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1n2d’s new Actor line: Heartwarming Seunggi-Taewoong

Special 1n2d video/translation post to celebrate Uhm Tae Woong’s first 1n2d and PD Na’s newly created “Actor Line” duo! Anyone else loving this new pairing?! Already being referred to as the heartwarming brothers, can’t help but to smile at Seunggi and Taewoong together (especially after LSGfan’s fave hyungs, Kim C and Mong left)…

Taewoong-Seunggi’s first 1n2d, 2011 March 7, 13
(All videos: Tryp96; English translations: LSGfan)

HD: The new recruit is watching.
SG: Ok! Can I go ahead?
JW: Seunggi, are you going to be okay? Why is your hand so cold!
HD: Why don’t you say a few words to our new recruit. What sort of awesome water plunge and message do you want to relay to him?
SG: First of all, I sincerely welcome Uhm Tae Woong hyung as part of our family. And especially today, as a welcome ceremony, I will joyfully and happily plunge into the water. Really, as a celebration. Plunging in the water, you can’t just dip your toe in. I’ll show you how it’s done. 1 Night 2 Days~ Always~ Fighting! 1 Night ~ 2 Days! I’m off!

[PD Na said Seunggi had to then sing his own song after water plunging]

SG: Jongmin hyung, you surprised me! What were you doing?
JM: Tumbling into the water!
SooG: But it looked very uncool!
SG: Taewoong hyung (high-five)! That couldn’t have been easy.

SG: Hyung, can I give him these rice cakes? Since it’s Um Tae Woong hyung’s first day. These are Um Tae Woong’s celebratory rice cakes.
PD: You’re the only one who prepare something for the new member!
SG: It was prepared tonight. [All: Wow!]

SG: Hyung, these are celebratory rice cakes for you. Please try one.
TW: Hahahahahaha.

PD: The next event will be at the rest stop. This time’s mentor is the only 1N2D member~ elementary, middle, high school, college, graduate school~ having attended all 5 levels.
JW: That’s Lee Seung Gi.
PD: Knowing the Pythagorean Theorem, 1N2D’s sole brain!

SG: Hyung, let’s practice. Spain-Madrid. Canada-Ottawa. United States? [TW: Washington]
JM: You have to say DC too.
SG: It’s okay. Capital of the Philippines? [TW: Manilla]
SG: Ok! Thailand? [TW: Bangkok]
SG: Ok! Hyung, how about Nepal? [TW: Kathmandu]
SG: Ok! Egypt? [TW: Cairo]
SG: Ok! He knows them all! India? They’re good at curry. [TW: Delhi]
SG: But it’s a “새로은” Delhi. (korean word for “new”)
TW: New Delhi?
SG: Yes, New Delhi! [laughter!]

HD: Taewoong, are you saying my chest is clearly lined and divided?!
SG: Just like a plot of land! [laughter!]

SG: Hyung, it’s ok, we’ll eat next time. You’re not just holding in your feelings, right?
[Taewoong whispers into Seunggi’s ear… wonder what he said!]

And some brotherly Soogeun-Seunggi love too…

SG: Soogeun hyung! Come here. Look very carefully… Look at my flag stick very carefully. Hyung, do you want me to show you a magic trick? Ah~ appear~ Hoi!

Soog: Who wants some coffee?
SG: Me.
Soog: Do a sexy dance. Wow Seunggi!

HD: I’ve never met him before.
SooG: Really?!
SG: How about you Soogeun hyung?
SooG: Of course I haven’t met him. Why would I have a reason to meet an actor?! Just seeing Lee Seung Gi is an honor for me! In my heart, there is only room for Actor Lee!

And I loved this 1n2d October 3rd episode (Seoul trip) the guys were watching on tv together! Omg, I remember the games part with the foreigners~ so hilarious (um, and that German chick totally flirting with Seunggi)! Plus, rare moment Cody simply styled Seunggi in great denim Replay shirt!

Actor Line, Heartwarming Seunggi-Taewoong moments…
Seunggi’s (NYC  FUBU) Hoodie should look familiar to fans!

Wish I could look dewy-skinned right when I get up in the morning too?!

Closing ment BTS photos~ Taewoong’s first 1n2d trip…

(Images: SPN/Edaily)

And omg, I can’t even imagine what this is about…
BTS photos for the next 1N2D (another mountain trip!)…

(Images: DClsg; Naver blogs)

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6 Responses

  1. Seung-gi really looks cute with that green fubu jacket.

    Thanks for sharing these, Ann. It’s great to see that UTW is meshing well with the five boys.

  2. yeah, UTW’s really a super duper nice guy! and love seeing all the guys welcome him and him being so comfy with all the guys! unfortunately, “niceness” doesn’t always translate into tv ratings. probably why they’re trying to pinpoint a character/nickname asap.

    • I really can’t wait to watch this episode with subs. It’s hard to get a feel of them without understanding half of what they say. Haha. UTW really looks close to Seung-gi based on your photos. And you’re right, Ann. Niceness really doesn’t translate into TV ratings.

  3. thanks a LOT for the translation, Ann unnie !!

    love this pairing.
    after comedian and singer line, it’s actor line now! woohoo~
    adding one actor friend for Seunggi haha

    Taewoong and the others look good together <3
    can't wait to watch the eng subbed full show on KBSW.

    about the bts photos for the next week ep,
    I'm wondering why did they bring that big teddy bear? o.O
    but Seunggi looks so cute while holding it. hahaha

  4. LMAO! Hodong is too funny! Already tricking UTW with the finger-feeding trick! I love SG and UTW! Wish it was next Sunday already!

  5. Love the way UTW hooked arms with Seung Gi – so natural and warm! The two have great chemistry.

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