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StarNews is reporting that Seunggi will be leaving both shows, 1 Night 2 Days and Strong Heart [Hook Entertainment says this is not true and groundless]

*** UPDATE: Hook Entertainment says this news is groundless in statement… ***

StarNews is reporting that Seunggi will be leaving BOTH 1 Night 2 Days (KBS) and Strong Heart (SBS)…  And what, did I read this correctly?!…

He’s going to be MC-ing a brand new type of variety program on SBS together with A-list actor Cha Seung Won (currently on Athena)?!

O-M-G! Okay, so I was totally kidding when I previously posted that Hook purposely had Seunggi out here in NYC to be far away from Korea when news broke that he might be making an official debut in Japan.  That rumor in itself was shock enough, but woah, this is even more of a shocker!  Leaving both shows to do a new show????

I’m sure there’s good reason for all this so LSGfan will wait to hear official word from Hook before jumping to any conclusions.  Usually, I don’t ever fully believe what the Korean press reports, but this for some reason sounds pretty legitimate?

OMG, are you guys equally shocked?  Will you still watch 1N2D and Strong Heart?!

Honestly, I’m just glad he’s not leaving Korean TV!!!!  Well, that is based on this ONE article.  And by the way, Cha Seung Won totally rocks!

[Reminder note from LSGfan]~

Please remember this news is based on Star News reporting, as indicated in the post.  No one from Seunggi’s management company, Hook, has confirmed this.  Also,  it’s being reported that this is news to the 1N2D and Strong Heart PDs; they did not hear such a thing.  So again, take it as one article, but a VERY big article at that which has now produced a bunch more follow up articles looking into the matter.

If StarNews is totally making this up, they will have wrath to face from fans of the nation’s variety show 1N2D and fans of national uhm-chin-ah Lee Seung Gi!

Source: LSGfan via StarNews

*** UPDATE: Hook Entertainment says this news is groundless ***

Hook Entertainment spoke briefly with Sports Chosun and said “There are no plans to leave and this is groundless” adding “We have no idea what sparked such news and we are in the process of checking this out.”

“1 Night 2 Days” indicated the same.  PD Lee Dong Hee of Happy Sunday said “Lee Seung Gi leaving is groundless.”  Regarding the reported news that his departure was decided in January, PD Lee also said “There has never been any official, formal exchange between Lee Seung Gi’s management company and the production team about him leaving.”

Regarding departure from “Strong Heart,” SBS variety director Jang Kwang Ho stated, “It is true that we did exchange some words back and forth about this, but I never heard about a March departure date.”

Source: LSGfan via SportsChosun

I’m getting the vibe that he would leave  Strong Heart, if he had to choose between that and 1N2D (even though the show is such a HUGE commitment).

Also, I still get the feeling that Star News wasn’t totally off on the idea of a new show with Cha Seung Won.  Like that’s so random!  It can’t have been something just totally made up it seems.  I guess anything’s possible though.

Glad Seunggi has Lee Seo Jin to hang out with here in NYC while all this drama goes down far away in Korea!

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13 Responses

  1. totally shocked… please, dont break my heart, Seung Gi. I’m only starting to watch 1N2D and I love it. I adore it. Will it be right to leave them as four? Of course, maybe they’ve already found new member, will include him soon, give him a couple episodes to accustom to let Seung Gi go. And SH – best tv bromance ever! And if rumors are true, are they sure that this is right decision? Is he ready to be without KHD in variety (dont know abt CSW’s mc experience)?
    ok, too many thoughts and one rumor I dont’ wanna believe in. anyway I’ll be with any Seung Gi’s decision, but still… I love both shows, I looove Hodong, and I adore Seung Gi in these shows.
    but I’ll be watching 1N2D in any case. It’s great show.
    Thank you for news!! Hope to see smth else soon.

  2. It doesn’t make sense..
    I understand if he has to leave both shows cause he’ll debut in Japan cause it’ll hard for him to go back and forth to Korea and Japan..
    But if he leaves both show just because a new show.. I don’t know but it doesn’t make sense for me.
    Hope this just a rumour. Cause I really love watching him on 1N2D.

  3. OMG! I hope this is not true, Ann! I won’t be watching 1n2d & SH without SeungGi! He’s the only reason I’m watching these shows! I wish he’ll not leave 1n2d. Is that too much to ask?!

