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Seunggi answers Bar Exam question on 1n2d, in Jejudo!

Loved Black suit Seunggi from 1n2d Jejudo/Gapado Part 1 ep, and bright yellow windbreaker-plaid shirt Seunggi from the April 10 Part 2 ep was just as fashionable!

LSG cuts, April 10, 2011
Videos: leeseunggiworld, English translation: LSGfan

The guys got a real question from the 42nd Law Bar Exam for one of the dinner bokbulbok games, and Seunggi was super serious!  Ok, being super competitive myself, I can’t help but to love this about him!  All competitive people unite~ Holler!

Ok, Seunggi studied Trade/Commerce in college and began graduate school. But I’m still impressed! Seunggi, we need to get together and talk business law and policy!

And the expressions on the faces of the other guys… Priceless!

They all go with Seunggi’s answer, and it ends up being correct!

Seunggi: Should I change careers?  Soogeun: Judge Lee! (Hahahaha)

VIDEO~ Seunggi correctly answers Bar Exam question

PD NA: Bar Exam question~ Within dominant business marketplace misconduct and related monopoly regulations, as well as laws concerning fair trade, which one is NOT a corrective action? [SOOG: Ok this isn’t bad. LSG: It’s okay.]

1) Price reduction
2) Misconduct suspension
3) Selling off of stocks
4) Publicizing the violation
5) Necessary administrative action

LSG: (Confidently!) Selling off of stocks
KHD: What was the question?! (Hahahaha)
LSG: There already was a violation in fair trade. So by law, there has to be a penalty and action needs to be taken. So, the item that is NOT a corrective action.

EJW: So, that’s price reduction.
KJM: Yeah, price reduction.
LSG: No, price reduction is allowed. (Other guys bring up price freezing). A price freeze merely means that prices were fixed at a certain level. (Wow!) So, they should have reduced prices, but they didn’t. Why not just follow proper fair trade rules? (Guys looking very confused! Ha!)

KHD: Since Seunggi’s the most educated here…
LSG: Don’t think of it as being educated, just generally speaking. But Hyung, you’d know best since you’ve been involved in business.
KHD: But I don’t know.

PD NA: Why don’t you each share your answer.
LSG: Number 3. Selling off of stocks.
SOOG: I think it’s Number 5.
KHD: Whatever Seunggi thinks. (Hahaha)
UTW: Whatever Hodong thinks. (Hahaha)
KJM: I’ll go with the hyungs. Number 3.
EJW: Me too. Number 3.
SOOG: Excuse me, I’ll change to what everyone else said!

ALL: The answer is~ Number 3!
PD Na: Correct! (Guys celebrate! And are super surprised!)
SOOG: You correctly answered a question from the Bar Exam!
LSG: Should I change careers?!
SOOG: Judge Lee!
LSG: No no no…
KHD: Lawyer Lee!

True, the question was not rocket science! But answering under pressure in front of a bunch of people is completely different!  But the real reason why netizens and press went googoogahgah was more about Seunggi’s ability to quickly respond, reason, and articulate himself confidently.  Of course in addition to getting the winning answer!

VIDEO~  Seunggi (like Soogeun) imitates Jongmin

LSG: Jongmin hyung, you expended way too much energy from the start!
[LSG cracks up the guys with hilarious imitation of eye bulging Jongmin!]

VIDEO~ What comes to mind when you hear “Jejudo”

SOOG: “Stone Grandfather.” This is what you first think of with Jejudo.
LSG: We said we’d go with the most basic thing so… “Island.” (hahaha)

I love when the guys have to play this game.  Seunggi was really off with his answer!  I can’t believe I’m Korean and I haven’t been to Jejudo yet!  But I’m totally intrigued by the place.  They say it attracted more older people and honeymooners before, but now it’s changing and more younger people are trekking it out there too.  And per the Part 1 ep where Seunggi spotted the female diver experience, seems to be a big deal according to Frommer’s Jejudo post.

Aw, Seunggi and his big hugs.  Again, why everyone can’t help but to like Seunggi!  And yay, he comes in first place and gets to sleep indoors for the night!

VIDEO~ Staff member gets big Seunggi hug

LSG: Who is Dong-suk hyung?This person?! Are you Dong-suk hyung?

