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MC Mong-Seunggi on friendship, popularity, and gift-giving, late night-texting, mother-like Kim C [Love Letter, June 2008]

This is it. Post 4, the last one, in LSGfan’s the Singer Seunggi interview series on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter over the years.  Seunggi and MC Mong together = Love!  They talk about friendship, popularity, and Kim C’s special affection for the guys (making Kim C’s close friend, Yoon Do Hyun, a little jealous!).  Hope Mong finds peace regarding his military exemption case, and a good resolution along the way…

MC Mong-Seungg talk 1N2D, friendship, and Kim C [June 13, 2008]


(Video: Beedance07)

Thanks again to Beedance, as these English translations were idly sitting around!

I Love you Oh Thank you [June 13, 2008]

My absolute fave Mong-Seunggi duet! Who cannot love this?!

Because You’re My Woman [June 13, 2008]

With slightly comical start/version from MC Mong. Love this too!

(Videos: tkfkd111)

Aw… Miss seeing these guys together…

MORE ~ I Love You Oh Thank You…

(All video credits go to YT account indicated below each cut)

2009 December KBS Gayo music celebration

Mong-Seunggi (plus, Jiwon and Soogeun for 1n2d special Let’s go on Vacation)

(video: coffee166)

Fanmade Mong-Seunggi cut [2009 December KBS Gayo]

  (video: koolbjeongshin)

Mong’s outdoor concert, fancam Seunggi cut [2008]

(video: AirenDrama)

Will you Marry Me, feat MC Mong [2009 December MBC Gayo Daejun]

Includes intro LSG sketch clip set to David Choi’s “Something to Believe” (Samsung also recently used one of David Choi’s songs in Seunggi’s recent Zipel CF. Korean-American youtube star and super talented David Choi~ Love him!)

(video: minjunss501)

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Ann. I miss the two of them. MC Mong’s final trial is near, so this brings some kind of hope. I hope to see them together again, too.

  2. I missing the two of them together on 1N2D!!!

  3. Mongie we miss you!

  4. i miss mong too on 1n2d hope they can shoot together again with all the cast..

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