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Best English K-entertainment site to recap 1 Night 2 Days!

Woah, LSGfan’s fave K-entertainment blog posted its first 1 Night 2 Days Recap!  Woot woot!  So excited!  Although only 2 primary writers blog for Dramabeans, the Korean-American writers (Javabeans and Girlfriday) are by far the most accurate, original-sourced, hilarious writers blogging in English about Korean entertainment…

Followed their site religiously during the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho recaps, because you know, all of us couldn’t get enough of Girlfriday’s love for Seunggi!

And looks like the 2 girls have their 1n2d faves~  Seunggi for Girlfriday and Taewoong for Javabeans.  And LSGfan is uber happy since my fave 1n2d Actor-line pair will be properly represented!  I’ll definitely be SO anticipating their upcoming recap posts!!

Makes me sort of miss my regular LSGfan blogging days… *sigh*

And to Seunggi fan, and photoshop extraordinaire Haart (author of the awesome Dramabeans header, and one of the organizers of Airen Vietnam)~ I’ve posted your art works in back to back posts now!  I think I miss you… as well as all the other Seunggi fans!

More from the super talented Haart…

(Images: Haart, Dramabeans)

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5 Responses

  1. Yay! Me too. Woot woot! I’m really looking forward to their 1N2D recaps. Especially girlfriday Hehehehe. Love seunggi so much!

  2. I’m so happy! I loved their MGIAG recaps. Seunggi oppa look so good in the banner! I miss him in drama…

  3. hello lsg fan! we miss your posts too. but anyways
    i am really so excited with their recaps! and it made my day when they announced that. since i know i can expect much from girlfriday (to spazz over seunggi) and now from javabeans(who likes uhmtaewoong) since i find uhmtaewoong adorable when i saw his debut in 12ND hahaha ^^

    will def look froward to every awesome recaps. and i guess they’re following kbs world’s pacing interms of subbed vid. lol. ^_^ which is good so that the majority of the viewers(who can watch kbsworld) wont be confused

    omona i post too much..haha. excitediam

  4. <3 <3 <3

  5. Hello Ann
    You’r so sweet! And I definitely miss you too!
    Seeing my MGIG fake posters again ~ So remember the time when Airens anticipated MGIG, it seems to be an endless waiting before the 1st broadcast! One thing I find funny is that in the first poster, made when the lead actress’s name hadn’t been revealed, I didn’t know which name to put beside Lee Seung Gi, so just take Gumiho. Then it turned out that it’s really Gumiho in MGIG :)

    That surprises me as well when seeing this post: 1N2D on Dramabeans! COOL!

    And seriously, I want to chat with u so badly now! But we not always have perfect timing (for most of the times, we did). So see ya at a different time!

    Miss ya

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