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Seunggi-Minjung for 2011 S/S Kolon Sport [Prints]

I figure since there are a lot of other outlets reporting Seunggi’s every move, it’s okay to keep posting a bunch of fashion/style related posts.  Also, it’s Seoul Fashion Week, so it seems appropriate.  Hope Seunggi will show up to at least one show, but only if Cody puts him in an acceptable photographable outfit!  Seunggi’s recent Kolon Sport looks make me so happy for spring!  And Minjung’s outfits (and other female celebs’ outdoors CF photos) totally make me want to stock my closet with some new items…

Spring/Summer 2011, Elle March issue leaflet

Newspaper Print Ads~ Seunggi and Minjung

Looks like the print ads are working.  Seunggi’s jacket (above) is sold out at the online Kolon Sport store and the jacket isn’t necessarily cheap!

Sadly, guy’s fashion is boring.  Sorry Seunggi.  But love how the outdoor brands are really incorporating in high fashion.  Minjung looks great in this jacket…

BTS photos, upcoming CF filming(?) ~ Seunggi and Minjung

Hope this was for a new upcoming CF.  I’m really curious to know if Seunggi and Minjung have become friends through their CF shoots.  They’ve been endorsing the brand together for a year and just renewed for another year.  Wonder how they’d be in a drama together.  She seriously does not look 5 years older than Seunggi.

Spring/Summer fashion press showcase, Jan. 2011

Again, loving this high fashion concept, that is, coming from a outdoor sports brand. That green/orange/purple outfit on the right is pretty interesting. I’m wondering what sort of outdoors sporting activity I could wear this outfit to without having all my guy friends tease me as to why I’m dressed in a mini-dress for a hiking trip!

Kolon Sport store in Korea – nice and sleek.

Kolon Sport signs Seunggi-Minjung to one more year

Kolon Sport has a reputation as an older brand, and by using Seunggi and Minjung as their endorsement models, the brand is said to be increasingly putting out a younger vibe.  Kolon Sport recently renewed its contract with Seunggi and Minjung for another year.  So, you can add this to the list of CF contracts that have been renewed with Seunggi for 2011.  Signing for a year, and getting a renewal is a big deal since often times, companies sign CF contracts with celebs for a 6-month period.

Outdoor wear has been hot in Korea, and becoming very trendy in their fashion.  And the companies have been using top stars as endorsement models.  HyunBin signed a 6-month contract with K2 right before enlisting for 2-year army service.  Prior to this, K2 had only used non-Korean models.  And after Um Tae Woong signed on for variety show 1 Night 2 Days, he signed a contract with Millet outdoor wear.

Hyun Bin for K2

Hyun Bin was a professional model prior to becoming an actor and celeb, and you can so totally tell!  I loved Seunggi’s recent fashion magazine shoots, seeing him become/transform into someone else, since that’s what those types of shoots are for.  And I know CFs are supposed to be more about the real, natural person, but I think Seunggi could really benefit from a few modeling tips!  Plus, how about this hairstyle?  Hyunbin exudes hotness.  It’s okay since Seunggi totally exudes cuteness!

Jang Hyuk and Chun Jung Myung for Eider

2pm for Nepa

The 2pm guys are looking great!  I know this is the vibe for kpop idols, but would love to see Seunggi photographed like this!  But at the same time, I’m glad all the money he earns for his CFs doesn’t have to be distributed with a bunch of other guys!

Han Chae Young for Wild Roses/Wild Lodge

Women’s outdoor fashion, showcasing a healthy and shapely image is also the hot thing for this upcoming spring/summer.  And although Han Chae Young is way too “korean barbie” looking for me, she looks gorgeous in these photo ads…

Lee Hyori for Fila Sport

Hyori looks great too.  I miss seeing her around and on tv.  Wasn’t a fan of Family Outing, but watched here and there for Hyori.  Can’t help but to love her!  Want to see her on variety shows with Seunggi too.  Loved that very first episode of KBS Sang Sang Plus when Seunggi and Soogeun were guests and Hyori was MC!

Lee Yeon Hee for The North Face

Lee Yeon Hee portraying a more cute image.  It fits her perfectly! I totally love that simple black skirt!  Going to check out North Face store in nyc and try to buy it.

(Images: DClsg, Naver, BlogMe, As labeled)

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3 Responses

  1. That first picture with him in glasses… it’s a bit weird. Anyway, you’re right. He can definitely learn a few modelling tips. Especially new poses. Thanks for this, Ann! =)

  2. How come no female models look like they ever spent five minutes outdoors? They all wear sportswear as they were garden party dresses. Lee Hyori is the only exception. Too bad they cannot leave her cleavage alone.

    SG looks cool in all white and all black.

    Dear Ann, keep these fashion commentary coming.

  3. Yes, I want Seunggi to put his hard work ethic toward some new modeling expressions and poses! If so, with his diligent attitude, he’ll be like a professional model soon!

    and omg, I almost spit out my coffee!! puahhhhh! Garden party dresses?! So true! And I love it! I’m going to show up hiking in a mini-dress next time! LOL on the cleavage. hey, they know what sells! Miss Hyori!

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