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The 3 styles of wedding singer Seunggi [Zipel CF event]

Recently released ongoing Zipel CF wedding event to end March 31.  Register and correctly guess which song Seunggi WANTS to sing and~ he’ll show up (in person!) to serenade some lucky couple.  Um, make that one super UNLUCKY groom and one ECSTATIC bride, and a bunch of LUCKY guests! (English translation below)…

LSG: Zipel and Seunggi’s sweet wedding celebration gift…
[What would be the celebratory song Seunggi wants to present to the bride?
Guess what’s in Seunggi’s heart. Seunggi will personally present his best celebratory gift at the wedding event of one person who guesses correctly]
LSG: Seunggi will be there to present his best celebratory gift.
[Celebratory song 1: Because you’re my Woman]
[Celebratory song 2: Will you marry me?]
[Celebratory song 3: I’ll give you Everything]
LSG: Register now. And Seunggi will meet you at your wedding.

Video: SamsungTomorrow, English: LSGfan

Zipel CF and wedding event BTS filming, cut 1

BTS filming, cut 2

At first I was thinking what sort of stupid groom would allow his bride to register for this thing and chance having his most important day of his life ruined by some guy named Seunggi turn his fiancee into mush while singing a celebratory wedding gift?!  But then I realized as a guest, this would seriously be the mother of all wedding gifts and you’d be totally loved forever (that is, by the bride!).

With recent news about CF estimated earnings (and Samsung contracts), it looks like Seunggi is working hard for his Samsung Zipel money!  We knew he had a pretty sweet deal with Samsung going into his second year as the exclusive endorsement model for Zipel kitchen (which if you follow kpop news, should know that kitchen and home electronics CFs are all the craze with the the top male stars fronting the big companies).  But Zipel also somehow convinced (or required!) Seunggi to anticipate singing at some unknown contest winner’s wedding later this year!

The 3 Seunggi wedding singer styles

Will You Marry Me

Because you’re my Woman

I’ll Give you Everything

And it looks like most people think Seunggi will want to sing “Will you Marry Me” with 65% of the votes thus far, and “I’ll give you Everything” with 30% of the votes.  Only 4% think Seunggi wants to sing his noona song for his celebratory gift!  LOL.  Hm, I think Seunggi would want to sing “Will you Marry Me” for his wedding song present too.

See more at ~  Samsung Zipel Grandestyle site.

More BTS photos.  Check out more at SamsungTomorrow.

It’s that time of the year.  Similar to last May’s wedding extravaganza event, looks like Samsung will be showcasing Seunggi and Zipel again this year, but OMG~~~~

Brilliant Legacy’s “HwanSung” too?!  I totally thought this was fan photo-shopped when it surfaced online a while back.  But it is indeed NOT fan photo-shopped!  But it is Samsung Wedding event advertisement photo-shopped!  Love it!  Hwan-Sung~ FOREVER!!!!  (not Seunggi-Hyojoo though!  But friends, that’s okay)!

See more at ~  Samsung’s Wedding Event site.

(Images: DClsg, Samsung Tomorrow)

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15 Responses

  1. why!!! I love seunggi-hyojoo become real couple
    *just kidding* :P

    really miss this couple really.
    have you read a Japanese article where seunggi confessed that hyojoo is one of his bestfriend beside his hyungs in 1n2d..?
    first hyojoo, then seunggi who confess their closeness. it seems that their friendship is real…

  2. yeah read about HJ being one of his closest actor friends. Yeah I miss HwanSung too! Loved Seunggi and Hyojoo both in Brilliant Legacy!

    Seunggi and Hyojoo have both been pretty open and honest about their good friendship… it’s definitely the real thing.

    Yeah HJ had talked about their friend out in the public, but not Seunggi much until recently. Loved the 1n2d ep when he called HJ on the phone for the baseball player fan. totally obvious they’re good friends even by the way he talked to her on the phone. So cute!

    HJ and SG should sing a duet at the contest winner’s wedding! :)

  3. Thanks a lot, Ann. :)

    If SeungGi will sing “Will You Marry Me”, the groom should sing to his bride “I’ll Give You Everything”, as in everything, including giving (or allowing?) his bride to participate in the contest to have SeungGi sing in the wedding even if SG would take the spotlight away from him as the groom! :)

    On another note, I am so happy that despite your busy schedule with your graduate (?) studies and all, you still find time or rather use your precious time to translate and post great stuffs about our favorite SeingGi. :) I hope you won’t get tired doing these things for SeungGi and his international fans.

    Take care and God bless you always.

  4. Haha! Ann! Love what you said, ” one super unlucky groom, an ecstatic bride and a bunch of happy guests.”

  5. Love the groom and bride in the last photo…;)

  6. I bet he’d sing “I’ll Give You All”.. :D and I was so thrilled when i found that they remained good friends after BL.. really love HwanSung couple!

  7. i love him in 1N2D god knows not bad in dramas ….but his singing is ok …n i don’t really like the whole CF thing…it so low when i think of it !!!!!

    he should only promote 2-3 high brand names…instead of pizza hut n sunkist…chung w/e…its so dumb…

    • sure SG risks being over-exposed with being everywhere on tv and CFs. but just so you know, the concept and value of CFs are different in korea compared to let’s say the US.

      Like Pizza Hut, b/c it’s an american brand, it has high cache in Korea. Most of the US food brands are considered high-brow there. Before SG, Rain was the CF model. Similar thing with Sunkist.

      And same with Chung Jung Won. although a food brand, it’s an all-natural, upscale sort of brand. and very popular in korea. before SG, the CF model was Jung Woo Sung and before him, Jang Dong Gun. SG is the main model currently, but Lee Hyori and other Alisters also endorse related Chung Jung Won products.

      • I guess it depends on perspective..now that i think of it…pizza hut and macdonalds are also considered good in india as they are american brand..but in reality here there not much hype…just avg brand

  8. Seung Gi said his closest actor for him is Hyo Joo …wwwwaaaaaaaaaaawww……glad to hear that…..!

  9. hello lsg fan.. where can i watch that ep in 1n2d when he called hj?

  10. Hena~ it’s the Dec 19 1n2d episode.
    You can watch without Eng subs at this tudou link:

    I think there’s also some streaming twitter site for the KBSworld versions (with Engsubs). not sure b/c i don’t watch with Eng subs. loved the short phone call b/t SG and HJ!

  11. tnk u so much lsgfan.. : )) i really really love them both.. pls always update us about them.. thank you!!

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