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Seunggi’s message for Han HyoJoo’s first official fan meeting

(Images: Above, from the fan meeting; Below, fan-made)

For Brilliant Legacy HwanSung fans who can’t get enough~ Seunggi’s message…

Sincere congratulations for Han Hyo Joo’s first official fan meeting!  I am rooting for Actress Han, one of the representative actresses in their 20s, to continue to move fans with her terrific acting, and hope the exciting fandom of all the fans gathered here today will become a big strength and support in the road that Han Hyo Joo walks as an actress…  I wish for only good things for Hyo Joo and Hyo Joo’s fans, and sincerely thank you for coming to this event today.  Hope this will become a happy memory for everyone!

(English translation: LSGfan, Fan meeting image: Leeseunggiworld)

On March 26, 2011 in Seoul, Han Hyo Joo held her first official fan meeting with 250 fans.  Several of Hyo Joo’s friends helped to celebrate this event via heartfelt messages, including Lee Seung Gi, Bae Soo Bin, Lee So Yeon, Ji Jin Hee, Park Ha Sun, and Moon Chae Won.  (via Osen)

I love that Seunggi and Hyojoo have remained really close friends.  And glad they can do so publicly without people bothering them!  Probably because both of them are so loved by guys and girls of all ages in Korea!  Brilliant Legacy Hwan-Sung memories…

And not fan-made!  Advertisement from previously posted Samsung wedding event.

(Images: As labeled, previous LSGfan posts)

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6 Responses

  1. Ann thank you for sharing & translating Seunggi’s msg to Hyo Joo..

    i’m one of the many Hwansung fans who could not get enough of the two of them..
    Im so happy knowing they continue to be good friends even after BL

    But why is it only the first time fan meeting for HHJ?

  2. Yes you right LSGfan, love that Seung Gi and Hyo Joo have remained really close friends, and do publicity without people bothering them. I think not only Korean love them but also all of Brilliant Legacy lovers around the world love them too….thank’s for upload and translate. I take the last pic for my laptop background..it’s so sweet…

  3. Shin Min Ah, debuting even earlier than HHJ (and Seunggi), also recently had her first official fan meeting. they’ve had other fan-related CF endorsement events but not official fan meets.

    I think most Korean actors/actresses don’t have official fanclubs and mass fandom compared to kpop singers and idols. Fandom much bigger deal among singers. Lots of kpop singers have fan meetings early on to develop their fanbase, but not as typical among the actors. Although I think that may be changing, esp with actors doing Japan and other Asian country activities.

  4. SeungJoo forever…yay….I really love them…
    thank you LSGfan…

  5. hope lee seung gi n han hyo joo have real dating..amin..!! =)

  6. seung gi Hyojoo……………I wait your new drama…..

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