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2010 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 and Top 10 Lists

The annual Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 list is out.  Seunggi moved up from his 2009 #7 ranking to #4 in 2010. He was also ranked #1 in two of the Top 10 Celebrity Rankings by Field/Sector, (#1 Actor Searched Online and #1 CF Star).  Congrats to Seunggi!!  See which K-celebrities made the cut.  See full lists…

Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 – Blurb on Seunggi

4. Lee Seung Gi
SBS Entertainment Awards Best Excellence Award
KBS Entertainment Awards Male Best Excellence Award for Show/Variety MC

2010 was Lee Seung Gi’s year. With his image as nation’s younger brother, actor, MC, and singer, he was very active on all fronts. He successfully took on the role of Cha Dae Woong in SBS drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” This drama recorded a 21.3% tv rating. He is involved as an MC on SBS and KBS together with Kang Ho Dong. In the last year alone, Lee Seung Gi filmed 30 CFs, the most in all of Korea.

Why didn’t Forbes include his SBS Drama Awards in the blurb?!  Especially considering that he was ranked in the Top 10 Searched list as an “Actor.”

2010 Korea Power Celebrity Top 40

Lots of Seunggi’s sunbaes and people he’s worked with are on the list too.

Forbes Korea also included Top 10 Celebrity Rankings by Field/Sector.

Seunggi ranked #1 on BOTH Top 10 Internet Searched and Top 10 CF Stars.

Top 10 CF Stars

(based on TVCFs number of CFs filmed/broadcast)

Top 10 Searched on the Internet

(based on Daum online search statistics)
Categorized by Actor, Singer, Athlete

Other Top 10 Field/Sector lists included Korean Drama, Album Sales, and Digital Music Sales.

Check out Seunggi on the Forbes (American) site – 2009 Korea Power Celebrities.

Lee Seung-Gi: This 23-year-old heartthrob has the lead role in the 2009 hit TV drama Brilliant Legacy. Has popular weekly variety entertainment show 1 Night 2 Days.

They describe him as a “heartthrob!”  puahahahaha.

Congrats again to the amazing and super hard-working Seunggi!!!

(Credits: Forbes Korea; DClsg; English translation: LSGfan)

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4 Responses

  1. Ann, thanks a lot for sharing. :)

    This news is really amazing!

    SeungGi is # 1 of the Top 10 CF stars, filmed the most # of CFs (30) and consistently # 1 also in CF Model Preference Ranking for so many months since 2010 until Jan 2011. I can’t understand why he was not included in the list of the top 10 (or 20?) CF model earners that I read in AllKpop’s site. To think that the products he’s endorsing do not come cheap.

    • Exactly Im not really bother with him not being in the top 10 earners. I think when it come to money the best is to remain low key. As long as he able to afford a new apartment and most importantly he was able to give to charity to me he is rich. Rich in compassion, generousity, love etc. I even read that he donated all his Strong Heart earning to charity too. But having say all this I believe he is well paid for his cf. I think hook is doing a very good job in keeping this a secret. :)

  2. Hey guys we must definitely be thinking the same! I think the Allkpop translation on that article may have been inaccurate and the list was for “CF asking price or pricetags” and NOT “total CF earnings.”

  3. SMA and LSG they look good together and they are powerful endorser.. i wish they will have another project.. even here on the philippines MGIG madness

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