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Yoon Do Hyun hearts Seunggi! [Love Letter, 2007 Aug & Nov]

*** UPDATED with November 2007 interview/appearance cuts ***

Post 2 of LSGfan’s series on Singer Seunggi’s interviews (English-subbed) and performances on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter.  Following his early 2005/2006 appearances on Love Letter, Seunggi was back in the latter part of 2007 to promote his 3rd album.  He had finished wrapping up his first (supporting role) drama, Famous Princesses – the start of Seunggi’s singing-variety-acting multi-entertainer life.  Yoon Do Hyun hyung really missed him!  Hahaha.  So much so that he had Seunggi on twice!  Check out the August and November 2007 interviews and performances; includes clip of Seunggi’s live rendition of I will Forget (both times!)…

Talk [August 31, 2007]

Talk [November 9, 2007]

(video: Beedance07)
Thanks to Beedance for encoding subs and tkfkd111 for sharing the videos!!

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Is this a 2010 CF Earnings List or CF Asking-Price List?

So LSGfan wasn’t the only one wondering why Lee Seung Gi was NOT on the 2010 top 20 CF earnings list from Star News (translated by Allkpop)!  Where’s Kim Yuna?!

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2010 Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 and Top 10 Lists

The annual Forbes Korea Power Celebrity Top 40 list is out.  Seunggi moved up from his 2009 #7 ranking to #4 in 2010. He was also ranked #1 in two of the Top 10 Celebrity Rankings by Field/Sector, (#1 Actor Searched Online and #1 CF Star).  Congrats to Seunggi!!  See which K-celebrities made the cut.  See full lists…


More casting rumoring about Hong Sisters new drama Discovery of Affection – Lee Seung Gi and Gong Hyo Jin

UPDATE: This ended up being the lamest of all rumors. I’m so glad it ended up being not true!  One Hong Sisters drama is enough, thank you!  Drama is now called Best Love and stars Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin. I watched eps 1 and 2, and though I really like both actors, completely on an objective level, I’m not feeling it at all.

Ok, seriously?!  I thought the news about Seunggi planning to work again with the Hong Sisters in his next drama was simply rumor; albeit, a sort of robust rumor.  But still.  Now an Edaily article just came out with casting rumors for the female lead as if Seunggi is already finalized for the Hong Sisters upcoming drama…

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The 3 casting rules: Uhm Tae Woong joins 1 Night 2 Days


Hook Entertainment’s official press release on rumors about Seunggi’s departure from 1N2D [2011.02.11]

Warning, long post! Ok, before the full press release, how things got this crazy!  And yes, images (new Zipel CF) are totally unrelated; just wanted to post them, that’s all!

Why can’t Lee Seung Gi freely leave 1N2D (if he were to)?

*** UPDATE: Various news outlets are reporting official statements from Hook Entertainment and Seunggi himself stating that he will not be leaving 1N2D and that he plans to remain with 1N2D until military enlistment ***

If Seunggi were to LEAVE (not “quit” – yes, similar in definition, but very different in connotation) his 2 variety programs (Strong Heart and 1N2D), can someone please(!) explain to LSGfan (rationally, and not emotionally) how this in any way calls his character or loyalty into question?!

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