One of the things I love about 1n2d~ seeing Seunggi chill with the other guys during downtime!  And Seunggi with Taewoong (hyung by 12 years) is always heartwarming!  Omg, I love how Hodong is just sleeping!  He can be so cute sometimes…

VIDEO~ Seunggi-Taewoong bond over ipad games

VIDEO~ Morning talk show awards Seunggi as Quiz King

(Excerpt)~ Real wilderness variety 1 Night 2 Days. Correctly answering a Bar Exam question in the evening Bokbulbok game~ Lee Seung Gi. He gets our Top Quiz King award. The 1N2D team had to forego Gapado due to inclement weather and stay put in Jejudo. The dinner bokbulbok quiz begins…

The 1n2d members get a Bar Exam question. PD Na can’t even read it with a straight face?!  Immediately following the question, confidently offering his answer~ Seunggi.
While the other members can’t seem to even fully comprehend,
Confident of his answer~ Seunggi.
Meant to stump the guys, but getting the answer correct~ Lee Seung Gi! Wow!

MCs: On 1n2d, Lee Seung Gi correctly answered a bar exam question! So impressive. Getting a question right can really make a person look good. Seunggi was a good student back in high school and was smart. He was also school president.

Seunggi’s bar exam question clip was all the buzz this past week.  Yes, Koreans LOVE smart people!  Hahahaha.  Actually, everyone loves smart people too.  But come on, let’s be honest~ Asians REALLY love smart people!!!  Hahahaha. And Korea even has a word for all around smart, model, upstanding people… Uhm-chin-ah!

Seunggi really is the quiz king!  I would not have guessed Napoleon first…

The guys were so serious about their Chinese food order after winning the dinner bokbulbok’s big prize.  Omg, it was like some real meeting over important stuff…

And of course, no post is complete without a fashion comment!

Loved the layering of bright yellow windbreaker (from Freddy/Slounge Korea) over red plaid button down, on top of t-shirt, paired with dark colored jeans and red/grey socks!

The plaid shirt totally reminded me of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! Miss Daewoong!

The bright yellow totally fits Seunggi’s sunny personality and outlook on life!

See way more at Jeannie’s blog post

And nothing beats Seunggi’s messy bed-hair!

I even liked the big black puffy jacket over his black suit!  Yay, keep it coming Cody!

Images: Nani, Jeannie, dcLSG, As Labeled

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8 Responses

  1. wow, thanks for this post!!
    actually I worry that KBSW will cut out episode with bar exam question, isn’t it to difficult to translate, is it? ^^ and when I started to watch RAW episodes I understood how MUCH they cut =(

  2. Hoho! I was keeping my finger crossed hoping our smart Ann will do recap on this. I know many is saying that it’s because he major in international trade hence he was able to answer. But the fact that he was able to answer it almostly immediately and able to explain his answer really impressed me. I’m now so tempted to asked my niece who specialize in business law the same question after your translation. Hehe!

  3. Ann! Thanks for this post. I can’t wait to see the subbed version of the episode. Though they cut some scenes, so I guess the best way to go is to learn Korean. Hahaha! Anyway, Seung-gi’s really so smart, no wonder a lot of mothers want him to be part of their family. Smart, good-looking, warm-hearted. Oh, would you know if his friend turned manager goes with him to film 1N2D too? Since he’s been with him for his CF shoots. Thanks so much!

  4. can i jst say that i love it when you do like recap/cuts from 1n2d…i missed it sooo much…i really hope that you can continue to do this…

  5. I love seunggi-1n2d recapping too, especially when there are tons of great Seunggi moments! Been watching the past few eps like on repeat! Such a great pick-me-upper! I love confident smart, but not arrogant Seunggi! who doesn’t?!

    lots of fans been mentioning the manager (Kyung Hwan, his friend from the 1n2d friends special) – he’s been seen beside seunggi at his show, CF filmings and events.

  6. I have three episodes open on my PC right now: two previous ones (subbed) and the one just aired. The jump rope SG is awesome! The tone game had me in stitches. Like you said, 1N2D really picks me up. As a cultural phenomenon (I don’t think I exaggerate) surely it is worthy of notice from a certain super-busy graduate student?

  7. yay ann thanks for the amazing recaps! i love that seunggi argued and explained his choice very very well. :)))

    seunggi is a person who thinks alot. and explains alot. i can see him as a professor or something. i guess his students will not only learn from the subject itself but also from him.

    and i am so happy you have recap 12ND again. it’s full of seunggi love. <3

  8. I watched this ep last night at kbs world. I really admire Seung Gi! He is the BEST! :)
    I have a question, do you know the ending song for this ep? when they are approaching Gapodo already? thanks! :)

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