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Why can’t Lee Seung Gi freely leave 1N2D (if he were to)?

*** UPDATE: Various news outlets are reporting official statements from Hook Entertainment and Seunggi himself stating that he will not be leaving 1N2D and that he plans to remain with 1N2D until military enlistment ***

If Seunggi were to LEAVE (not “quit” – yes, similar in definition, but very different in connotation) his 2 variety programs (Strong Heart and 1N2D), can someone please(!) explain to LSGfan (rationally, and not emotionally) how this in any way calls his character or loyalty into question?!

So, the dude (Seunggi) diligently works his ass off on a beloved show (1N2D) for 3 years and 3 months without complaining once.  Even though he gains increased popularity and love for his character and image (Hudang), it makes him more humble and grateful to fans, viewers, and fellow members.

And despite hitting the big times with his first lead role drama (Brilliant Legacy), he stays committed to his popularity roots (1N2D) and continues working even extra harder on the show (often way more than some members).

And continues to work super hard, even during his much buzzed-about, high profile drama comeback (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho), and all while not missing one recording of his other demanding show (Strong Heart).  On top of all of that, after wrapping his super exhausting drama filming, the guy (Seunggi) keeps his promise to fans (many who always crave the person who debuted as a singer), and prepares for and puts on a concert for them.

And lastly, while maintaining rank as one of the top CF money makers, he parlays that into personal and public charitable donations and actual work involvement.

Um, so again ~ Can someone PLEASE explain to LSGfan how Seunggi’s rumored and possible departure from 1N2D calls into question his character and loyalty?!

Any person who’s watched 1N2D knows the 1 night 2 days filming is totally grueling and physically taxing.  So, if Seunggi were to want to move on, does he “owe” 1N2D something more?  He’s already given over a 100% effort at 3 years and 3 months!

Also, you know, it’s not like we always leave things or people in life only because we want to.  A lot of times, we don’t want to, but we have to because we have to make choices and move on to keep growing and challenging ourselves.  Who wants to be stagnant and not discovering new things and pushing yourself to the next level?  Well, definitely not LSGfan, and probably not Seunggi either!

Also, fine, it’s a free world.  People are totally free to express how they feel or what they want.  But, what’s the deal with people making DECLARATIVE statements about things they’re like totally misinterpreting?  Sure, we’re all prone to misstatements, but it’s SO freaking annoying (and kind of hilarious) when people make uninformed comments as if they were factual and 100% correct.  Really?!  I seriously don’t get that type of audacity (or ignorance)!

Whether it turns out that Seunggi leaves or doesn’t leave his shows, you can’t go around making up facts in the meantime, even if things end up that way!

And definitely, no doubt~ Captain Hook and her crew continue to struggle to play in the big leagues!  I’m still serious about sending Captain Hook the HBO  Entourage DVD set.  She SO needs to watch and learn some tips from jerk-but-brilliant PR Agent Ari!

Hope Seunggi isn’t feeling too burdened and bothered by all this, and that he takes it in stride.  Things always have a way of working out in the end…

*** UPDATE: Various news outlets are reporting official  statements from Hook Entertainment and Seunggi himself stating that he will not be leaving 1N2D and that he plans to remain with 1N2D until military enlistment ***

See official statement details at Newsen article,

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15 Responses

  1. Umm..Ann..to be honest,I’m being shocked at this news more likely because it’s so NOT Seung Gi-ish, to leave just like that. Not because I’m doubting his loyalty or his character but more like because I feel he is forced to do that (LEAVE) if it’s true.

    I try to ignore them,but one of AIREN’s mention me,and the other person (the source I rely of for the info of korean pop&stars) also shocked about it so I do think it’s true. I can’t do anything than being carried by the flow (I know it’s offensive)
    Now,after deep thought, I think as true fans we must support him whatever he’ll do. JUST! (Sorry for the just-thingy) If it’s real, I hope it’s officially from HOOK or Seung Gi self. I’ll feel sad,because 1n2d will feel different w/o him if it’s true,but I feel sad more if he leave because being forced. Thank You Ann, for sharing your thought and because your love for him seem endless. We love you too

  2. I won’t question SG’s character or loyalty if he really did end up leaving both of his shows. However, I’ll definitely miss seeing him on TV a lot!!!

  3. whatever decision he’ll choose, that will not make me love him less.. I will always support & respect his decision.. Hope he’s fine & not be upset for this negative article that came out..& hope this will end soon..

    Poor guy he works as if he’s fighting life for death yet still people find ways to write this nonsense article..

    Seunggiah fighting!!!

  4. Thank you so much Ann for posting this. But Hook makes me so mad!

    Whatever happens, I’ll do my best to support him! Fighting Seunggi! Fighting Airens!

  5. spot on Anne! i could not agree more..

