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Top-secret plans (rumors) on Seunggi’s Japan advancement

*** UPDATE 2 ~ Captain Hook’s follow-up (no) response bon voyage ***

*** UPDATE 1 ~ Hook’s response to the article ***

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Lee Seung Gi’s top secret Japan advancement…
Even considering program departure

It has come out that singer-actor Lee Seung Gi has been involved in a top-secret project to formally debut and advance in Japan this year.

According to Sports Korea sources, Lee Seung Gi’s project to advance in Japan has already been in the works since last year. However, this has been stymied by his many activities in Korea. There is also talk that Lee Seung Gi’s side contemplated various ways in which they could temporarily put off his involvement in his Korean variety shows and focus on activities in Japan.

Lee Seung Gi has already met and consulted with Japanese agency, Amuse Entertainment, regarding his advancement in Japan. It has been revealed that if things happen quickly, he will formally debut in Japan by the end of this month. It is rumored that Lee Seung Gi is contemplating songs and other related projects in order to focus on this Japan advancement.

Originally, Lee Seung Gi’s side planned to temporarily hold off on his activities in Korea to make way for his Japan debut. It can be interpreted as a sign of their willingness to gain firm ground in the Japanese market. Therefore, production persons associated with Lee Seunggi’s variety programs are extremely nervous. According to one broadcast person, “Talk about Lee Seung Gi’s departure from his programs has surfaced precisely because of the Japan advancement project” adding “Lee Seung Gi has been studying Japanese lately and it’s been said that his management company has secretly put out feelers about his potential advancement in Japan.”

Thus, production members associated with KBS Happy Sunday’s 1 Night 2 Days and SBS Strong Heart, programs which Lee Seung Gi is involved with, are having a difficult time trying to figure out how to move forward if this were to happen. According to an individual with one management company that represents one of the entertainers on 1 Night 2 Days, “Talk about Lee Seung Gi’s departure has been around since the beginning of the year” adding “Because it’s impossible to imagine Lee Seung Gi’s absence, everyone is holding their breath and monitoring what the final decision will be.”

Currently, Lee Seung Gi’s departure from his programs has not been decided. Primarily due to dissuading from program representatives and because the potential shock among fans will be quite formidable. However, it appears that the plan to advance in Japan will continue.

Other Hallyu stars who have branched out into Japan are also keeping an eye on Lee Seung Gi’s Japan debut. Jang Geun Suk, Kang Ji Hwan and other rising stars are considering the potential  outcomes associated with Lee Seung Gi’s advancement in Japan. A person associated with Jang Geun Suk said “Lee Seung Gi’s advancement in Japan was already expected” adding “As top ranked stars branch out more, I hope there will be momentum for Hallyu to claim its rightful place again.”

Source: LSGfan.wordress.com via Hankook Ilbo

Woah, talk about shocking fans and K-entertainment! Unlike in the past, when Hook chose to either passively respond or not respond at all to rumors related to Seunggi’s activities and projects (ie, Seunggi’s potential film debut), I really hope Hook properly responds to this article, at least in consideration to Seunggi’s beloved fans.

Part of me thinks Hook may have known full well that news about his potential advancement in Japan would be publicized sooner or later.  Thus, they made sure it was on a day fans were in a good mood (Korean New Year) and when Seunggi would be far out of reach (en route to New York City for Teacher Sunhee’s concert)!  Ha.

Today is a crazy busy day, but I translated and am posting this article only because inaccurate interpretations and rumors around sensitive Seunggi topics (ie, future projects and military service) drive me totally insane! (and because master translator Tryp is on vacay in NYC!)  Also, those who follow Tryp96’s blog know she first reported this Seunggi Japan debut rumor a week ago.

Per the article, although Seunggi’s advancement in Japan is just rumor at this point, it’s very real and not surprising as it appears that Hook and Seunggi have been preparing for his formal debut there.  And although I was a bit uncomfortable with the tone of this article, a second and related article from Hankook Ilbo discusses the reality and expectation of Seunggi branching out in Japan, as this has been a common move for top Korean stars.  And that his training as a singer, in addition to his popularity stemming from his variety shows and dramas make him a strong and likely candidate.

However, as to the actual “when” and “under what circumstances” of Seunggi’s official Japan debut – this article is complete conjecture at this point.

The inevitable future of 2 years of no Seunggi while he’s in the military was bad enough for fans to think about, but to think about 1 Night 2 Days and Strong Heart without Seunggi right now is hard to imagine, as even expressed by a person associated with one of the 1N2D members!

*** UPDATE 1 ~ Hook’s response to the article ***

In response to Newsen’s inquiry about this matter, a representative with Seunggi’s management company, Hook Entertainment, stated “Nothing has been finalized yet about his advancement in Japan and news already surfacing about this is premature.” The representative added “We have not seen the article yet. After checking the article, we will contact you.”

Source:  LSGfan via Newsen

*** UPDATE 2 ~ Captain Hook’s follow-up (no) response bon voyage ***

Image: twitter.com/yoong222
(Yoong was at the airport to take this photo and says a fancam is forthcoming)

Ok, I get that Captain Hook had more pressing things on her mind this morning.  Aside from this totally out-from-nowhere article reporting on the rumors surrounding Seunggi’s potential advancement into Japan and related complications tied to his 1N2D and Strong Heart programs, her veteran client Teacher Sunhee is about to have one of the most important shows of her life at Carnegie Hall in New York City, for which her prize client Seunggi will also be taking part in.  So I’ll give her that.

