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1n2d’s spring fashion Suit Seunggi in JeJu-do

Um, can we pretty please have this sharply suited Seunggi more often on 1n2d?!  Omg, I totally loved Part 1 of this JeJu-do episode!  Seunggi’s slim-line suit was perfect and of course, he was altogether charming, hilarious, and lovable like usual…

LSG cuts, April 3, 2011
(All videos: Tryp96; English translations: LSGfan)

Video 1~ Sharply Suited Seunggi arrives at airport

Soog: Seunggi’s not here yet, so there should be some reversal of sorts.
[Seunggi arrives!]
SG: Why formal-wear all of a sudden?
[Like a neatly put-together star… Not like 1 Night 2 Days…]
[But more like going to film some drama…]
Everyone: Wow, Seunggi.
HD: So impressive.
Soog: First off, his corsage is different.
[At last… An entertainer looking like an entertainer arrives!]
PD Na: You look like a celebrity!
HD: Your necktie is great!
[The group’s young CEO vibe.]

Seunggi looked great in the suit!  And for once, I actually liked his brooch!  Someone please tell me why Cody doesn’t outfit him in suits like this more often?! *Sigh*

Video 2~ Introducing the Guy with a “killer body line

HD: Home electronics. Cosmetics. Leading Korea’s advertisement world. Introducing… The man with a killer body line… Lee Seung Gi!
[Seunggi does parody of Taewoong’s dance.]
[Advertisements whatever… As long as people laugh, that’s it!]
SG: Going 6th is really the hardest!

Taewoong was so nervous about his intro entrance and making people laugh. He had to hug Seunggi for comfort! Ha. Maknae Seunggi had to give him a pep talk!

Omg, Seunggi’s parody of Taewoong’ s dance.  So hilarious and cute…

Video 3~ Irrational/crazy theme for 1n2d trip?

SG: So the theme of this trip comes out~ Irrational/Crazy! Hyung, were you irrational and insist we do more games and such?
JM: No. Never.

Video 4~ Charming Seunggi and the 1n2d guys stroll the airport

[A man’s charms… Constant/Unchanging…]

Aw, the guys really look great in suits… especially slim-line Seunggi!

Video 5~ Luminescent Seunggi creates excitement at the airport

[Informant, Lee Soo Geun.]
[Luminescence Itself, Lee Seung Gi.]
[Excitement at the airport.]

Something about Soogeun and Seunggi together makes me smile… And man, Kyung Hwan (Seunggi’s junior high school wrestler-friend from the 1n2d Friends Special) has been getting a lot of camera shots recently!

Video 6~ Seunggi’s corny Joke 1 (JeJuDo wordplay)

SG: Can I share a straightforward one?
Je~ (JeSahn) It is a memorial/funeral anniversary day.
HD: Ah, is this going to be okay?
Ju~ (JuCha) We’re parking the car.
Do~ (DoRaEe) This way.
[The ad-lib prince. Has made the vibe totally up!]

Seunggi, you just love your corny jokes don’t you?!  Hahahaha.

Video 7~ Seunggi’s corny joke 2 (BaDa “ocean” wordplay)

SG: Hyung, I’ll share a straightforward one.
Ba~ (BaDaPyoBum) A water seal is flapping about.
Da~ Da Da Da Da! (the sound from the flapping)

Video 8~ Heodang Seunggi misreads ice cream expiration date

SG: The expiration date is…
Soog: It’s okay if it’s a little past for ice cream.
SG: It’s 2010, October 30.
Soog: The vanilla tasted a bit strong.
JW: Really?!
Soog: The wrapper opened way too easily.
SG: Ah, production/manufactured date.
JW: Seunggi-yah!
SG: I only saw the date part.
TW: This is fun!

Video 9~ Excited Seunggi spots female diver suits rental place

SG: Something like vests and fisherman pants… Here, like female sea diver experience. Woah! Female sea diver experience! Hyung, over here!
Soog: I think they’ll have it.

Seunngi was so super excited about discovering the diver suits! Omg, just can’t get enough of Seunggi in this suit.  Don’t you guys just love it!

Video 10~ Mission accomplished: Female sea divers transformation

Video 11~ Seunggi makes sure to check camera angle

[Checking the camera angle is a required must.]

Video 12~ Seunggi demonstrates the awesome Jejudo ocean-side vibe

[Seunggi demonstrates the vibe.]
[Fly Seunggi Fly! Really seems like he could fly!]
SG: Feels great!

Ok, I know some of the fans feel like Seunggi’s gotten too skinny, but I actually WAY prefer slim Seunggi and think he looks great when his face and body are lean (Don’t hate me!) He doesn’t look too skinny to me at all.  In fact, he looks healthy and fantastic. Look at that amazing S-line… hahaha.

What is it about the way that Seunggi eats that makes everything look so good?!

Loved the missions in this ep.  The guys were great doing their own camera work!

Mission accomplished: Miss Korea pose…

Fashion note~ absolutely loved the detailed piping on the suit. Very nice touch…

Ok, PD Na and 1n2d crew, please show us more and more of this side of Seunggi…

(Images: dcLSG/As labeled)

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6 Responses

  1. Oh Ann! Even though dramabean is doing a great job on the recap, to be frank I still love yours. So please do it once in a while Ok? Ya can’t get enough of Seunggi in suit in this ep. :)

  2. I was late coming to your post and saw Eunice was a step ahead of me. But I feel exactly the same way – even though JB and GF (esp. GF, our fellow fangirl) are doing a great job commentating 1N2D, they can’t touch yours. Where else can I join in admiring the S-line? Love his suit and his body (if I may say so, hehehe). Also SG has very sharp eyes too. He takes in situations like a flash, and does not let on what he knows (unless he wants to). Remember the time he spotted the 1N2D flag on the camera? And here he picked out a roadside sign for the women divers museum. So smart and quick witted.

  3. hi girls and LSGfan!!!!! I love this epi so much! Seunggi looks sooooooo good in his black suit! I love him on 1 night 2 days! Thank you mucho for this recap post!

  4. I agree with you, Seungi looks good. He is not really to skinny, really skinny is somebody like jang geun Suk, he’s gotten “really” skinny. I like oppa the way he looks now, I wish he was in a drama already, miss him ;(

  5. yep, you all know that a super fashionable Seunggi never fails to make me schedule in a related post, no matter how busy things are! :)

    Do we all love s-line, black suit Seuniggi or what?! Can’t get enough so of course had to include the typical LSGfan intro collection of images! I vote for required formal-wear filming at least 2-3 times a year on 1n2d!! I’m going to personally email PD Na! B/c even fanboy PD Na (along with the other guys) couldn’t help to ooh-ahh over celebrity-looking Seunggi!

  6. omona thak you so much Ann! ^^
    im recently into Seungtaewoong pairing lately. haha. and it makes me happy to see them. but well.
    and whoah boys in suite. makes me think that they’re actually ‘idol group’ hahah.

    Lee seunggi can almost pull off any attire in 12ND but wearing suit makes him look more awesome!

    and i do not see seunggi as skinny. for some reasons. just enough for his height. ^^

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