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Win Win’s new MC Lee Soo Geun takes on Strong Heart

*** UPDATED with AGB Nielsen ratings ***

Variety shows airing at the same time slot are listed below.
Number in front of show indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNMS Media; Korean online news sites)

March 1, 2011

AGB Nielsen
5- SBS Strong Heart = 13.5% (4- Seoul = 16.5%)
* KBS Win Win = (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = (not in top 20)

TNMS Media
13- SBS Strong Heart = 10.2% (9- Seoul = 13.3%)
* KBS Win Win = 6.0% (not in top 20)
* MBC PD Notebook = 4.7% (not in top 20)

This was the first broadcast of KBS Win Win with Lee Soo Geun as one of the new MCs.   He replaced MC/Actor Kim Sung Soo who left for movie filming.

SooGeun was great in his premiere! But, I’m still not wowed by the MC group. On this first episode, Soo Geun joked about taking on rival program SBS Strong Heart, and said (jokingly) that it was the end of Kang Ho Dong!  Then they showed Hodong and Seunggi’s faces in the caption saying “They should be careful?”

I’m sure SooGeun was hoping for higher ratings, especially after his joke!

Aw, I love SooGeun and sort of sad to see that the 1n2d guys will be rivals once again.  But glad to see SooGeun getting the chance to show his comedy and charms again.  Was sad to see his previous show KBS Sang Sang Plus get cancelled after not being able to compete ratings-wise with Hodong and Seunggi’s Strong Heart.  Healthy competition is always a good way to stay motivated and focused!

Loved Tuesday’s Strong Heart.  G-dragon was awesome!  And I shed a bunch of tears when the guests (again!) talked about their parents.  Definitely a special and privileged relationship topic among K-celebs, and Koreans and people in general.

But even still, the show still feels forced and choppy to me.

Also, now that Seunggi’s decided to do 1N2D until army enlistment, and he’ll be doing another drama (rumors already abounding!), and jet-setting off to Japan for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho promotions, and with no statement out from Hook yet about Seunggi’s tenure with Strong Heart… it seems likely that Seunggi may be leaving Strong Heart soon.  Only because it’s just way too crazy of a schedule to juggle everything without fainting!

Not sure if I’ll watch Strong Heart regularly (if Seunggi decides to leave), but I hope PD Park and Hodong will find a good replacement, in the case that he has to leave.

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6 Responses

  1. sad to know that maybe one of these days we will not able to see Seunggi in SH but i couldn’t bear also to see Him struggle with his schedule..I’m not sure if i could continue to watch SH with out Seunggi in it..
    I’m sure it’s a difficult decision for hm too give up this show bt i cannot afford to read one day that he’s fainting during his filming..

  2. Jude~ I feel the same way as you. i’m sure we’d love to see him on a tv broadcast everyday if we could! hahaha. but i just want him to be happy and do the things he wants to do, that is as much as he can.

    When asked about his wishes for this new year, he’s said numerous times in interviews and shows, that he just hopes people can be happy. Not necessarily successful and prosperous per se, but happy.

    Hoping that’s true for him this year too! :)

  3. Ha ha, I just love the episode with G Dragon and Seung Ri in it. They are really hilarious. Of course, my eyes still always focus on our beloved Seung Gi only.

  4. if seunggi oppa would leave strong heart..i’m pretty sure that i’ll not be watching strong heart anymore..he’s the main reason that i watch strong heart every week…=(…but all the best for him~~..regardless anything he wished to do in the future…=)

  5. Lee Teuk’s good. But I guess he’ll have to leave for the army soon.

  6. i hope SG doesn’t have to leave strong heart, he’s good at mc’ing, he always brings fun and laughter..i hope there’s one another way to arrange his hectic schedule..

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