    Ann, I’m sorry for using many exclamation points (!). Oh my, oh my! I can’t really believe this! It’s shocking, really!

    Thanks for sharing just the same :)

  4. hmm..i dont think so…both shows need him and i think seunggi himself needs to be in those shows for now..especialy 1N2D…but i hope he willalso pursue his studies..

  5. I think Seunggi’s going to leave one show.

  6. Hey All~ sorry for the initial scare! omg, and I’m totally supposed to be finishing up a project instead of surfing online! even still, i think it’d be pretty naive of us to think that the idea of Seunggi leaving the 2 shows is something new to Hook!

    honestly, even though Hook says this is groundless, as do the 1N2D and Strong Heart PDs…

    I think the statements from the 2 PDs are pretty telling.

    Also, am I the only one that thinks Seunggi should be allowed to do other things without being tied down??!! I think he deserves a break from his gazillion activities and should be allowed to try something new. p.s. Don’t hate me please :)

  7. I’ve been too busy to keep up with the Korean press lately. But OMG, I can’t believe this is happening! I wish the press could just stop speculating and do some real news reporting for a change.

    I really don’t see how SeungGi could leave 1n2d, since they’re already 1 member short, and SeungGi is a HUGE part of the show. As for Strong Heart, I can see him giving it up if he really becomes active in Japan, but I don’t understand why he would give it up for another variety show on SBS. I just hope Hook knows what it’s doing.

  8. I dun think that he leaving 1n2d is possible at all considering that his commitment with the show for all this years. But i can totally c him leaving strong heart. But to think of it why he want to host another sbs show with CHa Seung won when he can do it with Kang Ho Dong instead? Why take the risk? So if he is leaving strong heart i think its becoz of his advancement to Japan instead. And please remember if he want to expand his career to Japan, he still can participate in 1n2d. So dun worry…Remember Daesung from big bang? Big bang is super popular in Japan and he is been flying back and forth when he is doing family outing before. So we have to see whether seung gi wiling to give his commitment to the show or he is just going to abandond the show when Mc Mong future in the court is still uncertain. The seung gi that i know definetely will not do that.

  9. Shocking!!! Again, OMG just like everyone else! Without Seung Gi, I will not watch Strong Heart! But I will feel very sorry if Seung Gi leave Strong Heart. Of course, Kang Ho Dong sshi would totally be okay by himself (or with someone else), but there will be something that missing greatly ~ It’s just great to see the sweet bromance between KHD and Seung Gi. And for 1n2d, I don’t think I would be able to handle that fact if that happen. When Kim C and Mong left, my heart was already broken, and if Seung Gi also…….
    I guess I’m just not ready to see a great turn of Seung Gi. Maybe I’m too naive…But I will try to support Seung Gi whatever he will do. And honestly, I don’t really understand what is Hook thinking.

    P/S. Ann, you should concentrate on your project. Actually, I have a big project that due tomorrow, too. Do your best! ^ ^

  10. I am a huge LSG fan and he is the reason why I watch 1N2D and SH in the first place. It is depressing to think that he may no longer be in these 2 shows, hence, although I like KHD, I will definitely stop watching if he leaves. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t happen, at least not within this year.

  11. WHAT !!!! can’t believe this !!! upppsssss

    What will going on 1N2D w/o SG ? please don’t give up for this one, and what kind of brand new of variety program on SBS is?

    just waiting what would our “mother hook” action for this issue.

    BTW all the best for u SG.

  12. i cannot imagine strong heart or even 12nd nowadays without seunggi.
    hook/seunggi even though they’re baseless and all but please dont scare your fans. :((

    like me.im just a new fan, and i want to catch up with seunggi but with all this departure issues, it makes me anxious. joogeum more seunggi.please.

    ann. ofcourse he can sure try variety of things but that will just bring him more pressure. but its up to him, as long as when he leaves a show he’ll appear on another show immediately. i really dont want to hate myself for being what? 6 years late. hahah:D forgive me.

  13. Dear Ann,

    The logical and reasonable me agrees with you in that SG should not be tied down to any one show. He should have every right in choosing new areas to further develop himself. The selfish and biased me, however, wants him to stay with 1N2D for as long as he can. 1N2D’s format and SG’s truthful personality are made for each other. I have been enjoying both too much to not act like a crazy fangirl. SG, do stay with your hyungs, I beg you.

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