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Front row, Miss Gee Collection-2011 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

More fashion/style posts.  Per LSGfan’s recent fashion request, Hook squeezed in one show for Seunggi during Seoul Fashion Week.  Although, Seunggi (per usual these days) didn’t walk the red carpet, he made it in time to Gee Chun Hee’s “Miss Gee Collection,” one of a few select high-brow public events during Fashion Week…

But I was totally nervous before checking out the press photos.  I mean, this was Cody’s look for Seunggi at last year’s Seoul Fashion Week!  I’m convinced (in my imagination) that Cody knows LSGfan’s penchant for near-fainting (not from fangirling, but from fashion disasters) every time Seunggi appears at public events, and has made a concerted effort to continually grant me my 2011 Seunggi fashion wish!  Thx!

Seunggi’s look.  Black suit jacket and pants paired with vintage-looking white t-shirt, simple black scarf, navy socks, black (jeweled?) sneakers, a nice big watch, and yes, a new hairstyle!  Really love this kind of combo relaxed and high-style look…

Chill and laid back… A type of vibe that girls always like…

Hahaha. Press caption~ Lee Seung Gi makes sure his stomach isn’t sticking out…

Relaxed and happy…

*** See fanscams of fashion serious-looking Seunggi at ***

YT video link 1 and  YT video link 2

YT video link 3 and  YT video link 4

Seunggi with Photographer Cho, organizer of  Letter to Angels photo exhibit

Serious. Concentrating. Always love these expressions just as much as the smiles…

By the way, can’t believe Cody/Stylist got a front row seat reserved only for celebs!

I totally love these photos!!!!

Celeb-fave Gee Chun Hee’s 2011 F/W Miss Gee Collection

Omg, love this entire ensemble!  I want to wear it!  Something very Chanel about it!

Ok, this dress is more realistic and practical.  Love it!

More haute runway looks…

And no fashion show is complete without a wardrobe malfunction!  But, the model is a total pro!  Press said top models were walking the runway for Gee Chun Hee.

And lots of stars showed up to sit front row at the popular show…

Actress Hwang Bora.  My fave look of the night.  It’s perfect!

Actress Yoon Hae Young.  Actress Hwang Shin Hye.

Announcer Park Eun Young.  Singer IU and Comedian Park Kyung Lim.

Actress Yoo In Young.  Singer/Philanthropist Kim Jang Hoon.

Actress Lee Bo Young (aka JiSung’s GF).  Singer Bada.

Singer Kim Yoona+husband.  Actress Myung Sae Bin.

And actress/Singer/Diva Uhm Jung Hwa (aka 1n2d Uhm Tae Woong’s older sister).  She looks radiant.  Unfortunately (like many Korean female celebs), she’s had plastic surgery.  But fortunately she doesn’t have that scary plastic surgery look yet…

Hope Seunggi got to meet Uhm Jung Hwa, older sister to 1n2d actor-line half Taewoong!  That would be daebak!  Also, hope he got to talk with the other celebs since he knows several of them.  Glad Seunggi got to catch up with awesome sunbae Kim Jang Hoon (singer Psy’s BFF), but omg, totally goofy-looking photo…

And IU was looking like her usual cute self…

And IU and Seunggi both had the sneaker-glam look going…

Couldn’t resist.  Some Ghosts from Seunggi’s Fashion Week Past…
(from Jeannie’s blog)

And always missing Seunggi’s Brilliant Legacy Hwan look!  Please bring it back!

And Seunggi’s new hairstyle… Love it or Hate it?

Images: As labeled

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10 Responses

  1. The hairstyle reminds me of the singer Rain. When I first saw a photo on twitter, I thought he was Rain. I’m not too sure with the hairstyle, but I do loooooove his outfit. It looks more relaxed, since his other looks from last year looked so planned and stiff. Anyway, thank you for sharing this, Ann! =)

  2. there’s a tag from his scarf again

  3. ooooooh. you make me leave a comment! I love the hair! I remember Rain had similar haircut. Seunggi looks like such a man! instead of lookin like a boy! kekeke.

  4. They forgot the tag again???? OMG. Maybe SG’s stylist is doing this on purpose?

  5. LOVE this!
    his outfit is great. relaxed but still high-style.
    he does look hawt!

    err, but his hair …
    I prefer the previous one he sported for the Japanese Magazine, tho’.

  6. Frankly speaking I’m ok which whatever hairstyle is spotted with. coz’ there was once everyone made so much complaints about his hairstyle when finally one of the international fan got to see him face to face and said that his his hairstyle actually look ok after all. I guess as a celebrity he just need to try all kind of hairstyle and I believe he definitely look different in real person. Anyway, I believe the hair will “settle down” after one week.

  7. that’s not a tag, that’s the scarf label.

  8. not diggin the hair but i agree with you,Ann. cody seemed to have learned her lesson :D his hair reminds me of his debut days.. :lol:

  9. LOVE IT!! gosh i loved his new hairstyle, don’t you think he looks very mature? and i love his scarf, despite the unremoved tag i haven’t notticed yet..it makes his outfit looks loose…
    gosh i missed all these fashion reviews, haven’t been here for quite a while..

  10. Love the hair! but one thing always bugs me about how they ALWAYS do Seunggi’s hair… the back is always way too puffy! Like I wish they would flatten it please!

    Seunggi is def in the category of being better looking in real life and photos where he’s not purposely posing! Have to admit, he’s not always the most photogenic, compared to other celebs. but that’s a good thing, b/c i think a lot of the photogenic ones (that always take good pix) can often look very different (borderline terrible!) on a regular basis! :)

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