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Seunggi in Japan but unable to participate in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s first Japan promotions alongside Minah?

* UPDATE: Plagiarism questions re: Hong Sisters’ drama Discover of Affection *

* UPDATE: 11am, LSG-SMA supposedly spotted in elevator of broadcast building *
No official word. But Seunggi returned back to Korea before the press conference.

So we know Seunggi arrived in Japan on March 7 per fancams…

(Videos: leeseunggi01, SeungSunLove fancafe)

And (via Japanese fans) that he participated in a filming for an entertainment show on Fuji TV, which just finished broadcasting (a second time!) Seunggi’s hit drama Brilliant Legacy last December…

And that he was recently featured in a blitz of like FIVE different Japanese magazines all around the same time~ (some select images)…


So can someone please explain to me why the Korean press is reporting that Shin Minah is in Japan for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho  promotions and emphasizing that Seunggi will not be taking part in this promotion, and Minah will be flying solo?!

Per the press, Shin Minah arrived in Tokyo on March 9th to promote Kdrama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” set to premiere on Japanese channel TBS starting March 21.  She is also scheduled to take part in related interviews and fashion shoots on March 10-11, and will be on TBS program “Academy Night.”

Ok, so fine, it’s very possible the press is wrong; it won’t be the first time for sure!.  And maybe Seunggi and Minah will meet up to promote together.  I mean what would be the crazy thinking behind having both Seunggi and Minah in Japan, at the same time, yet not doing one single drama promotion together?!

Oh wait, yeah, I forgot… oh yeah, Seunggi’s agency is Hook Entertainment.  Please Hook, prove me wrong just once.  Please tell me the rumors about Seunggi returning to Korea in order to film 1N2D and missing out on the first official My Girlfriend is a Gumiho promotions is not true.  Or that there’s some genius reason to him not participating and Minah doing it on her own.

* UPDATE: 11am, LSG-SMA supposedly spotted in elevator of broadcast building *
(per Japanese tweet via DClsg)

But tweet looks to be false alarm?! No official word yet. But MinAh did do the promotion on her own. Looks like Seunggi returned back to Korea before the press conference for 1N2D filming. Hope Hoi Couple can promote together next time.

But seriously, where are you Captain Hook?  Remember that whole crazy PR fiasco nightmare last month regarding Seunggi’s rumored official Japan debut and the misinformation about Seunggi and 1N2D?!

While Minah’s agency, helmed by smart, professional Jang Dong Gun, had a brief statement for press release about her Japan trip.

Per her agency, AM Entertainment, “Shin Min Ah is very excited because although she’s been to Japan to promote a movie in the past, this is the first time she will be doing promotions for a drama.”

Yeah, that’s what you call a good PR agency!

On the other hand~ Seunggi arrived in Japan on the 7th and did a bunch of Japanese feature articles over the past few weeks, yet did we hear about this in the press?  No.  Um, because it’s the agency’s job to send out press releases to the news outlets so they can write about this stuff!

Further, the press articles make it sound like it’s some big coming out party for Minah in Japan for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (which is no fault of Minah’s), and that male lead Lee Seung Gi has like nothing to do with this.

And even before this, the press was reporting incessantly about Seunggi’s rumored plans for Hong Sisters new drama Discovery of Affection, and possibly with Gong Hyo Jin.  Basically saying that the script was given to Seunggi with him in mind and it was close to a done deal.  Yet no peep from Hook. Fine, it wasn’t bad press, just your typical casting rumors.  So no big deal.

But since then, the press has been reporting incessantly that Cha Seung Won is now the heavy favorite for the male lead since Seunggi is no longer attached to the drama, with reporters speculating (of course with no evidence) as to why.

Which of course annoyed Cha Seung Won’s agency (rightfully so!) because the press came off like he was the 2nd choice since Seunggi passed on the drama.  And so his PR people did the smart thing and put out an emphatic statement saying that Cha Seung Won received the script after completing “Athena” and that he was still considering.  And that Cha Seung Won was approached about the drama from the start.  Basically, in no way is Cha Seung Won some sort of replacement for Seunggi.

Hook’s response?  Um, nothing.  In the words of Kang Ho Dong~ Unbelievable!  Even after the press started coming up with their own speculations as to why Seunggi was no longer attached — many of them indicating that the script was re-written as an older male lead and so Seunggi was no longer the best fit for the role — there was still no response from Hook.  Omg…  Sigh.

* UPDATE: Plagiarism questions re: Hong Sisters’ drama Discover of Affection *

Top Story on Daum~ Seunggi withdrew from the project early on

On a semi-related note, Chosun Ilbo is reporting that the Hong Sister’s upcoming drama “Discover of Affection” had been privately facing some questions of plagiarism; hence, the reason that Seunggi may have ultimately passed on the project.

Union Entertainment is directly quoted saying that the Hong Sisters’ storyline is almost identical to a web novel “That’s why I Married an Anti-fan” which was written a while back.  According to Union, the copyrights are being shopped around and so even though they wanted to handle the plagiarism question quietly they couldn’t because “Discovery of Affection” is planned for production soon.  Union said they will be keeping a close eye on the Hong Sisters’ drama.

Omg, too much drama!  I knew there was a good reason that most Seunggi fans were not liking him being in this drama!  And I’ll even give a thumbs up to Hook for not keeping Seunggi involved.

Japan TBS preview for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

On a happier note, I totally love this preview clip! They used a lot of my fave Seunggi looks, styles, expressions, and moments; and very cute Minah cuts too!  Hope to see Seunggi-Minah promote the drama together soon (ala Brilliant Legacy)!

(video: mane8121)

News via Donga; Newsen;  Images: Naniblog, Leeseunggiworld; DClsg

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7 Responses

  1. Hook… What’s so wrong with reacting once in a while? It confuses fans, the way they keep mum. I dunno why they seem to think that they should have some issue escalate first before reacting and releasing a statement. And that info about Seung-gi staying in Strong Heart “even in April”…SO. VAGUE. They seem to be pleased at playing mind games with the fans. IT’S RIDICULOUS that both the lead stars of the drama are in the same place, and there will not be even one appearance of them together. Oh grain of salt, I will hold on to you and will keep believing that this is not true. If he’s coming back to film 1N2D, that’s fine. But isn’t that tomorrow? Why not do some promotions together today?

  2. agree 100%! And to quote Ann – “Sigh.”
    I hope MGIAG has great ratings in Japan!

  3. what?????? plagiarism? this is getting crazy. i hope Seunggi isn’t doing the drama. I don’t think Hook would let him because of this anyway.

    btw, can’t wait to see pics of Hoi Couple!

  4. Busy time in Japan right now with promotion on MGIAG and HHJ Dongyi ,He…He Both going on all at the same time. HHJ with director Lee arrived today . Lots of news expected out of japan these 2 days on the drama promotion.

  5. is no one concern abt sueng gi’s health in japan???????? is he still in japan!!!!!!!!!

    is he ok????

    • Don’t worry, he’s fine. He left Japan and returned to Korea before the earthquake hit. He definitely had someone watching out for him. Hope things get better in Japan. So sad.

  6. thankgod!!!!!!!!
    but yeah tat is so sad n heartbreaking seeing all the videos n pictures…

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