But the news is a total shocker to Seunggi fans and fans of the two shows, and only adds fuel to the fire about all the recurring lame not-news-worthy news about 1n2d’s search for a new member.  And Hook’s weak response is that this is all  “premature” and that the reporter will be contacted after “checking out the article.”  And then next thing you know, Captain Hook is at the airport headed to NYC with no further peep.

Hook’s prized client is currently one of the most beloved stars in Korea and is being rumored (rumor only!) to be considering taking a potential break from Korea’s most loved variety show 1 Night 2 Days and Korea’s most buzzed about celeb talk show Strong Heart…  And Captain Hook’s response is a simple (no) response bon voyage?

Please tell me you have some strategic public relations response in the works Captain Hook.  I so need to send her a DVD set of HBO’s Entourage so she can learn a few things from Hollywood agent extraordinaire Ari (minus the jerk thing)!

But it’s okay, I’ve gotten used to Captain Hook and Seunggi really likes Hook and the Hook family adores him back.  So I’m sure they’ll deal with it somehow once they get settled in NYC.  Wishing safe travels for Captain Hook, Teacher Sunhee, Seunggi and all the Hook people since it’s currently snowing and sleeting in NYC.  :)

*** UPDATE 3 ~ Hook family arrives in NYC safely and Tryp96 is alive! ***

No further response from Captain Hook.  But good thing NYC weather wasn’t as bad as forecast and the Hook family arrived to 40 degree weather and no ice.  More importantly, one of Seunggi’s #1 fangirls, Tryp96, is thankfully alive and well and breathing and got herself put together enough to upload photos from her airport encounter!  LSGfan was scared Tryp was being rushed off in a cab to some hospital after she left her own fans worried with her cryptic tweets!  I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to more awesome forthcoming Tryp encounters at Tryp96.wordpress.com!!!

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14 Responses

  1. Gosh! if he really need to give the variety shows, I hope it will just be one. Is that why 1d2n is still looking for a new member even though the 5 are doing ok now?
    However, Ive this gut feeling that he may just want to continue with 1n2d. If he were to focus on japan market, my personal opinion is that he need to keep his fan in Korea. Well, I’m keeping my finger crossed. Can’t imagine waiching any of the show without lsg.:(

    • Oh and how can I forget to wish you, Ann, our fantastic, smart and sophicated lady a Happy Lunar New Year! :)

  2. Happy early Lunar new year to you and everyone else.

    and yeah, i was totally shocked when i read this news. and of course bad me thought ill right away about Hook! Like really, Seunggi will not do 1n2d and Strong Heart anymore so he can advance in japan? and is that a smart move to sort of forget about the korean fans in order to gain japanese fans?

    but the related article states, this is the track everyone follows. and you need to do this to advance as a hallyu star. and it’s not forever, but a temporary leave. but i’m with you, i think 1n2d is more impt to fans and to seunggi. but it’s also way more time consuming and harder than strong heart since it’s overnight and on friday and saturdays, typical days for events stuff.

    plus, seunggi is one of the most committed K-entertainers around. As it’s been proven, most other celebs have difficulty balancing acting and variety, and seunggi even has singing and CFs in there. i sometimes feel bad that he’s held back in a way b/c of these big weekly commitments.

  3. Wahhhhhhh! I’m so sad reading this. Seunggi can’t ever leave 2d1n! and Strong Heart without him????? how can that be?

  4. No no no~ I’m with everyone, I have no problem with Seung Gi debut in Japan, but if it means that Seung Gi has to give up 1n2d and Strong Heart…then it’s a big no. I hope he wont leave 1n2d at least TT ^ TT
    I thought maybe he could be like Big Bang – go back and forth, but seems like it impossible~
    I don’t even know if I can continue to watch Strong Heart without Seung Gi.

  5. Happy Lunar New Year Ann..Have a wonderful year a head.

    Reading this news make me little bit sad..hope Seung Gi still continue for 2D1N when he focus on Japan activities in future.

  6. Reading this article really surprised me!!!…Just like everybody i don’t know how my days/week would be with out Seunggi on 1n2d even I love those 5 guys too… and SH..

    Though advancing his career in Japan means to improve his craft & joining some Hallyu Stars.. yet i can’t afford to lose him on those variety shows..:(

  7. in addition those 2 years Mt is already freaking me out!!! how about these issue? haiz:(

  8. Agree with everyone. Sad. I can’t bear not seeing SeungGi on both shows every week! Esp wned!!!! Is this why they want new member? I want best for him but still feel sad.

  9. I’m so so so sad hearing this sad news about leaving any of his variety shows in leu of debuting in Japan but this is also good news b’cause it’s another milestone in his carreer. More power Seung gi.

  10. Oh my! Is this for real?!?! This news is giving me goosebumps! I hope they’ll reconsider giving up his korean shows although it might also add pressure and stress to him going back & forth – japan to korea & vice versa. But I can’t hide the fact that this may actually happen and I’m so sad right now…but what else can I do but support him…but still not seeing him on 1n2d and strong heart is just so heartbreaking! huhuhu…:_(

  11. Dear seung gi,

    always support and hope the best for your next projects, but please don’t give up for 1n2d
    gosh… dont want to lose for the 3rd time members ( Kim C, Mong, and now SG ) so so sad !!! arrrrchhhhh

    opppsss it’s raining now, Happy Lunar New Year Ann all the best for u :)

  12. Just so there’s no confusion~ Someone forwarded me this article Kpoplive translation. It is inaccurate. At no point did Lee Seung Gi himself reveal that it is too early to make a debut.


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