  6. seems like Hook !!! really enjoy with all the rumours out there ( sorry if i have to use this words )

    Whaiting SG ya… BE STRONG with all the media dishing and just take the positive thinking w/ it.
    whatever happens we always support u.

    Go Go my SMILE ANGEL flaying high to the sky……..

  7. No one is forcing SG to leave. Why, did someone say that? exact opposite. No one wants him to leave, probably even Hook and Seunggi himself to some degree.

    Also, I really doubt Captain Hook is enjoying any of these rumors or type of press. True, for a lot of celebs, the saying goes that any press is better than no press.

    But for Seunggi and Hook (whose bad press is equivalent to like good press for any normal peoples!) – to think they actually want this type of uncertain and chaotic (not necessarily negative, but definitely not positive) press doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

    Honestly, it seems more like the continuing pattern of Captain Hook really not being prepared to deal with press and public relations, per usual. it’s not like this is the first time.

    If Hook doesn’t make a statement soon, even if it is to just say they’re trying to figure things out, I might really write a REAL LETTER to Captain Hook this time!

  8. Bullseye, Ann. Thank you for this.

    What’s wrong with the character of people who wants to spread their wings to fly in seeking the next level of height that they can possibly reach? Absolutely nothing! They are suppose to be applauded for being so ambitious and doing their best to improve themselves! I think these people who questions SeungGi’s character in case he leaves his two shows are the stagnant ones who do not pursue greater dreams…that’s why they can’t seem to understand. They are just like tree stumps that do not grow any branches.

    Whatever will be SeungGi’s decision as long as he’s happy with it, I’ll support him and I am and will always be his fan forever. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he won’t leave 1n2d though because it’s my fave variety show. I discovered him on this show.

    • triple true!!!
      now, we have to wait for official statement from both hook and 1N2D… soon, i hope!

      • @sha_cha thanks a lot. :)

        Yes, we’ll just have to wait for official statements from Hook, 1n2d and SH, and I hope it’s gonna be soon.

        I’m keeping SeungGi in my prayers that his optimism will always prevail so that he won’t be that much affected by the negatives.

  9. Wow! This whole episode can only be described as crazy, insane even. In the past when I read about Korean stars commit suicides because of malicious rumors I was like, no way, that can’t be happening. Now I know. I just hope SG, strong and steadfast as he is, not be affected too much by it all. I will even take a step further than Ann did to suggest – SG, if you got fed up with all the demands, reasonable or not, and if you don’t think it’s worthwhile doing what you do now, just walk away. I totally understand. In fact I know you will succeed in whatever else you choose to do too.

  10. thanks ann for this.

    all i can say is, i will support seunggi no matter what.
    sure it’s not easy for his fans to see him not appearing on the shows that he has been appearing for these past years, but its like another drama of him that had just concluded, after that fans will wait for his another drama and will still support him.

    i believe this issue was way exaggerated. eottohke? the guy is just so popular, with the republic of korea owning him as their younger Brother.
    this guy has worked alot. i think even the word working hard is an understatement, i hope people of wherever they are will understand seunggi. if ever he will make decisions.

    anyways. he is not leaving.. yet hahah. ^^
    so nothing to worry. its a relief that he has expressed his love for 12nd in planning to join the show until he enters the military. ^__^ and for now seunggi has 2 shows so i guess he can get like a decent amount of sleeping hours.(for like a korean celebrity) hahah. but i hope when things get crazier again in the future, i hope people will respect his decision. after all aside from leveling up, its not the image that’s really at stake but his health. good health(mentally/physically/emotionally)=life

    let our seunggi live. ^^___^^

    seunggi yaa. all the korean ahjummas are praying for you!<333me too! Godbless u boy!

  11. keeping this short….but THANK YOU!…I feel the same way…i’ve been reading the word “betrayal” on lsg’s part if he were to leave one or both shows..and it makes no sense to me…its so exaggerated to the 10th power!…whatever he chooses to do, i’m still tuning in to this guy! thanks lsgfan!

  12. Thanks, Ann, for sharing your thoughts..
    I feel exactly the same with you.. Questioning SG’s loyalty? Leaving 1n2d means betrayal? Gee~ Talk about exaggerating.. Yes, SG gains increased popularity through 1n2d, but admit it or not, one of the reason for 1n2d popularity is because of SG too.. All I want to say is, NO, SG didn’t owe 1n2d anything more, whatever “debt” he owe, he already paid more than enough.. He can leave whenever he wants, and I will support him all the way..

  13. i dont think ppl are questioning seunggi loyalty but rather that he will be severely missed(like mong and kim c)..maybe more…the feel will be different.this is one show that those guys are not celebritities but ordinary ppl like us..but if seunggi has to leave the show one day..he’ll do it with our blessing…who can hate seunggi???seriously….

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