for his money and does good with it so he deserves it!  Also, he doesn’t seem to be an extravagant spender.  Whoever he dates and/or marries will have it made!  *Sigh* Can’t even imagine that sad day.  Although Seunggi should be happy just like the rest of us regular people, right?!

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4 Responses

  1. Haha!! GHJ is truly a goddess!!
    And Seung Gi is following her step,I miss to seeing both of them!!

  2. He definitely deserves his earnings. I love that photo, Ann. I know you like a slimmer Seung-gi, but I’m enjoying the physique he has in those photos. And, yes, you’re right, the two of them (KHJ and Seung-gi) shouldn’t be compared with each other, since they have different career paths and both work hard for their careers. Thanks for sharing, Ann!

  3. I like slim Seunggi but with some build too. Like I remember seeing his photos from 2009 concert and he was lean but built. he looked great! but he had to eat only chicken breast and veggies to get that body and his rock hard abs! ha. so yes, don’t like skinny-gaunt look, but not really into the chubby cheeks look either.

  4. ann. we miss your post and we’re happy that you’re not pressured to not post. ^^

    i am glad that he’s earning alot. with all the hardworks he has. and the time that he invest to take care of his skin. haha:) definitely!

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