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Admiration over adoration for Seunggi at Carnegie Hall

*** UPDATED with an edited, non-jerk sounding post ***

So LSGfan ended up seeing Seunggi at Teacher Sunhee’s Carnegie Hall concert…

Originally, I wasn’t going to be able to make the concert due to a vacay that was planned prior to the announcement about Seunggi.  Had contemplated trying to bail out of the trip, but honestly I was really looking forward to hanging out with friends in sunny tropical weather versus a chilly winter NYC (omg, Airen fans don’t hate me because I felt that way!)

Eventually, I found another friend to go in my place.  But after making a new years resolution to focus on my studies, a fun beach vacay seemed really inappropriate!  So now I was freed up, but still, for some reason, as mentioned before in previous posts, I just didn’t sense a big urgency to see Seunggi in person just yet.

But to my TOTAL surprise, my friend bought tickets for us!  Woah, was not expecting that at all!  Since it was Lunar New Year, he said it’d be a great way to celebrate in a Korean cultural sort of way since we Korean-Americans don’t really celebrate that holiday in a big way here in the U.S.  His older sisters were big Lee Sun Hee fans.  Plus, both our parents were like you guys have to go, saying Lee Sun Hee is a legend.  And it really made no sense not to go to a one-time concert here like that.

So, LSGfan ultimately ended up going to Carnegie Hall and got to see Seunggi sing live.  He was wearing all black, slim-fit and looked great!  And hearing him sing live was great too.  Although it’s definitely hard to compare against Teacher Sunhee who seems to sing in perfect pitch ALL the time!

As much as I adore and admire Seunggi, seeing him in person definitely confirmed for me that LSGfan may not have the privileged distinction to qualify as an official Airen fangirl.   Everyone knows how much LSGfan hearts Seunggi, but I think it’s definitely more of a Seunggi “admiration” thing for me moreso than a Seunggi “adoration. ”  Seeing him in person made me admire him all the more, rather than let’s say, feel all heart-racing crazed.

I have never seen so many ajummas horded together in one place before!  Granted, I’m sure many of them were Teacher Sunhee fans, but based on the screaming and major breaking-of-strict-Carnegie-Hall-rules of no camera flashing when Seunggi appeared on stage, I’m thinking a lot of them were there to see Seunggi more!  Even Teacher Sunhee asked the crowd if they missed Seunggi when she came back out on stage!  My friend was like, dude, Lee Seung Gi is so popular!  Hahaha. Actually, I think he was sort of jealous!

Anyway, more details later about the ments/talks and other stuff since there’s a lot of other things that need to get done!  After seeing the notoriously diligent Seunggi in person, LSGfan had the urge to wake up before dawn, get started on some work and writing, and now plan to get bundled up for a cold jog outside!  Seeunggi always says jogging and exercise is what kept him focused, lucid, and productive!  So very true!

Oh one thing… Seunggi sort of referenced the situation about the Japan debut rumors in an indirect way.  In one of his ments/talks, he said that he was really touched by the letters, and support and love from Korean fans outside of Korea and international fans as a whole.  And I don’t remember his exact words, but something along the lines of promising to work hard in Korea always and that he would never waver on that. He also prefaced that by mentioning 1 Night 2 Days and if we knew about the show.  I felt like he was trying to quash any rumors about him leaving 1N2D.

Didn’t take any photos during the concert (because LSGfan is sort of like strait-laced Seunggi in that way!), so here are the scans from the program booklet.  I really wish they hired a fluent Korean-English speaker/translator to do the write ups!  But still nice write ups.  Since I had no cool actual photos, I had to at least watermark the program scans! Hahahaha.  I like the The Saem photo they used for Seunggi…

And it looks like the concert sponsor, Korea Radio Broadcasting of New York had posters printed out with Seunggi and Lee SeoJin in it too.  I guess it would’ve been too much to include their photos on the official Carnegie Hall one!

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9 Responses

  1. Oh Ann! You’re making me grinning from east to west. No! all the airens won’t hate you coz’ our cool and Ann finally made it to the concert. I would have acted the same way as you. Remember we are both sophicated lady haha! Ok! Ok! No offend to all the airen I just meant it as joke! Actually I’m looking to doing all the crazy stuff with the other if I able make it to his concert this year. Age is catching up with me you know. Keke! Can’t imagine an emo doing all those fangirl stuff with yon, heleo and purple1d2n. Haha!

    • you always know the perfect thing to say! :) you must be the coolest “age is catching up with me” person I know!!!!

      I really hope Airens won’t hate me! You guys should know how much I admire Seunggi with all my heart! I’m really glad I went! Seunggi sounded great and was even better to look at (hahahha), but i have to admit, I was blown away by Teacher Sunhee’s vocals, despite not really being into her style of music. she’s really amazing.

  2. OMG, I’m glad you could come, Ann.
    Ah~ I wish I could come, for both Seung Gi and Teacher.
    And No, Ann, Airens won’t hate you for being such a cool fan! I really want to be as cool as you, but it seems like I’m more like a fangirl ^ ^ (please, don’t disappointed in me, Ann)!

  3. ok, I need to re-edit this post because my intent was totally not to come off trying to be cool and saying that being a fangirl is not! I totally admire all my fangirls! I was just trying to say I don’t think I’m able to fangirl in your typical sense of the word. Oh no. I feel horrible. sorry if the tone came off the wrong way! omg, did not mean to sound like a total jerk! Apologies!!!! Forgive me! :)

    • No, Ann! I totally don’t mean that you are a jerk! Please don’t feel bad! I mean I really like people with cool head like you ^ ^! Now I feel bad because it seems like what I said made you sad > <

  4. Ann, this is the 1st time you have seen SGi closeup? so how was your impression of him?

    He is definitely good looking in person than on photo/tv right? :) hehehe…

  5. Yep, first time seeing him in person. Hate to repeat what everyone else has already said in all the past fan accounts about seeing Seunggi, but it’s all true. He’s way more slim and tall looking (which makes sense tv adds like 10 lbs). Super duper handsome. emanating a total sincere vibe that makes you automatically smile. like my guy friend was smiling ear to ear the entire time during SG’s ments! hahaha.

    And of course, most importantly… his face is way small! I think sometimes it seems bigger b/c he has such a tall and slimline body, and b/c koreans are obsessed with face size! :)

  6. waaah~ just read the 1st sentence, it’s already makes my heart beating fast! ><
    I thought you wouldn't go, unnie!

    OMG. So finally you, tryp unnie and other Airen from USA ended up at Carnegie Hall!!
    Saw Seunggi very close up in person!! XD
    I'm so happy for you gals! :D
    Congratulations! *woot*

    Haven't read the whole post yet.
    Need to save the page and read it offline later haha
    probably will comment more after reading ^^

    But hey, I'm kinda disappointed that I missed your jerk post unnie :(
    I kinda love your original, upfront, and blunt post!

  7. Ann, I TOTALLY feel you on the fan girl bit, and admiration v. adoration… BUT IM SO HAPPY U WENT!!! He was in your direct vicinity and I think if you had let it pass you by, you’d have been SO disappointed :O) I’ve been following you for a while now, and I’m glad you went. Thank you for posting :O)

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